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A special congratulations to all my Award Winners
Thank you for accepting my award

I would like to present to you the winners, of Cees Awards
Their URL"S and the award they have won
If you would like to visit these wonderful websites
Just Click on their award

~Rev. Rick Phillips~ *Inspirational Site Award*

~Rhonda's Blessing's~ *Inspirational Site Award*

~Read 180 Dragon Den~ *A+ School Award*

~Mrs. Packer's Kindergarden Classroom~ *School Day's Award*

~Kidz Korner~ *A+ School Award*

~Lonesome Dove's Woven Words~ *Poetry Award*

~Werners Cyberhome~ *Excellence Award*

~BritSAL's Poetry~ *Poetry Award*

~JD4ME~ *Poetry & Elegance Award*

~Magic Unicorns~ *Inspirational Award*

~Erika's Island~ *Informative Site Award*

~Faint Whispers in the Shadows~ *Poetry Award*

~Bonne Ecole Elementary~ *School Days Award*

~Ms. Stephanie's K3 Class~ *School Days Award*

~Homepage Van Gineke~ *Poetry Award*

~Jeremiah Calling Again~ *Inspirational Site Award*

~Banjer En Jersey~ *Love Of Animals Award*

~"Megan" Gorgous Angel~ *Bravery And Survival Award*


~Rottweilerkennel Buitenerf~ *Love For Animals Award*

~Mrs. Pace's First Grade Classroom~ *School Day's Award*

~Mrs. Cundiff's 5th Grade Class~ *A+ Teacher's Award*

~Rottweiler Macho~ *Love For Animals Award*

~Katy's Recipe Shack~ *Silver Crown Award*

~ELAC Auctioneers and Appraisers LLC.~ *Excellence Award*

~In Memory Of Those I Love~ *Memorial Site Award*

~The Christan Woman Website~ *Excellence Award*

~Mrs. Kerr's Classroom~ *School Days Award*

~Lighthouse 4 Jesus~ *Inspirational Site Award*

~Mrs. Stahlheber's Class~ *School Days Award*

~PammieRose's Dream World~ *Excellence Award*

~Bullygraphics~ *Pet Site Award*

~Pedal Prayers~ *Excellence Award*

~Ms. Kunz's Third Grade Class~ *School Day's Award*

~I Believe~ *Inspirational Site Award*

~Mrs. Reed's First Grade Class~ *School Days Award*

~A Hero Among Us~ *Memorial Site Award*

~A Daughters Journey~ *Excellence Award*

~5th Grade, Mitchell Road Elementary~ *School Days Award*

~D-FYANT KENNELS~ *Love Of Animals Award*

~Wish You Were Here~ *Beautiful Site Award*

~Hero's Of Airliner 93~ *Excellence Award*

~Silver And Gold And Thee~ *Excellence Award*

~Little House On The Corner~ *Excellence Award*

~Shy's Corner Of Blessings~ *Inspirational Site Award*

~LittleShy~ *Memorial Site Award*

~Bucy Bears~ *School Days Award*

~Witnessing For Jesus~ *Excellence Award*

~Reading With Castaneda~ *Excellence In Education Award*

~Miss. Brandy Gonzalez's Engish Site~ *Excellence In Education Award*

~Mrs. Hicks' Second Grade Class~ *A+ School Award*

~Mrs. Howe's First Grade Class~ *A+ School Award*

~The Wellness Buzz~ *Excellence Award*

~Lindsay Gandolfo's Fifth Grade~ *Educational Award*

~Travel and Music~ *Golden Cup Award* *Golden Cup Award*

~Mrs. Runyan's Fourth Grade~ *School Days Award*

~Mrs. Fulbright's Shining Stars~ *School Site Award*

~Dancing In The Darkness~ *Beautiful Site Award*

~Mrs. Davenport's First Grade Class~ *School Days Award*

