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Fuji DX 9 Digital Camera

Fuji DX-9 Digital Camera

EpsonPhotoPC 600 Digital Camera


You can take a multiple 16 frame picture that you can play on the camera or go to and get a little free program called: Framer. A program to view multi-frame JPG files as "mini-movies." The above picture has been reduced from 640 X 480 to 320 X 240 for faster loading.

This picture was taken indoor's with flash as you can see on automatic everything. No enhancements whatsoever were made.

Macro Mode no Enhancements, the tiny pear is a macro picture of one of the hundreds of pear's on the pear tree in the zoom picture below.

Above is an example of the 3X zoom taken from the same spot, even the viewfinder zoom's in and out. Update: I got a little 8X monocular at Walmart and put the DX-9 on zoom and then added it for a super closeup.

7 Dec 99 POTD Winner & 4th place POTM at Steve's Digicams (COOL GUCCI)
1st Place winner at


Following the same ease-of-use and quality features of its predecessors, the DX-9 boasts a new 2-inch Poly Silicon LCD screen, autofocus, autoflash and 3x zoom capabilities. Capturing 640 x 480 pixel resolution, this 350,000 pixel CCD captures crisp, brilliant color images. Shooting at a rate of 4, 9 or 16 images within 2 seconds, a crucial shot is never missed. The DX-9 captures images in 2 JPEG compression modes and stores them onto the SmartMedia™ card. A unique zoom playback mode allows users to view a portion of the image in enlarged detail and a manual record mode includes options for 5 white balances, 3 sharpness, flash intensity and exposure control settings. Great for publishing images, documents, catalogs, etc., on the Internet or in hardcopy. Video output enables display on a standard home TV set, while a powerful lithium ion battery adds 150 shot capability. FEATURES

Square Pixels: Along with the precision of 350,000 pixels in an array of 640 x 480 pixels, the DX-9 Zoom has the advantage of square pixels specially for a digital camera. They eliminate the bother of adjusting the ratio of horizontal and vertical dimensions when an image is input to a PC. The DX-9 Zoom also gives you the accuracy of an RGB color filter - the key to natural colors and minimal "noise".

Manual Mode: The DX-9 Zoom is loaded with a range of automated features, but there's also a Manual Mode for fine adjustments. It's especially useful when you need to alter the brightness or optimise the white balance in artificial light or at dusk, for example.

Digital Gamma Correction: The Digital Gamma Correction feature automatically adjusts the image while you're shooting. Even when there are highlights, you'll enjoy outstanding reproduction when you view your images on a monitor or use a digital printer for output.

Powerful 3X Zoom: The powerful 3x optical zoom lens covers settings equivalent to the 32-96mm range of a 35mm camera. And unlike a digital zoom, the optical zoom captures all the details of faraway subjects. Thanks to the automatic flash power control, you can even use the flash in the macro mode without worrying about overexposure.

2" Color LCD Display: With the 2 inch Color TFT Monitor, you can check a shot immediately to make sure it came out right. To extend the battery life, the monitor can be turned off when you're using the Optical Viewfinder.

Removable SmartMedia™ Card: Images are recorded on a removable SmartMedia™ Card, so you can always replace one that's full. The innovative memory card is ultracompact and only 0.76mm thick. And the DX-9 Zoom makes it easy to balance quality and quantity requirements by choosing the Normal Mode to capture 30 images or the Fine Mode for 22 shots on a 2MB card.

Rechargeable Lithium Ion Battery: Comes with a new high-power removable lithium ion rechargeable battery which can be recharged while inside the camera, or can be used with the AC adapter (AC-V5) that is supplied with the camera.

Bundled Software: Bundled with an easy-to-use image editing software for adding creative flair to digital images including special effects. Its sophisticated imaging tools include color correction, contrast adjustment, exposure control settings, and standard options such as crop, zoom, flip, or rotation of the image. Also with its wide range of customized design options, this software makes it simple and fast to produce greeting cards, calendars, flyers, and postcards.

Variable Shutter Speeds: Offers a shutter speed ranging from 1/4 second up to a maximum of 1/10,000 per second, and f.2.4 and f.3.3 aperture settings.