Real Name: Ted Grant

Class: Human

Occupation: Boxer, mysteryman

Group Affiliation: All-Star Squadron, Justice Society of America

Known Relatives: Killer Cody (grandfather), Rolly Cody (cousin), Henry Grant (father, deceased), Jake (son, deceased), Yolanda Montez (Wildcat II, goddaughter, deceased), unnamed duke (ancestor)

Aliases: None.

Base of Operations: New York City, NY

First Appearance: Sensation Comics #1 (January, 1942)

Powers: Wildcat was very quick and agile, and a formidable fighter ad world-class boxer. Wildcat had nine lives. He roe a motorcycle dubbed the catocycle.

History: (Sensation Comics #1)-Ted Grant's father Henry pledged that Ted would never be afraid of life, so he had the boy train in sports and self-defense from infancy. After Ted's parents died he was left penniless due to their debts. He sought work without success until he helped heavyweight boxer "Socker" Smith fight off a pair of holdup men. Socker made Ted his sparring partner, and Ted soon had a blossoming career as a pro boxer. Socker and Ted shared the same managers, men named Flint and Skinner. During a championship fight between Ted and Socker the managers attempted to fix the fight by poisoning Socker. They overdid it, and Socker died during the bout. Ted was accused of murder, and his managers were attempting to have him rubbed out so that he would not put the blame on them. Inspired by the career of Green Lantern I, Ted became the mysteryman Wildcat in order to bring Socker's killers to justice. He forced Flint and Skinner to confess, clearing his own name.

(Sensation Comics I #14) - The boxing world demanded a title fight between champion Wildcat and number one contender Ted Grant. In order to preserve his secret identity Ted agreed to have a special bout with Wildcat in a locked room with only the referee as the witness. "Fancy" Fuston, a sports writer for the Daily Sun was chosen as ref, and once he and Ted were alone Ted slugged him, and whispered the details of a stunning fight between Ted and Wildcat in his ear. In Ted's story the fight ended in a draw with Wildcat relinquishing the title to Ted. In his delirious state Fuston believed he actually had witnessed the fight, and reported to the boxing commission that Ted was once again champ.

(Sensation Comics I #18) - Stretch started a career as a detective and got a case from John Winthrop, who had been marked for death by Second Chance unless he made a $15,000 drop-off. Wildcat didn’t have faith that Stretch could save Winthrop’s life, so he followed Stretch to the drop-off, knocked him out and confronted Second Chance and his gang. Second Chance and his gang knocked out Wildcat and escaped. Wildcat regretted his failure, telling Winthrop to go into hiding until Second Chance was caught, and apologized to Stretch, telling him he made a difficult but wrong-headed decision. Ted Grant successfully defended his title against Lee, and was then made a target of Second Chance, who demanded $50,000 from Grant. Stretch, trying to imitate Wildcat, knocked out Grant and went to confront Second Chance. Grant woke up, followed Stretch and fought Second Chance atop the State Building. Chance almost fell to his death, but Wildcat saved him. He repaid Wildcat by shooting at him, but his bullet struck a wall and ricocheted, killing him.

(Sensation Comics I #21) - Wildcat interrupted a robbery, but the thief Pete Bailey told Wildcat he was stealing food because as an ex-con he couldn’t find a job. Pete wanted to serve his country, but his record prohibited him from enlisting as a soldier, so Wildcat helped him out and got him a job as an air raid warden. Wildcat saw Pete at the scene of a robbery committed by Pete’s old associate Porker, and Wildcat thought Pete had gone back to his criminal ways. Pete had been approached by Porker to help in the robbery, but refused, and he proved his innocence to Wildcat by leading him to Porker’s hideout. Wildcat got the governor to grant Pete a full pardon so Pete could enlist in the army.

(Sensation Comics I #22) - Ted Grant happened upon Mexican gold magnate Jose Martez being attacked by two of his countrymen. He saved Martez and told him that because he’d put his resources at the disposal of the Allies he was now under the protection of his “friend” Wildcat. A gang of bandits kidnapped Martez and Wildcat journeyed to Mexico to save him. Wildcat rescued him and discovered that Grimbo, the foreman of Martez’ gold mines, was jealous of Martez’ wealth and was the one who organized the bandits to harass Martez.

(Sensation Comics I #26) - Wildcat saw "Bigfist" Conlin stealing a truck full of food, but after a brief scuffle "Bigfist" got away. Wildcat caught up with him and saw "Bigfoot" only stole the truck to feed the starving people in his neighborhood. Wildcat told "Bigfist" to put his big frame to work as a boxer, and Wildcat agreed to train "Bigfist" as long as he donated the proceeds of his first winnings to pay for the food he stole. "Bigfist" rose up in the boxing world and soon had a shot at Ted Grant's title. Ted didn't want to fight his protégé, but knew he had no choice. Before the fight gangsters kidnapped "Bigfist" and Ted changed into Wildcat to save "Bigfist" and make sure he was at the championship fight on time. Ted defeated "Bigfist" and was happy to learn that "Bigfist" was ready to retire because he'd saved enough money to buy an upstate farm for the poor people in his neighborhood to work on.

(Sensation Comics I #27) - Wildcat foiled a waterfront mugging, but crashed through a rotted section of the waterfront, fell into the water and suffered a blow to the head. The muggers mistakenly thought they’d killed him, and Wildcat awoke in an amnesiac state. He went on the road and took a job as a farmhand. He entered and won a boxing contest against the Hooded Wonder to win the prize money for the nearly destitute family that employed him, and after another blow on the head he recovered his memory. He returned home to learn that the underworld, believing Wildcat to be dead, was on a rampage. Wildcat gave the underworld a not so gentle reminder that he was still around by taking out crimeboss Big Bull Moran.

(Sensation Comics I #28) - Wildcat's friend Crystal had a key that supposedly unlocked on of legendary pirate Jean Lafitte's treasure chests, and she was kidnapped by gangsters who wanted the treasure for themselves. Wildcat took off in hot pursuit and rescued her, but they discovered Lafitte's chest was empty. Crystal bemoaned the fact that she was counting on the treasure to get an expensive operation she needed to live. Wildcat told her not to worry because there was a hefty reward for the criminals he just apprehended.

(Sensation Comics I #30) - After attending a talent show Ted Grant, Stretch and a singer named Thomas Twilby were jumped by rowdies. Ted slipped away, changed to Wildcat and chased off the thugs with Twilby’s help. Wildcat was impressed by Twilby, told him he had a future as a boxer and offered to have Ted Grant train him. He didn’t know that Twilby hated Grant because Grant ended Twilby’s brother Punchy’s boxing career years ago. Punchy had convinced Twilby that Grant only won because he fouled him. Twilby did become a boxer, but with Punchy as his trainer, and his only goal was to one-day end Grant’s career. During a prizefight Punchy bet against his brother and rigged the fight by putting ammonia in Twilby’s wash water to blind him. Wildcat caught onto Punchy’s dirty deed, beat him up and made him confess that Grant had never fouled him.