~Handcock County Elementary School~ *School Days Award*

~Foto-Session~ *Excellence Award*

~The GrafixGuy~ *Excellence Award*

~Travis Jones~ *Excellence & Music Award*

~Felix Bongers~ *Excellence Award*

~Mrs. Shott's Busy Bees~
*School Days Award*

~Street Jazz~ *Music Site Award*

~Beatles Number 9~ *Golden Cup Award*

~Dan Wheeler Keyboard Artist~ *Excellence Award*

~Bonne Ecole Elementary Library~ *School Days Award*

~His Extended Love Ministries~ *Excellence Award*

~Touching Jesus~ *Excellence Award*

~Kenny The Greatest Website~ *Excellence Award*

~Papawtubugs Site Of Love~ *Excellence Awards*

~Wendy McClellan's Second Grade Class~ *School Days Award*

~Mrs. Barth's Second Grade Web Site~ *School Days Award*

~Skyland Elementary PTA~ *School Days Award*

~Mrs. Jackson's Class-Pine Tree ISD-Grade 2~ *School Days Award*

~Mrs. Quarles's 5th Grade~ *School Days Award*

~Robby L. Crowley Computer Lab~ *School Days Award*

~Grandmas My Name~Spoiling is My Game~ *Excellence Award*

~Mr. Ron Pierce 5th Grade Class~ *School Days Award*

~Miss Ryan's 5th Grade Class~ *School Days Award*

~C.C. Lee Elementary ~ *School Days Award*

~Parsley Elementary~ *School Days Award*

~Simply Angel~ *Excellence Award*

~Cyber DJ Sandi's Music~ *Excellence Award*

~Whisper's Secret Room~ *Crown Jewel Award*

~Kai-Uwe Hagemann~ *Outstanding Award*

~Youth Of The Nation~ *Inspirational Award*

~Courtney Leigh's~ *Excellence & Educational Award*

~Muzz's Home~ *Excellence Award*

~Mrs. Pearson's Third Grade~ *School Days Award*

~Antebelum Adventures~ *Educational Award*

~Jul Yanas Site~ *Excellence Award*

~Miss Kitty's Sandbox~ *Excellence Award*

~Steen's Hjemmeside~ *Outstanding Site Award*

~Stuck Inside A Cloud~ *Excellence Award*

~Mrs. Titus's Third Grade~ *School Day's Award*

~Rummel Creek 1st Grade~ *School Day's Award*

~Mrs. Bonzer's First Grade~ *School Day's Award*

~Ahaid's Web~ *Excellence Award*

~Annie's Own Nocturne~ *Poetry Award*

~KinderKonnect~ *Education Award*

~Andrianna Holt~ *Excellence & Poetry Award*

~The Official Fan Club Of Scott Hisey~ *Music Site Award*

~Echoes Of The Heart~ *Poetry & Excellence Award*

~True Country~ *Music Site Award*

~Now And Forever~ *Award For Poetry & Elegance*

~Vietnam War Folk Art By Aurence~ *Excellence Award*

~Poetic Arts~ *Poetry & Excellence Award*

~Mrs. Schmidt and her 4th grade stars~ *Education Award*

~Mary's Music Site~ *Music Site Award*

~Mrs. Simmons Second Grade~ *Educational Award*

~Cyber DJ Sandi's Music ~ *Music Site Award*

~Ms. Platt ~ *Educational Award*

~Journey Of Love 1~ *Award For Excellence*

~Carlson's Courier ~ *School Days & Music Site Award*

~A Brighter Tomorrow~ *Poetry Award*

~Henry's World Of Poetry~ *Poetry Award*

~Mrs. Caporusso Kindergarten Class~ *School Days Award*

~Mrs. Hurley's ESL Class~ *School Days Award*

~Apollo Heights Baptist Church~ *Excellence & Inspirational Award*

~Irish Belle's Home Page~ *Excellence Award*

~Judith's Home~ *Excellence & Elegance Award*

~Miss Knisell's EDCO Class~ *Excellence In Education Award*

~Benny Web~ *Excellence Award*

