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World Cries

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Shopping - Over 100 Shops, Links to information sites
such as women's health, and more to come etc.

This is my latest website and has close to 100 different shops set up in many different departments. The shops are really nice and in as many departments as the big malls in larger cities but without the parking lot horrors and all that walking. Plus, there is no crowds, or crime to worry about.

The shops will be constantly updated with specials and new merchandise, and I intend to include various links to topics in those departments that go along with the dpeartments; such as: Recipe links in the cooking and gormet foods sections; craft pages and sites in the craft department, and I have a couple of those about to go in now; some wonderful women's health pages going in under the health and fitness department headings. So, the mall is not just for advertisements, it is going to be full of really great information.

I also plan to turn my 10% tithe into Christian ministries and also to help support women's abuse centers across the country. So it will be used well, as well as this is a way to help me suppliment my income since I am having to file for disibility. So if you would like to keep in touch with all that is happening in Denim's Country Mall PLEASE SIGN UP HERE:

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If you like good gospel music, and have trouble finding a station in your area, just click on this banner and you find southern gospel music 24 hours a day. This is sometimes just the thing to help bring spiritual breakthroughs.

I want to introduce you to a special organization Called the East Texas Angel Network. It is an orgainization founded by Neal McCoy and his wife Melinda. If you will please take a minute and click on this banner and link you will see what one country music star is doing to help the lives of children their families. I know we sometimes think that music stars are just out there to make music and money, but this man and his family are really doing their share to help others. So please read and see if there isn't something you can do to help, too....

East Texas Angel Network

Helpin' Hugs: Nickels For Neal

For those who wonder where I stand with the Lord, you may click onto this link and I believe it will be clear where I come from in my faith.


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Internet shopping featuring
over 100 Shops;
Links to informational sites
pertaining to each department such as Women's health,
and more to come etc.

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This is a little unusual for my style, but did this series because of the experiences I have had with young people in the Christian Chatrooms; they seem to think this is all a big joke. I would ivite all to read this all the way through as it is a good page to send to someone who has been undecided as to whether they want a relationship with Jesus, or not. I would send it to "fence sitters" and to those who tend to laugh off salvation.

{The Devil's}

I would like to thank Danny Halbohm for his lovely art work that you find on so many of my pages. I hope you will take the time to visit his index page. It is well worth the time. Danny Halbohm's Index Page of Art

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