(Sensation Comics I #44 (fb)) - <1940> Wildcat pursued Charles Glomm onto the S.S. Clipper as the pleasure ship set sail. Glomm’d hospitalized boxer Kid Baker with a foul blow, and Wildcat gave him a thrashing to convince him to pay Baker’s hospital bills. Glomm was unrepentant, and bullied Earl Armstrong, one of the Clipper’s passengers. Wildcat disguised himself as the “Masked Boxer”and challenged Glomm to a bout aboard the ship,and after defeating him switched places with Armstrong. Glomm thought he was beaten by an unknown, and was finally broken. After the cruise Glomm paid Baker’s bills and ended up becoming his manager.

(Sensation Comics I #33) - Ted Grant and Stretch got a call from Stretch’s uncle Old Hermit Skinner, whose home in Mudgetown was being robbed by gangsters. The duo went to Mudgetown, and after Ted changed into Wildcat he protected Old Hermit Skinner from the gangsters. The gangsters fled, and Wildcat and Stretch stayed in town to find them, only to learn that Mudgetown’s mayor was former racketeer Wiley “Killer” Graft. Graft didn’t want his past criminal behavior coming out, so he teamed with the gangsters to capture Wildcat and Stretch. The criminals tied up the heroes, put them in a car, set it on fire and sent it down a hill. Wildcat and Stretch escaped, defeated Graft and his friends and exposed Graft for the criminal he was.

(Sensation Comics I #35) - Ted Grant got a tip that something criminal was planned during his title bout against the Masked Marvel. As Wildcat he chased down a lead about Evil-Eye Optik being hired by the Marvel to jinx Grant, but this was only a planned distraction. Masked Marvel’s gang set up ultra-violet lights in the boxing arena, and after Grant defeated Marvel his gang activated the lights, blinding the audience and attempted to rob them. Wildcat stopped the robbery, but the Marvel escaped. Wildcat disguised himself as a violin player and met some underworld figures at Linky’s restaurant. He told them about Wildcat’s latest adventure and tricked one of the gangsters into admitting he was the Masked Marvel. After one punch the Masked Marvel was in police custody.

(Sensation Comics I #36) - Wildcat investigated a string of subway coin booth robberies committed by a criminal disguised as a sweet old lady. The “old lady” evaded Wildcat, but after having Stretch Skinner pose as a coin booth operator and get robbed Wildcat tracked him down using the scent of perfume he left on Stretch.

(DCU Holiday Bash #2) - <December 24, 1944> Wildcat and the Justice Society put on the Justice Society Canteen for troops home for the holidays. They helped foil nazi saboteurs that tried to blow up the canteen, thanks to the help of Ensign James Gordon.

(Sensation Comics I #38) - Mr. Doughville held a party for Ted Grant, but it became the target of a robbery by Mr. Waffles. Ted changed to Wildcat and had Waffles dead to rights when Doughville prevented him from apprehending the criminal. Wildcat and Stretch Skinner located Waffles and almost had him, but a number of people, including Doughville and a police officer kept Waffles from being captured. Despite Stretch’s “amazing” detective skills neither he nor Wildcat had any idea why so many people wanted Waffles to remain at large.* (*This story was narrated by Stretch Skinner and may or may not have been entirely a product of his brain-damaged imagination.)

(Sensation Comics I #40) - Wildcat was investigating the Mystery Mob, who managed to rob secure locations, when his sidekick Stretch was called away to receive an inheritance from his late circus performer aunt Arena Skinner. The Mystery Mob robbed the First National Trust Bank, and Wildcat apprehended all of them except their leader. He observed that the only escape route was a tiny ventilator, and deduced that their leader was a midget. He found their leader Marco at the circus, as well as Stretch, who’d inherited a trained bear and made a poor business deal to work for Marco. Wildcat apprehended Marco and freed Stretch and his bear from servitude.

(Sensation Comics I #41) - Ted Grant and Stretch Skinner visited El Rancho Cody, a dude ranch owned by Ted’s cousin Rolly Cody. Her grandfather Killer Cody was scaring away business because he refused to stop acting like the cowboy desperado he was in his youth. When escaped criminal Rags Ragot broke into the ranch Ted changed into Wildcat and had the crook on the run until Killer Cody helped Rags defeat Wildcat, because Rags reminded him of the gunslingers from his youth. As a reward Rags was prepared to kill them all, including Killer Cody. Cody realized what an old fool he’d been and helped Wildcat escape. Wildcat dispatched Ragout, and Killer Cody promised to stop scaring customers away from El Rancho Cody.

(Sensation Comics I #44) - Wildcat pursued a criminal onto the S.S. Clipper, much to the excitement of the Clipper’s skipper Phineas Flemm, who remembered how exciting it was when Wildcat took a cruise on the Clipper five years ago.

(Sensation Comics I #45) - Stretch was tired of people laughing at his scrawny physique, so he signed up for the Mighty Muscle Building Company’s bodybuilding program. Ted Grant had alienated Stretch in both his civilian and Wildcat identities because he couldn’t help laughing at him, so he disguised himself as Mr. Diaz and joined the program to keep tabs on Stretch. The Company was a racket, blindfolding customers, and having them rob their own homes, assuring them they were merely lifting and carrying weights. Ted changed to Wildcat, busted up the racket, and made up with Stretch.

(Sensation Comics I #46) - Wildcat took in the ventriloquist act of Echo and Carl the dummy. The audience was amused by Echo and Carl arguing, but Wildcat sensed Echo was seriously unhinged. He confronted Echo backstage and realized Echo believed Carl was real, evil, and trying to steal his thunder. Wildcat tried to reason with him, and showed him a sticker on Carl that stated Hans Mather had manufactured the dummy. Echo slipped away from Wildcat and tried tokill Hans, but after a violent fight Wildcat defeated Echo. He told Echo to give up his act or give up Carl. Echo couldn’t imagine life without Carl, so he gave up his act, putting a halt to his violent impulses.

(Sensation Comics I #47) - Wildcat broke up a robbery attempt by Junior and his gang, but failed to capture the crooks. Stretch Skinner was hired for security for the Vanderastor Charity Auction, and Ted Grant accompanied him. He recognized the butler as Junior. Junior stole petty items from the guests, but took no real valuables because he was allergic to jewelry. His old gang tried to rob the auction, but Junior had a change of heart when he fell for Suzette the maid. He helped Wildcat capture his old gang, and promised to go straight.