~Graag Site Keuring Jacodiscus~ *Golden Cup Award*

~Graag Site Keuring Kokenmetdesiree~ *Golden Cup Award*

~Ms. Hagerty's Thrid Grade Class~ *School Days Award*

~Mrs. Kum 4B~ *School Days Award*

~BrenDakota's Trich Site~ *Excellence Award*

~Grip Of Grace~ *Excellence Award*

~Inner Thoughts And Visions~ *Excellence Award*

~Mrs. Schneider's First Grade Class~ *School Days Award*

~Gallery of Imagination~ *School Days Award*

~Mr. Friedrich's class~ *School Days Award*

~Katherine's Whispers of The Heart~ *Outstanding Site Award*

~In Memory Of Rashid~ *Golden Web Award*

~Mrs. Blakeslee 2B~ *School Days Award*

~No Animals Should Ever Be Abused ~ *Award For Compassion*

~Surrendering To God ~ *Inspirational & Poetry Award*

~Lady Lioness' Poetry Of Love N Lyrics~ *Excellence & Poetry Award*

~Amber Luv~ *Touched My Heart Award*

~Carolyn's Place~ *Excellence & Music Award*

~Castle Diqueria~ *Excellence & Music Award*

~Kevin Thomas Browles Memorial~ *You Touched My Heart Award*

~Lullabytes & Memories~ *Excellence And Poetry Award*

~Tammie's Poetry~ *Poetry Award*

~Heidi Allyn Reed Memorial~ *You Touched My Heart Award*

~Tonya Marie Barnes Memorial~ *You Touched My Heart Award*

~Kentucky_Lady4~ *Beautiful Site Award*

~4 Star Listening Post~ *Award Of Excellence*

~Teri's Compassion & Resource Center~ *Angel Site Award*

~Teri's Compassion & Resource Center~ *Award Of Excellence*

~Chuckiet's Virtual Home~ *Beautiful Site Award*

~Teddy's Cave~ *Great Kids Site Award*

~Heart To Heart~ *Angel Site Award*

~The Amy Boyer Site~ *Angel Site Award*

~Linda, for you, Amy's Aunt~ *Award Of Excellence*

~Dark Blue Knight~ *Award Of Excellence*

~Dark Blue Knight~ *Poetry Award*

~Teddy's Cave~ *Poetry Award*

~Kidz Kozy Korner~ *Great Kids Site Award*

~Chel's Writing Corner~ *Inspirational Award*

~Toto's Little Piece Of Oz~ *Beautiful Site Award*

~Collectin' Cat~ *Beautiful Site Award For Cat Lovers*

~Darlene's Kozy Korner~ *Beautiful Site Award*

~Darlene's Kozy Korner~ *You Touched My Heart Award*

~Paridise's Classic Country~ *Country Music Award*

~Blue Lady~ *Lovely Site Award*

~Caught In A Loop~ *Beautiful Site Award*

~Caught In A Loop~ *Excellent Victorian Site Award*

~Sweet Bama's Site~ *Angel Site Award*

~The Resting Place~ *Inspirational Award*

~Barbara~ *Award Of Excellence*

~Anne~ *Beautiful Web Site Award*

~Mrs Abernethy's Rockin' Ranch~ *Great Kids Site Award*

~Country Quilt Works~ *Beautiful Web Site Award*

~Country Quilt Works~ *Award Of Excellence*

~Mr Works Alot~ *Poetry Award*

~Oby's County Midi Site~ *Country Music Award*

~Castle Of Dreams~ *Beautiful Site Award*

~Chris & Family ~ *Beautiful Site Award*

~Teaching With Class ~ *Great Kids Site Award*

~Morning Mist Enchanted Garden~ *Beautiful Site Award*

~Morning Mist Enchanted Garden~ *Poetry Award*

~Faith's Fantasy~ *Beautiful Site Award*

~Lady Eve~ *Poetry Award*

~Mrs. Roberts 5th grade Class~ *Award Of Excellence*

~Mrs. Roberts 5th grade Class~ *Kids Site Award*

~Mrs. Stein's 2nd grade Class~ *Education Excellence Award*

~Mrs. Stein's 2nd grade Class~ *Excellent Website Award*

