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EpsonPhotoPC 600 Digital Picture's and Info

EpsonPhotoPC 600 Digital Picture's and Info

EpsonPhotoPC 600 Digital Picture's and Info

Above is Ricky's daughter Candy, She's a very pretty girl so I traced and pasted her on the flower for special effects.

EpsonPhotoPC 600 Digital Picture's and Info

Above is one of the first picture's I took with my EpsonPhotoPC 600 Digital camera. That's my cousin Ricky checking out his new horse.


The best thing I like about this camera is the ability to upload my picture's scanned or otherwise. I have over 3,000 picture's backed up and I can upload up to about 380 640 by 480 picture's onto a 15mb compact flash card and then play them back on my vcr and record them to give to friend's and relatives. Or you can put it on slide show and sit back and watch and narrate your pic's to friend's or trapped relatives. :o) Epson takes a big step forward with the PhotoPC 600, its third camera in the PhotoPC series. Where the previous models were serviceable, if a tad clunky, the PhotoPC 600 is a complete, compact camera. The PhotoPC 600 makes the resolution leap from VGA to XGA (1,024 by 768), and its images clearly reflect the improvement. It also integrates a 2-inch color LCD screen for framing and playing back your pictures. There's an optical viewfinder, if you prefer, an automatic flash, and a video-out port for TV display. Epson throws in Sierra Imaging Image Expert photo-editing software and a utility for uploading images to the camera--a big plus for mobile presentations. Compact Camera Epson did more than pump up the specs with the PhotoPC 600. Unlike other digital cameras, which come with either internal flash memory or removable flash cards, the PhotoPC 600 gives you both--4MB of internal flash and a slot for CompactFlash cards. It has several picture-taking modes (Regular, Panoramic, and Digital Zoom), and you can cable the camera directly to an Epson Stylus Photo printer--no PC required. It's all powered by four NiMH AA-size batteries, recharger included. In all, it's a very tidy package for $799 Epson PhotoPC 600

VERDICT: A complete, compact high-resolution camera rounds out the Epson family.

Pros: High resolution, built in and removable memory, direct connect to Epson printer.

Cons: Limited zoom function

Full one-year warranty from Epson