(Sensation Comics I #48) - Stretch was contacted by Phyluss, George and Arthur, the children of millionaire J. Huntington Ives, who was sending them to Wallao, Africa to retrieve his cache of jewels, and paid Stretch to protect them while they were in Africa. Wildcat knew Stretch couldn’t take care of himself, let alone the socialites, so he followed them to Africa, where he fended off a leopard and a group of fearsome pigmies that guarded the jewels.

(JSA #53 (fb, BTS)- <Winter,1945>King Inferno contacted Wildcat before a prizefight, letting him know he’d bet a stack of human souls that Ted Grant would lose to Big Elmo, and promised retribution if he didn’t throw the fight. Wildcat ignored him, won the fight, and Inferno cast a spell on him to turn him into an actual cat. Zatara countered the spell, leaving Wildcat human, but giving him the nine lives of a cat.

(Sensation Comics I #49) - During boxing practice Ted Grant heard Stretch bragging that Wildcat couldn’t accomplish anything without Stretch’s “brilliant mind” and “muscles.” Ted changed to Wildcat to confront Stretch just in time to confront some criminals that held up the gym. Wildcat defeated them, and Stretch complained that he had the situation under control, and he told Wildcat to stop treating him like a baby. Wildcat later foiled some thieves when he met Tomcat, Stretch’s new costumed identity. Wildcat mistakenly assumed he was a distraction provided by the criminals so he decked him. At Stretch’s office Wildcat learned that Stretch was Tomcat, and he was still reeling from Wildcat’s punch. Stretch promised not to butt into Wildcat’s crimefighting anymore.

(Sensation Comics I #51) - On a countrywide boxing exhibition Ted Grant and Stretch Skinner came to Hicksville, where they were greeted by Lem Hawkins, Hicksville’s sheriff and entire police force. Ted was scheduled to box Stretch, but Lefty Louie and his gang framed Stretch for being a pickpocket so Lem would volunteer to box and remove any obstacles to their robbery of Hicksville’s bank. Te and Lem’s bout was interrupted when they heard about the bank robbery. Lem knew duty came first, an Ted followed him as Wildcat. Wildcat helped Lem defeat Louie and his gang, making Lem a hero in Hicksville.

(Sensation Comics I #52) - After a prizefight Ted Grant heard famous sportswriter Scoop Scoggins telling everyone that Ted Grant was not the greatest fighter of all time. Ted asked him who was, and Scoop answered Wildcat. He was basing this on Wildcat’s rep, and he’ always wanted to see Wildcat in action. He got his wish when some crooks stole the prizefight money and Ted went into action as Wildcat. The crooks got away, but in effort to help Wildcat Scoop went to the Cozy Club, an underworld hangout, and learned their next target. He tipped off Wildcat, and finally got to see the famed fighter at the top of his form, battering the crooks senseless.

(Sensation Comics I #53) - Ted and Stretch went to watch harness racing when they came upon the distraught Carole James. A gambling ring had threatened her father and his horse Red Raider. At James’ house they found the criminals trying to set Raider’s stable aflame, but Ted changed to Wildcat and chased them off. He left Stretch to guard the horse, but the ring returned, overpowered Stretch and stole Raider. Wildcat followed them, and recovered raider after defeating the criminals. Old man James was to ill to ride Raider, so Wildcat volunteered, and Raider won the harness.

(Sensation Comics I #55) - Ted was called to Hollywood to act as a consultant on the boxing film “Pride of the Ring” starring Ronald Drake. A madman taking the guise of Drake’s past movie roles repeatedly tried to kill Drake, but Ted, as Wildcat, kept saving Drake’s life. Wildcat caught the villain and unmasked him as Rex Manning, the jealous stand-in for rake.

(Sensation Comics I #56) - Ted Grant attended Stretch’s musical debut at Carnway Hall when Gus Zorilla and his mob stole valuables from the audience. Ted changed into Wildcat and chased after them, but by the time he’s caught up they’d hidden the valuables in the lining of Stretch’s bazooka case. Wildcat couldn't hold them without evidence, but they later jumped Stretch for his case and Wildcat defeated them.

(Sensation Comics I #58) - Ted and Stretch attended an outing for underprivileged children at Pike’s Point. “Slugs” Dolan and his gang figure out that whenever Stretch was in trouble Wildcat rescued him, so they came up with a plan to eliminate Wildcat. Gang member Dude Hansen’s sister Sally was introduced to Stretch, then placed in peril by the other gang members. Ted changed to Wildcat, but was captured by the gang, tied up, and put in a garage with the car engine running. Stretch and Sally rescued him, and helped Wildcat catch Slugs.

(Sensation Comics I #59) - Ted successfully defended his title, but Joe Fuhl stole the gate, so he changed into Wildcat and followed him. Wildcat had Fuhl and his gang beat until Stretch appeared to offer his assistance and allowed the crooks to flee. They caught up with the crooks, and Wildcat made Stretch useful, swinging him around and using him as a weapon to defeat the criminals.

(Sensation Comics I #60) - Wildcat and Stretch attended a performance by Marvello the Mind Reader, and afterwards saved him from crooks that wanted him to work for them. Wildcat got suspicious when Marvello refused to call the police, and after tailing him learned that he was a jailbird who use to work for Corky Lewis. Corky threatened to expose Marvello’s criminal past if he didn’t help them steal Willis Wight’s plans for a new method of processing steel. Wildcat chose not to intervene and see what Marvello would do. Marvello set up Corky and his gang, proving he’ gone straight, and Wildcat capture the crooks.

(Sensation Comics I #61) - Ted and Stretch went to the Globe Circus, and when a leopard escaped from Jim Malley’s big cat-tamer act Wilcat came to the rescue. The circus blamed Carl Rutig, who’d been fired as animal trainer, but Wildcat learned that Carl was innocent, and suspected Malley because his father had been killed by lions during a circus act. During the next performance Malley tried to set his lion on the audience, but it turned against him. Wildcat saved the day, and convinced that Malley was essentially good he convinced the Globe’s owner to give him the arduous task of cleaning elephants to avoid jail time.

(Sensation Comics I #65) - During a boxing exhibition featuring the boxing kangaroo Knockout Kid, two thugs stole from nearby socialites. Wildcat went after them, but they escaped. He guessed that the Kid’s manager Hankey was in with the crooks, and used the Kid’s matches as a distraction so they could pull off crimes. Stretch signed up to fight the Kid at a steel mill, and Wildcat stopped the crooks from striking again. Hankey helped Wildcat beat the crooks, and although Hankey was friens with the criminals he was unaware they use the fights he put on to commit their crimes.

(Sensation Comics I #67) - While defending his title Ted noticed metal objects in the arena floating in the air, so he put his opponent away and changed to Wildcat to investigate. Every metal object in the city was being pulled into the air by magnetic waves, so Wildcat jumped on his catocycle and hitched a ride on the waves. He arrived at Stone Mountain, and was captured by the Terror of Stone Mountain’s gang. After escaping he defeated the gang and smashed the Terror’s magnetizer.