~S.I.N.G Graphic's and Fellowship~ *Inspirational Award*

~Nanny Sue's Home~ *Beautiful Website Award*

~Im_Tia~ *Poetry Award*

~Delilah Designs~ *Award Of Excellence*

~Fellowship In Christ~ *Poetry Award*

~Angel Falls~ *Angel Site Award*

~Gulf Breeze~ *Award Of Excellence*

~In Memory Of Jay Brian Carl~ *Angel Site Award*

~Lil^Rose's Roses ~ *Beautiful Site Award*

~Johnson's Third Grade Class ~ *Education Excellence Award*

~Lady-Eve ~ *Award Of Excellence For Poetry & Music*

~Moms Taxi~ *Beautiful Site Award*

~In Memory Of Victor Blanchard~ *Angel Site Award*

~Gramms Place~ *Award Of Excellence*

~Gramms Place~ *Poetry Award*

~Sweet Pea~ *Award Of Excellence*

~Sweet Pea~ *Inspirational Award*

~Connie's Joy Room~ *Inspirational Award*

~Miss Edwards'Beehive 1-b~ *Kids Site Award*

~Moms Taxi~ *Angel Site Award*

~Kera Williams P.E. Class~ *Cees School Award*

~Bob Lets grow Old Together~ *Beautiful Site Award*

~MPD/DID a Legitimate Diagnosis~ *Angel Site Award*

~Tea Bags Marcelo~ *Beautiful Site Award*

~Mrs. Klenke's Kindergarten Korner ~ *Cees School (Class) Award*

~Betty's Page~ *Award Of Excellence*

~Trunk Full Of Love~ *Beautiful Site Award*

~Elaine's Place ~ *Beautiful Site Award*

~Taylors Elementary School~ *School Days Award*

~Judy's~ *Award Of Excellence*

~Kozy Korner~ *Award For Beauty & Elegance*

~Kozy Korner~ *Touched My Heart Award*

~Heavenly Sounds~ *Music Site Award*

~Judy's List Of Pages~ *Inspirational Site Award*

~Angel Eyes~ *Best Of The Web Award*

~Aries House Of Cards~ *Best Of The Web Award*

~Tercer Grado De La Srta. Cruz~ *Education Award*

~Reenie's Ramblings~ *Poetry Award*

~Forever Friends~ *Excellence Award*

~ ImAuthor4U~ *Excellence & Poetry Awards*

~Mrs. LaBoon's First Grade~ *School Days Award*

~Poetry Central~ *Poetry Award*

~Fredi's Home Page~ *Excellence Award*

~Mrs Baker And Her Third Grade Class~ *School Days Award*

~Butch & Marena's Webspot~ *Inspirational Site Award*

~Scripture plus~ *Inspirational Site Award*

~Realm Of The White Wolf~ *Excellence and Poetry Award*

~Baldwinz Freebiez~ *Excellence Award*

~Carleen Bentons Classroom~ *Educational Award*

~Precious Memories~ *Angel Site and Excellence Award*

~The Pinion Post~ *Educational Award*

~Miss Hardison's Class~ *Educational Award*

~A Lil' Bit Of Heav'n~ *Poetry Award*

~Under His Wings~ *Award For Excellence*

~Dorothynlollipop~ *Award For Excellence*

~Wolfgang and Helen~ *Poetry Award*

~Aries House Of Cards~ *Best Of The Web Award*

~Tercer Grado De La Srta. Cruz~ *Education Award*

~Reenie's Ramblings~ *Poetry Award*

~Darby's Freebies~ *Golden Web Award*

~SkyHawkFireHeart~ *Elegance Award*

~Sandpiper's Nest~ *Beauty And Excellence Award*

~Julie's Web Site~ *Angel Site Award*

~Ms. Siegel's Class~ *Golden Web Award*

~Susan's Humor Site~ *That's Funny Award*

~Susan's Inspirational Home Page~ *Inspirational Award*

~The Old South~ *Best Of The Web Award*

~In The Loving Arms of Jesus~ *Inspirational Site Award*

~LuvLiftedMe2~ *Inspirational Site Award*

~Gods Glory~ *Inspirational Site Award*