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Hi, I'm MSGT Jimmie Burton (USAF RETIRED) and welcome to my website. This website is just a hobby for me and I try to find information that is useful to the average internet surfer or user. No I'm not an Air Force Pilot I'm a Private Pilot and I got my ticket at the Torrejon AFB Aero Club in 1970. I got into Ultralites in 1995 and logged about 400 hours or so before I had a bad accident that disabled me. I'm still crazy about planes and RC Planes though.. :o)

Update 11 Oct 2005 Well I sold my FZ20 and updated to the FZ30 and am really pleased with it. I leave it on the 3MP setting most of the time for telephoto shots. What it does is crop the 3MP image from the 8MP size photo and saves a lot on media space. At 19.1x zoom I can zoom in on a knats butt at 50 yards and tell what sex it is, LOL. With the B300 attached it gives me 32.47x optical zoom and with the B300 & TCON14 stacked it gives me 47x optical zoom... ;o)

Steve's Panasonic FZ-30 Review

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Update 12 March 2005 I still have my 2nd UZI but have since upgraded to a Panasonic FZ10 then sold it and upgraded to an FZ20 5 MP camera with a 12x zoom. I have adapters and step up and step down rings and am able to use all my lenses with it. I'm down to only 4 digital cameras now. Epson 750Z, Oly 510, Oly 2100UZ and the FZ20?.... ;o)

Panasonic FZ-20 Review

16 Feb 01: My Olympus 2100UZ came in today. 2.1 megapixel with 10X zoom (38-380 mm), infrared remote control and My Wife got my Epson 750Z.

15 Mar 01: Oly B300 1.7x teleconverter came in which gives me 17x Optical (646 mm) and 45.9x digital zoom (35mm equivalent). Check out the Oly links below for a few example Photos.

15 Jan 02: I added an Olympus C-180 1.7x converter between the camera and the B300 lens which boosts it up to around 1100mm optical(29x)or (78x) with digital zoom which is useless.

25 Jan 02: Oly C-210 1.9x converter arrived which has a little more optical power than the B300. (722 mm with UZI) (1227.4 mm stacked with B300)

24 Feb 02: I recently aquired a TCON-14 1.45x teleconverter and although not as powerful stacked with the B300 is the clearest combo I have found as of now. This gives me a 935.7mm focal length or 24.67x with the Oly 2100UZ. Update: Now with the same stack on the FZ-30 in the EZ3 mode it gives me 47x or 1648mm's.

3 Apr 02 Olympus A200 1.5x Converter came in. It's a super clear lense and although not as strong as the B300 1.7x it takes excellent photos without losing any light at all and at $84.95 is a good alternative to the B300. Examples can be seen at the 2nd link below.

I've tried several diff combo's with diff lenses and the best ones I have found so far is either with the TCON14 and Olympus A-200 stacked or the TCON14/B300 stacked. That gives you 798.95 mm's or 936.7 mm's respectively. The TCON14 not to be confused with the TCON14B which is a much more expensive and larger lens. The TCON14 has 46 mm threads so you need a 49 to 46 mm step down ring to attach it to the Oly 2100. The A200 has 49MM rear threads so it will screw directly into the Oly 2100 without any step rings. To stack the A200 onto the front of the TCON14 you need a 58 to 49 mm step down ring that you have to epoxy onto the the front of which doesn't have any front threads. I used JB Weld Quick Epoxy that you can get at about any auto parts store. To stack the B300 onto the TCON14 you'll need a 58 to 55 mm step down ring instead. I have a 58 to 55 mm step down ring epoxied on the front of my TCON14 for the B300 so if I want to stack the A-200 instead I have to use a 55 to 49 mm step down ring screwed between the TCON14 and A-200.

Check out Steve's Digicams for a complete review of the Olympus 2100UZ

My favorite combo is the TCON14 & B300 stacked which gives me 969mm's or 25.5x with the UZI. Now with the same stack on the FZ-30 in the EZ3 mode it gives me 47x or 1648mm's

My buddy Darrel (Old Retired Army Grunt) coming in from a landing test flying his Phantom. He said it flew great! (Taken with Olympus 460Z and resized.

Family Photos at FotoTime & Olympus 2100UZ 10X Ultra Zoom with B-300 1.7x teleconverter and other stacked lens experiments.

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