(Sensation Comics I #69) - Wildcat battled Huntress, who’d recovered a piece of mail that revealed her identity from a railroad mail car. After an inconclusive fight she disappeared, seemingly falling over a cliff.

(Sensation Comics I #70) - Wildcat was attacked by Lucius Mudrock and his pirate crew, who’d been in suspended animation for 100 years. They liked his fighting skills, and shanghaied him to be a part of their crew aboard the Albatross. Wildcat read the captain’s log and learned that a mysterious fog was responsible for their suspened animation. The crew left the fog to loot NYC, and Wildcat tried to warn them that they would age after leaving the fog for an extended period, but they didn’t listen. While fighting Wildcat the crew and ship both aged 100 years and crumbled to dust.

(Sensation Comics I #72) - Wildcat investigated crimes committed by talking anuimals and learned King Leo used tae recordings and trained animals to pull off the crimes. Wilcat defeated Leo and took in one of the dogs he used in his crimes.

(Sensation Comics I #73) - Huntress invited Wildcat to her jungle lair, telling him she’d surrender to the authorities if he unmasked her. He failed because she was in a hall of mirrors, and then Huntress lured him into a quicksand trap. Wildcat escaped, and foiled her gang’s attempt to rob a masquerade ball. He then confronted Huntress in her jungle lair and locked her in one of her holding cells.

(Sensation Comics I #74) - Wildcat fought Father Time’s gang, and then confronted Time, who was using his time-scythe to transform antiques into their original pristine state, and convincing the police that the antique sellers were grifters. Wildcat exposed Time’s scheme and defeated him.

(Sensation Comics I #75) - Clyde Mason had an imposter Wildcat box the Congo Kid in a charity bout aboard his yacht. Wildcat exposed the imposter, but then Huntress showed up and captured him. Mason and Huntress knew an imposter would draw in Wildcat, and they robbed the socialites who attended the “charity” event. Mason double-crossed Huntress, and Wildcat got free, but Huntress escaped after destroying Mason’s island with high-powered explosives.

(Sensation Comics I #77) - Ted was en route to training camp with a group of Barkley College students heading to their Winter Carnival when criminals disguised as Barkley students jumped aboard the train looking for the “Winter Queen” necklace. Wildcat dove them off, and visited the Carnival to investigate. The crooks made off with the necklace, and Wildcat learned that Heath, the dean’s aide, had valuable stolen gems hidden in the necklace. Wildcat defeated the crooks.

(Sensation Comics I #80) - Wildcat was overcome with dizziness and saw everyone in the street was paralyzed. He saw a gang that was unaffected, and kidnapping a girl, so he raced to the rescue. They captured Wildcat and their leader Rex Velon told him they used ultra-sonics to paralyze the crowd. He’d stolen the weaponry from his mentor Professor Rell, and kidnapped the Professor’s daughter so she would lead him to Rell’s hidden lab. Before leaving Miss Rell showed Wildcat her a ring, a souvenir of Split Rock Falls, tipping him to the location of the lab. Wilcat escaped the gang and found Velon at Split Rock and brought him to justice.

(Sensation Comics I #82) - Stretch told Ted he visited a carnival and had a kewpie doll foisted on him y a weight-guesser, but the kewpie was stolen at gunpoint by Carnival Carney, along with a number of other worthless items. Te changed to Wildcat and fought Carney, who briefly got the upper hand and put him in a death-trap. Wildcat escaped, defeated Carney and learned that the weight-guesser uncovered evidence that would convict Carney for murder and robbery and hid it in the kewpie, knowing he was doomed to die because he knew too much. Carney stole the other worthless items to throw off the trail.

(Sensation Comics I #83) - Ted’s friend Tom Hall took sick so he took over as athletic counselor of Tom’s camp, teaching kids to box. He saw a boy running from camp and asked him what was the matter. Billy Gibson’s father Fred had been accused of stealing money from the bank where he worked and had disappeared, and Billy wanted to find him. Ted promised him Wildcat would find his father, and as Wildcat he learned that Fred’s co-worker Nick Rand stole the money and kidnapped Fred. Nick’s gang captured Wildcat and left him and Fred in the cellar of his hideout with a furnace ready to explode. Wildcat and Fred escaped, and when Nick went after Billy Gibson at camp, Wildcat had his pupils pound the crooks into submission.

(Sensation Comics I #84) - Ted and Stretch went to Globe gems to buy a boxing trophy for an upcoming amateur tournament when the store was robbed by organ-grinder Leo and his pack of trained monkeys. Ted changed to Wildcat and followed Leo to his hideout, but Leo captured him and put him in a pit of rapidly rising water. Wildcat escaped, caught up with Leo, and used the tune he used to make the monkeys attack to turn them against their master.

(Sensation Comics I #85) - Wildcat went to a party in an underground mine thrown by his old pal Gold Valley Gus when gangster Whitey Dorr interrupted the shindig, threw Wildcat in a cage and lowered it own a mine shaft and kidnapped Gus. Wildcat freed himself and caught up to Whitey thanks to a map Gus drew. Whitey learned that Gus spent an entire year to get enough gold to spend a day on the town, so he’d kidnapped the old man for nothing. Wildcat apprehended Whitey and knowing Gus was lonely and liked to meet people he made him Ted Grant’s press agent.

(Sensation Comics I #87) - Ted Grant unveiled a statue he picked out to open a juvenile sports center, but the statue had been replaced by Borin, an artist who Ted turned down to do the sculpture. Ted changed to Wilcat and fought Borin, and after being beaten he realized he’d been a stooge because he was put up to attacking Ted by the Brink Gang, who used the distraction to grab the Moresby diamond that a captured member of their gang hid at the base of the statue. Borin led Wildcat to the gang and the mysteryman apprehended them.

(Sensation Comics I #88) - The police were stymied by smugglers who brought gambling devices into the city, and Wildcat found the smugglers base of operation underwater. Keel and his gang smuggled in the devices using a submarine and hid the merchandise in wooden apples when they went out to sell them. Keel’s gang briefly captured Wildcat, but he escaped and busted up their operation.

(Sensation Comics I #89) - Wildcat witnessed explorer Mat Barker being abducted by crooks posing as firemen and rushed to his rescue. The crooks knocked him out, an when he woke u one of them was posing as Barker and invited him to a meeting of the World Explorer’s Society. At the meeting the crook revealed himself, robbed the other members and left Wildcat to freeze to death in an igloo alongside Barker. Wildcat escaped, discovered that the crooks ha hidden pearls in a false anchor aboard Barker’s ship, and apprehended them.

