Real Name: Yolanda Montez

Class: Human mutant

Occupation: Journalist

Group Affiliation: Infinity, Inc.

Known Relatives: Carcharo (cousin, deceased), Alexander Montez (cousin, deceased), Jose Montez (brother), Juan Montez (father), Maria Montez (mother), Ted Grant (Wildcat I, godfather), unnamed aunt (deceased),

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Los Angeles

First Appearance: (as Yolanda Montez) Infinity, Inc. #12 (March, 1985), (as Wildcat II) Crisis on Infinite Earths #6 (September, 1985)

Powers: Wildcat possesses superhuman reflexes, agility and speed, as well as retractable claws.

History: Maria Montez and her sister were given experimental drugs by the mad gynecologist Dr. Love while they was pregnant. Dr. Love kept close tabs on most of his experiments, but lost track of the sisters when they travelled to Mexico. In Mexico Maria's daughter Yolanda was born on the same day her sister gave birth to Carcharo. Yolanda and her mother returned to America to be reunited with Mr. Montez. As a child Yolanda manifested superhuman powers, but was unaware of why she was born a mutant. She grew close to her grandfather Ted Grant, who was the mysteryman Wildcat I during the 1940s. Years later, during the Crisis, Grant was crippled while saving a child. Yolanda become Wildcat II to honor her godfather and the principles he represented.

As Wildcat she joined Infinity, Inc and fought alongside them until the team disbanded. Ted Grant was at first annoyed with the young upstart, but when he discovered that she was none other than his goddaughter, he gave her his blessing.

(Eclipso #13)-Wildcat went into semi-retirement, concentrating on her professional career as a reporter for the magazine Rock Stars. She was called out of retirement to take down Eclipso, alongside the Shadow Fighters. The mission turned into a route, and Wildcat was murdered by Eclipso.

Comments: Created by Roy Thomas & Todd McFarlane

In the pre-Crisis DC Universe Wildcat II lived on Earth-2.

Wildcat received profiles in Who's Who: The Definitive Directory of the DC Universe #25 and Who's Who in the DC Universe #6.

A portrait of Wildcat was seen in JSA Headquarters in JSA #26, JSA #47 and JSA #54.

A mannequin of Wildcat was shown on display in the JSA Museum in JSA #32 and JSA #46.

Wildcat had a cameo in Tales of the Sinestro Corps: Superman-Prime #1.

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