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A Tribute to Kevin

Kevin Thomas Bowles
Feb. 10, 1971 ~ April 4, 1991

A visitor on earth for a short while,
Gone to be with the angels For Eternity

Some Call it Heaven,
My Kevin calls it home...

This beautiful pocket watch was made for Kevin by a very special lady from ForeverMoms...Thank you Rose Mary..

I had a lot to do
More than most of you
Yet, you wonder why I left,
I finished early...

I started on time
I put in a full day's work
But I finished early..

You thought my road would be a long one
But I did run the race
I just finished early..
By measure of man's time,
Not God's own time
You look at the years
But I did all I was sent to do.
I just finished early...

With God it counts not at all
How long, how brief, how great or how small
He looks for a ready heart
I just finished early...

This special award was made for Kevin's site by CeeDee.
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This beautiful teardrop gift was made for Kevin by my friend Susie Dunn in memory of her wonderful son Jason on his birthday, June 5, 2005. Thank you so much Susie..

Forever Twenty

Kevin was not only my dear son
but he was my friend too.
Everyone who met him loved him.
Never shucked a task he was asked to do.

He always had a smile for others.
No one saw him in distress.
For he never once met a stranger.
A free spirit full of happiness.

He joined the Army Reserves in 1990.
He considered making it his career.
Happiness engulfed my precious son.
The son I shall forever hold dear.

He was going to go to the Gulf war.
He was to leave in April of 91'.
Oh, little did we know it wouldn't happen.
Life would soon end for my dear son.

For on April 4, 1991, he went away.
Before he drew his final breath,
he pushed his friend to safety that day.
Sparing another mother from the sting of death.

Oh yes, he was not just my son.
He was my dearest friend.
His blue eyes twinkled like a star.
His smile lit up any room he walked in.

My son's time on earth wasn't long.
But he lived each day as it were his last.
His precious voice silenced forever...
Leaving us with memories of the past.

He lived life to it's fullest.
And taught me unconditional love.
If I learned nothing else from his life ...
Precious lives comes from only God above

My heartache causes me to always cry for him.
If it comes to pain & tears, I have plenty.
Oh, my tears will forever flow for my Kevin ...
My son who will be forever twenty!

~Kaye DesOrmeaux~
Copyright 2006 All rights Reserved.
Written for & dedicated to Martha
in loving memory of her son, Kevin
2/10/71 ~ 4/4/91

Thank you so much for this beautiful poem for my Kevin, Kaye. It means so much..

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