(Sensation Comics I #90) - Wildcat and Stretch attended a parade promoting Stretch’s uncle Mort for sheriff. One of the floats, a pink elephant, was actually a wrecking machine in disguise, an Wildcat saw Silt’s gang use it to break into the county jail an take hidden counterfeiting engraving plates from the cell of their deceased crony Creeps Handley. Wildcat confronted them, but they defeated him, and hung him over a canyon supported by a burning rope. Wildcat escaped the deathtrap and apprehended Silt’s gang.

(JSA #72) - <October 30, 1951> Wildcat and the rest of the Justice Society were convinced into coming out of retirement by the time-traveling JSA. They had to team up to stop Per Degaton, who was going to assassinate President Truman and put the blame on the Justice Society, forever ending their legacy. The teams defeated Degaton, who fled into the timestream. The resulting time distortion caused Wildcat and the other Society members to forget their adventure with the JSA.

(Hawkman IV #23 (fb, BTS)) - <1977> Wildcat, Atom and Joe Frazier went to St. Roch to watch a women’s boxing bout featuring Cathy ”Kat” Davis. After the fight Wildcat got personal with the Kat.

(JSA #53, fb, BTS) - Charles Durham, an ex-con trying to get back on the straight and narrow, slaughtered his brother’s family after his brother killed his fiancé. Wildcat was outraged at Durham’s senseless murder of his eight-year-old nephew, but couldn’t pin the crime on him. Wildcat planted evidence and framed Durham for the murder of his own fiancé, and Durham was sent to the electric chair in 1978.

(JSA #75 (fb)) - Atom introduced Wildcat and the Justice Society to his young godson Albert Rothstein, and they let him sit at the Society meeting table.

(JLA Year One #2) - Wildcat and Green Lantern I were in the audience at a press conference announcing the formation of the Justice League of America.

(All-Star Comics I #58, 59) - Brain Wave informed the JSA that he was going to cause disasters in Seattle, Washington, Peking, China and Capetown South Africa that would cause a chain reaction that would destroy Earth. They split up, with Wildcat and Flash trying to stop a volcanic eruption in Peking. They found themselves unable to deal with the disasters, although youthful heroine Power Girl stopped the eruption. Similar circumstances averted the disasters in Capetown and Seattle, with new heroes helping the JSA. Power Girl suggested that Brainwave set them up to fail but didn’t foresee the interference of the new heroes, whom power Girl dubbed the Super Squad. Wildcat bristled at the idea of needing help from newbies, and immediately disliked Power Girl. The JSA and Squad confronted Brain Wave aboard his space station, and learned that he'd sapped the willpower of the JSA that they displayed in averting the disasters to return will and youth to Per Degaton. When the JSA had the villains on the ropes, Brain Wave used his mental powers to send Earth on a collision course with the sun, demanding they submit or see the planet die. Power Girl sent Brain Wave's space station toward the sun, overheating it and causing the villain to pass out. The JSA decided to take in the Super Squad so they could learn from each other.

(All-Star Comics I #60, 61) - During a lazy afternoon at JSA hq Vulcan attacked the team. Vulcan once idolized the JSA, but blamed his inhuman condition on his attempts at heroics, and now wanted to kill his former idols. He set their hq ablaze and left. Wildcat and the JSA watched firefighters put out the blaze, and after Vulcan collapsed a building on Fate they dug him out of the rubble while Star-Spangled Kid and Hawkman destroyed the villain.

(All-Star Squadron I #62) - Wildcat and other JSAers stood guard over Dr. fate while Dr. Mid-Nite tried to save his life. Wildcat passed the time reminding Power Girl he thought she didn't belong on the team. The JSA were called away when Lemurian sorcerer Zanadu kidnapped Hawkgirl and tried to destroy Tokyo. The JSA engaged him in battle.

(Crisis on Infinite Earths #6)-Wildcat's legs were shattered during the Crisis on Infinite Earths, but his goddaughter Yolanda carried on his heroic tradition as the new Wildcat.

(Spectre III #20) - Prof. Nicodemus Hazzard interviewed former members of the Justice Society to learn more about the Spectre after the Wrath of God had threatened to judge the world.

(Final Night #1-4) - Superman organized a summit of superheroes, including Wildcat, to listen to an alien named Dusk. She'd seen the Sun-Eater snuff out the sun of countless planets, and she was there to warn the heroes that the Sun-Eater was headed towards Earth. Wildcat and a team of heroes formed a ground crew to deal with the panic that the Sun-Eater's approach would cause. Wildcat was joined by Flash and Liberty Belle in dealing with the chaos. Wildcat rescued survivors from a collapsed overpass, but was injured when another part of the overpass collapsed. Ferro brought him to Warriors, which Guy Gardner had converted into a command center and hospital. Earth was saved when Parallax sacrificed his life to dispel the Sun-Eater and reignite the sun.

(Green Lantern III #81) - Coast City; Wildcat was among the heroes who attended a memorial service for Green Lantern Hal Jordan.

(Green Arrow III #16 (fb)) - Wildcat attended Oliver Queen's funeral in his civilian identity.

(Spectre III #62) - Corrigan decided to give up the mantle of the Spectre, at last seeking peace in death. Craemer arranged for his bones to be buried in a small grave, and performed a funeral service, with all of the friends Corrigan met as the Spectre attending, including Wildcat. The new Mr. Terrific attended, and Wildcat said he was happy to see that Terry Sloane finally had a successor. The Spectre-Force vanished and Jim ascended to Heaven.

(Flash II #134) - Flash I visited Wildcat to ask him if he knew where the Thinker’s Thinking Cap was, because Flash believed it was the only thing that could save the dying Thinker's life. The best Wildcat could offer was a rumor that the late Atom I may have sold it to a museum.

(JLA #28-31) - The 5th Dimensional invasion began, with genie Lxz causing havoc around the world. Flash summoned Wildcat and Sentinel to team-up with the JLA and find J.J. Thunder, who was in possession of the 5-D genie Thunderbolt. Because Flash mistakenly gave him the pen Johnny Thunder used to hold the genie as a momento. Lkz tried to stop them by animating the buildings of Keystone City and killing citizens. The heroes fought him off the best they could, but it still came down to J.J., who, after some prodding, summoned the Thunderbolt, who began a titanic battle with Lkz. Qwsp revealed himself as the instigator of the battle between Lkz and Thunderbolt, a battle that threatened to throw the 5th Dimension into chaos and destroy Earth. Qwsp told them that if they provided enough drama and excitement he might back off. He wanted to be their greatest enemy, and killed JSAer Wildcat, exploding his heart and claiming one of his nine lives. Representitives of the 5th Dimension arrested Qwsp, because only mischief was allowed in the 3rd Dimension, and he’d gone way past that. Captain Marvel and Green Lantern convinced Thunderbolt and Lkz to merge into one being, ending their war.

