This is a site dedicated to memories of dolls I played with as a child and other dolls I've come to collect over the years. I hope that the pictures and stories will help other collectors not only identify their dolls, but also bring back pleasent memories of times gone by.

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Smart Doll

2021 Smart Doll Dauntless wearing her Post Apocalyptic Uniform.

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"My Fashion Doll Place" - visit my website featuring "Barbie". Barbie

"Tiny Kitty's World" - visit my website featuring the "Tiny Kitty" Doll. Tiny Kitty

"Kitty's Doll World" - a tribute to the 18 inch Kitty Collier doll. Kitty

"Riley Doll" - visit my website featuring "Riley" and her friends. Riley

"Hello Momoko" - visit my website featuring the Japanese "Momoko" doll.Momoko

"My Polly Pocket" - visit my website featuring the Mattel Polly Pocket Doll.Polly

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"Doll Events" - photos from special doll events,conventions, and club meetings that I have attended.

"Barbie's 50th Birthday" - I'm on TV! Watch this clip by WBZ TV in Boston filmed in Nashua, NH in March 2009. Barbie's Birthday

"Prague Doll Museum" - wonderful photos of vintage Barbies submitted by Susanne. Tiny Kitty

Barbie - The Early Years- a retrospective featuring a selection of reproduction dolls that represent 1959 to the late 1960's. Barbie - The Early Years

***Coming Soon! "Ode to Malibu Skipper" - a tribute to my original 1971 doll.

Karen's Doll Collection - enjoy the photos of this large and beautiful collection of Karen's handcrafted and collectible dolls.

Betsy Wetsy Memories - by Bobbie S. - enjoy this powerful narrative of a young girl and her 1950's Betsy Wetsy Doll.

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My Doll Diary - my personal internet Blog to document my daily doll collecting thoughts

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***Please note: Many of the listings under each decade currently only show a picture of the doll. Over time, I will have detailed pages behind each doll. I am working hard in my spare time to add this information along with my own personal memories. Check back often for updates. Hopefully details on your favorite dolls will be here soon!)***

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