(JSA Secret Files #1) - Speed Saunders sent a fax to Wildcat, Flash I, Sentinel and Hippolyta to break the news of Sandman I’s death. Wildcat and his fellow JSA members passed the news on to several other heroes and asked them to come to the funeral.

(JSA #1) - Wildcat was among the number of superheroes who attended the funeral of Sandman. As the service drew to a close the Sons of Anubis attacked the heroes. After the battle Scarab appeared and told the heroes that a threat to Earth’s existence was approaching, and they must reform the Justice Society of America to combat it.

(JSA #2) - Wildcat and the newly reformed JSA found out why Scarab needed their help. A new Dr. Fate was about to be born, and Mordru was trying to locate and kill the Fate-Child. The JSA were charged with finding the child before Mordru. Wildcat traveled to Vancouver with Atom Smasher and Hourman III and located the Fate-Child. Mordru then appeared out of nowhere, defeated the heroes, and stole the child.

(JSA #3, 4) - Wildcat and the rest of the JSA pursued Mordru to Fate’s Tower and were once again bested by the villain., but the battle lasted long enough for the Fate-Child to transform into Dr. Fate and trap Mordru inside his amulet. The JSA returned to their hq and named Sand their first chairman.

(JSA #5) - Wildcat listened to Sand relate a recent adventure he had in Africa.

(Day of Judgement #1) - Wildcat and the JSA were moving into their new hq when they were attacked by demons. Asmodel / Spectre had unleashed Hell on Earth, and the JSA and JLA teamed to fight him, but were defeated.

(Day of Judgment #4) - Wildcat and the JSA got Dr. Fate to help the soul of Hal Jordan to take the Spectre-Force from Asmodel.

(JSA #6) - Wildcat and the JSA had a press conference to officially announce the JSA’s reformation and the reopening of the JSA headquarters and museum.

(JSA #7) - Wildcat and the JSA watched a news bulletin about a disturbance in Milwaukee, and Sentinel correctly guessed that his son Obsidian was the source of the trouble. The JSA immediately set off for Milwaukee, except for Wildcat, who was still recovering from the injuries he suffered at Mordru’s hands.

(JLA #40) - Wildcat was among the legion of heroes summoned by the JLA to quell worldwide outbreaks of warfare that were incited by Mageddon.

(JSA #9) - While waiting for his teammates to return to headquarters Wildcat had a flirtatious telephone conversation with Catwoman. His fun was interrupted by the security alarm going off. He was shocked when he ran into the intruders; Johnny Sorrow and the Injustice Society.

(JSA #10) - Wildcat single-handedly defeated the Injustice Society, though the fight wrecked parts of the JSA Headquarters and Museum. After Wildcat’s victory Johnny Sorrow teleported his team to safety.

(JSA #11, 12) - Director Bones of the D.E.O. briefed Wildcat and the JSA about the recent terrorist activities of Kobra, who had kidnapped Maser and was threatening to incinerate every capital city in the world. At the same time Hourman III sensed that Extant was adversely manipulating the time-stream. The JSAdecided to split into two teams, one to attack Kobra’s Blackhawk Island headquarters, and one to search the time-stream for Extant. Wildcat was on the team that went to Blackhawk Island, and after freeing Maser they brought Kobra into custody. Metron crashed-landed Hourman II’s timeship into the roof of JSA HQ and told the team that their timeline would cease to exist if they didn’t immediately follow him into the time-stream.

(JSA #13) - Aboard Hourman III’s timeship Metron explained to Wildcat and the JSA that Extant used stole Metron’s Moebius Chair to travel to the end of creation and create a new universe of his own making. Unless the JSA stopped him, Extant’s new universe would go backwards through time and erase the current universe.

(JSA #14, 15) - In Extant’s timeline, Wildcat and the JSA had a skirmish with Extant’s troops, then they stormed Extant’s castle, where they discovered the recently resurrected Dove II. Dove gave her life to distract Extant, and the JSA used the opportunity to rip the worlogog that was powering Extant’s timeline away from the villain. Extat’s timeline vanished and the JSA returned to their own time. Extant escaped back into the timestream, but Atom Smasher followed him. When Atom Smasher returned he told the JSA they wouldn’t have to worry about Extant any more, but refused to give any more details. Wildcat and his teammates visited a memorial to Atom I, Hourman I and Dr. Mid-Nite I to honor the fact that their killer had finally been brought to justice.

(Young Justice: Sins of Youth #1) - At Star-Spangled Kid’s insistence Wildcat and the JSA attended Young Justice’s Justice for All rally in Washington, as did Old Justice, the Titans and JLA. It was interrupted by Klarion, who magically de-aged Sentinel and most of the heroes into children. Doiby Dickles pulled out an extraterrestrial aging gun to return the heroes to their proper age, but another of Klarion’s spells intercepted his shot. The result was that the younger heroes present were aged to adulthood, but the other heroes remained children.

(Sins of Youth Secret Files #1, Sins of Youth: JLA, Jr. #1) - The de-aged Wildbrat and JSA had a dispute with the de-aged JLA that resulted in them brawling for hours. Once they made up the JSA and Doiby Dickles went aboard the Steel Eagle so they could travel to Myrg so Doiby could find another aging gun to reverse Klarion's spell.

(Sins of Youth: Starwoman and the JSA (Junior Society) #1) - Wildbrat, Doiby and the JSA battled Prince Marieb on Myrg, retrieved an aging gun, and returned to Earth.

(Young Justice: Sins of Youth #2) - Doiby tried using his new raygun on Wildcat and the other heroes affected by Klarion’s spell but it had no effect. Since the heroes’ ages were skewed by a combination of magic and science, they would need Klarion’s cooperation to undo the transformation. The heroes attacked Agenda’s headquarters in Alaska, where Superboy, Superman, Wonder Girl and Wonder Woman were being held hostage. The hq was defended by the Junior Injustice Society, but the heroes prevailed, forced the Agenda to flee, and freed the prisoners. They then forced Klarion to team with Doiby and return everyone to their proper age.

(JSA #16, 17, 19, 20) - Wildcat and Sand went to the movies to see Raging Bull, one of Wildcat's favorites. During the showing they were attacked by Geomancer, Killer Wasp and Black Adam of the Injustice Society. Wildcat and Sand were separated during the melee when Adam grabbed Wildcat and flew into the stratosphere. Black Adam wanted redemption and a shot at joining the JSA so he betrayed the Injustice Society, telling Wildcat that Johnny Sorrow unleashed the King of Tears on Earth. Wildcat and Black Adam traveled to the Rock of Eternity and petitioned Spectre (Hal Jordan) to combat the King of Tears. Spectre couldn’t stop the King, but the JSA banished the King by having Flash I strike Johnny Sorrow at lightspeed, opening a hole in space-time that sucked in both Sorrow and the King of Tears.

(JSA #21) - Wildcat visited Killer Wasp of the Injustice Society in prison and confronted him with his suspicions that he was his son Jake, who was kidnapped decades ago by the Yellow Wasp. Killer Wasp revealed that Yellow Wasp was his father, and that he grew up alongside Jake, but Wildcat’s son was now dead.

(JSA Secret Files #2) – Nemesis II recruited Wildcat and Black Canary to help her battle the Council. They raided a Council cloning factory in Villich, Austria and shut it down. They discovered the body of the Council’s latest ally Ultra-Humanite, but were shocked when they realized his brain was missing, meaning the Humanite had found a new body to inhabit.

(JSA #25) - Wildcat and the JSA welcomed the recently resurrected Hawkman I aboard as their newest member.

(JLA #58) - Wildcat was among the number of heroes defeated by the White Martians invading Earth. The Martians were eventually driven off by the JLA.

(JSA: Our Worlds at War #1) - During the Imperiex War Wildcat, the JSA and the JSA reserves were given a mission by President Luthor to disrupt Imperiex’s link to his ship’s power supply. The JSA not only cut off Imperiex from his power, but they managed to blow up his ship as well.

(JSA #26) - When Sand told Wildcat he needed a curator for the JSA Museum, Wildcat immediately called up Alexander Montez, the cousin of Wildcat’s former protégé Yolanda Montez, and hired him.

(JSA #27) - Wildcat got caught up in a battle between Atom-Smasher and probationary JSA member Black Adam. Captain Marvel arrived at JSA hq and physically restrained Black Adam and calmed him down. Because of a dispute between current JSA chairman Sand and Hawkman, Wildcat and the JSA elected Mr. Terrific as their new JSA chairman. Wildcat got lunch, and when he returned he found his teammates missing, they were teleported away by Roulette to her House.

(JSA #29) - Wildcat, Flash and Sentinel went off to deal with a rash of attacks by Jokerized supervillains and left Star-Spangled Kid and J.J. Thunder behind to watch over JSA hq.

(JSA #31) - Wildcat and the JSA investigated the death of supervillain Shakedown. Batman joined them, letting them know Shakedown and his partner New Wave had kidnapped Jessica Weintraub, the infant daughter of a recently bankrupt Gotham computer whiz. When the villains realized they weren’t going to get paid their ransom they turned on each other. Batman and the JSA saved Jessica and captured New Wave.

(JSA #32) - Wildcat and the JSA welcomed Johnny Thunder to JSA hq, he claimed to have had a miraculous recovery from Alzheimer’s. In truth it was the Ultra-Humanite in possession of Thunder’s body.

(JLA #69) - With the JLA trapped in the year 1,000 B.C., Batman's contingency plan for a new JLA was activated. JLA-Spheres based on Mr. Terrific's T-Spheres located went to JSA hq to recruit Hawkgirl and Captain Marvel, who'd been chosen by Batman to bring them to the Watchtower. With Wildcat and their teammates looking on Hawkgirl accepted the offer and took a leave of the JSA, but Marvel declined.

(JSA #40) - The Shadower held Kenton Elementary School hostage, and promised to execute the children unless Dr. Mid-Nite saved the life of his grandfather, the original Shadower Vartan Kevork. Kevork needed a pancreatic coduodenectomy, perhaps the world’s most difficult surgery, and Wildcat and trhe JSA watched Mid-Nite perform it from the operating theatre. They did the best they could, but it was a risky surgery and Kevork died, but Captain Marvel and Star-Spangled Kid freed the hostages.

(JSA #44) - Wildcat and the JSA threw a party to welcome back Mr. Terrific, Hawkgirl and Captain Marvel, who’d been lost in time.

(JLA / JSA: Virtue and Vice) - Wildcat attended the first annual JLA and JSA Thanksgiving celebration when the teams were called to Arusha, Tanzania to stop Doctor Bedlam from disrupting the Pan-African Conference on World Hunger. The JLA and JSA defeated Bedlam, but the attack was a ruse on the part of Johnny Sorrow to give him the opportunity to have Despero possess President Luthor, who was at the conference, and to have the Seven Deadly Sins possess members of the JLA and JSA. The possessed heroes destroyed JSA headquarters and incapacitated the unpossessed JLA and JSA members. Wildcat was among the heroes banished to Odin’s Ragnarok in Limbo by the possessed Mr. Terrific. Wildcat and the others figured out a way to return to Earth, and then the JLA and JSA helped Shazam re-chain the Deadly Sins in the Rock of Eternity, defeated Johnny Sorrow and freed Luthor from Despero. Luthor graciously built the JSA a new hq.

(JSA All-Stars #1, 8) - Wildcat and the JSA intercepted the Injustice Society, who had just freed Icicle II from D.E.O. custody. The Injustice Society used arcane devices created by their leader Legacy to transport Wildcat and the other founding members of the JSA into a prison in a pocket dimension. Wildcat and the other founders were rescued by the second-generation members of the JSA, and together they defeated Legacy.

(Green Arrow III #21) - Green Arrow and Arsenal stopped by Ted's gym to watch him train boxers.

(JSA #45) - Wildcat and the JSA took an interest in then trial of Kobra since JSA were the ones who stopped his attack on major cities using antiballistic satellites, the terrorist act he was currently being tried for. Wildcat watched news coverage of the event with J.J. Thunder and Alex Montez.

(JSA #46, 47) - Mordru tore into Wildcat and the JSA, and Obsidian soon arrived to cause further chaos. The JSA were on the verge of losing when Mordru opened a gate to Dr. Fate’s Tower and left with Obsidian, threatening to unravel the universe very soon.

(JSA #49-51) - Wildcat, Hourman and the Freedom Fighters battled Mordru’s ally Eclipso, who’d possessed hundreds of New Yorkers and was tearing the city apart. Wildcat and the Freedom Fighters wrested away Eclipso’s black diamond and gave it to Alex Montez, who used it to make Eclipso manifest in him, and kept Eclipso bound to his will using magic glyphs. Mordru attacked Wildcat and the JSA, but was weakened by J.J. Thunder and Arion the Immortal, weakening Mordru to the point that he could no longer keep Dr. Fate imprisoned in Fate’s amulet. Fate imprisoned Mordru in the Rock of Eternity.

(JSA #52, 53) - Acting on a tip from Black Canary, Wildcat and Power Girl were in the process of busting a Kahndaq terrorist cell in NYC when the Crimson Avenger appeared, gunned down the terrorists, and proclaimed Wildcat her next victim. She told Wildcat he’d sent Charles Durham, an innocent man, to jail and the electric chair years ago, and Durham had to be avenged. With that said she shot Wildcat. She took away three of his remaining seven lives, and Wildcat was forced to explain to Power Girl and the Avenger why he framed Durham. The Avenger, having learned Durham was far from innocent, had a crisis of conscious and disappeared.

(JSA #54) - Hawkman, the JSA and JLA celebrated Thanksgiving at JSA hq. Wildcat got a little drunk, and argued with Wonder Woman until Power Girl separated the two by flinging Wildcat across the room. Kulak and the Warlord of Ys ruined the Thanksgiving meal, but were quickly defeated by the heroes. The JLA and JSA settled for ordering out, and had pizza for Thanksgiving.

(JSA #55) - Wildcat, Flash, Green Lantern and Hawkman made their annual Christmas Eve visit to Londonderry, New Hampshire to see Ma Hunkle, the former hero Red Tornado. She was playing Santa Claus at Dugan’s Department Store, and they helped her apprehend some robbers dressed in Santa masks. Back at Ma’s home they discussed their Christmas plans, Ma told the others that Wildcat ran a Christmas community dinner for the homeless at his gym. Wildcat was bashful about admitting doing charity work, but invited Hawkman to join him serving food. Wildcat and the others invited Ma to be the new JSA Museum curator, and she accepted.

(Hawkman IV #23) - Wildcat and the JSA traveled to St. Roch to attend a party for Hawkman, but first Stargirl, Hawkgirl and Power Girl took in the sights of the city. The party atmosphere of St. Roch immensely appealed to Wildcat. Hawkman’s party ended when the JSA heard a news report about Black Adam’s conquest of Kahndaq.

(JSA #57, Hawkman IV #24, JSA #58, Hawkman IV #25)- Wildcat and the JSA traveled to Kahndaq in the Steel Eagle with the intention of taking the members of Black Adam’s superteam, their former allies, back home before Adam completely turned them into villains. Black Adam destroyed the Steel Eagle, and the team was scattered across Kahndaq. Wildcat was injured in the fall, but saved from severe injury by Captain Marvel. Wildcat was knocked out by Black Adam, who wanted to fight Marvel one-on-one. Wildcat was captured by a mob of Khandaqis, who considered the JSA invaders. Wildcat escaped and met up with the rest of the JSA, and the heroes fought Black Adam to a standstill. Atom-Smasher and Captain Marvel brokered a peace pact between Black Adam and the JSA. The JSA promised not to interfere further in Kahndaq as long as Black Adam and his team remained within the country’s orders and didn’t try conquering any surrounding nations.

(Flash II #209) - Wildcat and the rest of the world forgot Flash’s secret identity thanks to the Spectre. Flash wanted the heroes he knew and trusted to know his identity, so he unmasked for Wildcat and the JSA.

(JSA #60-62) - Wildcat and some other JSAers accompanied a tour of school children through the JSA Museum. Afterwards Wildcat and the others responded to a crime scene, an unknown shooter had killed Dr. Mid-Nite’s assistant Ice Sickle. The killer turned out to be Louis Snipe, one of the dead men the Spirit King rose from Hell to destroy the JSA. Wildcat and the JSA fought the army of the dead, but knew it was the Spectre who had to return them to Hell. Spectre banished the undead army and destroyed the Spirit King.

(JSA #63, 64) - Wildcat, the JSA and Cave Carson’s crew traveled hundreds of miles under the Earth to find Sand, and they found Sand’s body, which in its mindless state was generating an army of rock creatures to protect itself. Wildcat and the JSA fought off the rock creatures long enough for Power Girl to take Sand’s body up to the surface. Sand recovered, and the JSA threw a party to celebrate.

(JSA #65) - Wildcat and the JSA defeated Solomon Grundy, who was running amok in Central Park.

(Identity Crisis #1) - Wildcat was training with Green Arrow I and Green Arrow II when they learned about Sue Dibny’s murder. Two days later they attended Sue’s funeral, as did a number of other superheroes. After the funeral the heroes made a list of suspects in the murder and set off to interrogate them. Wildcat and the JSA went looking for Dr. Phosphorus.

(JSA #67, Identity Crisis #5) - Wildcat, Stargirl, S.T.R.I.P.E. questioned Mirror Master about Sue Dibny’s death, and learned the Rogues had nothing to do with it.

(Identity Crisis #7) - After an autopsy on Sue Dibny Mid-Nite told Wildcat that it was Jean Loring, using her ex-husband Atom’s technology who killed Sue.

(Green Lantern: Rebirth #1) - Wildcat and the JSA quarantined Warriors after Guy Gardner lost control of his powers and destroyed the bar. The only thing standing was a statue of Green Lantern, leading the heroes to worry that Hal Jordan was involved and had returned to the dark side.

(Green Lantern: Rebirth #4, 6) - Ganthet summoned Wildcat and the JSA and a number of other heroes to battle Parallax, who’d completely taken over Hal Jordan. They weakened him enough for the Spectre to separate Hal from Parallax, allowing Hal’s soul to return to his body, resurrecting him. Parallax possessed Ganthet, spreading fear throughout the world, and only Hal was able to stop him.

(DC Countdown #1) - When someone broke into a Kord warehouse and stole the kryptonite stored there Oracle called in favors to Wildcat, the JSA, and a number of other heroes to investigate the crime scene, but the investigation turned up nothing.

(JSA #73-75) - Atom-Smasher asked to be readmitted to the JSA so Wildcat and the JSA had a meeting and a vote on it. Once they’d voted, Atom-Smasher was already gone back to Khanaq. Captain Marvel told the JSA that Jean Loring/Eclipso and the Spectre-Force were attacking Khandaq, and their help was needed there. The heroes had little luck battling Eclipso and the Spectre, and Black Adam resented their presence and began fighting them. Spectre only stopped his attacks when Atom-Smasher told him he’d accept the Spectre’s judgment, and allowed the Spectre to stop his heart. Black Adam restarted his heart with his magic lightning, and the JSA took Atom back to America after warning Black Adam to stay far away from him in the future.

(Birds of Prey #81) -

(JSA #76) - Wildcat and the JSA were set to testify at the trial of Atom-Smasher, who’d surrendered himself to the authorities. Atom-Smasher pled guilty to violating international law, so the JSAers were dismissed. An OMAC attacked the JSA, and nearly killed them before Atom-Smasher interceded, chasing off the OMAC before he returned to police custody. He told his teammates he believed in justice, and had to pay for his actions.

(Supergirl V #1) - Wildcat and the JSA battled Solomon Grundy, who was on a rampage. JSAer Power Girl's powers suddenly went haywire, and the JSA solved the problem by separating Power Girl and Supergirl. Mr. Terrific determined that because their origins were so similar Supergirl's presence was somehow making Power Girl's powers go berserk.

(JSA #77) - Wildcat and the JSA had a meeting about their current lack of membership when Air-Wave, whose powers had overloaded, crashed into JSA hq. After recovering Air-Wave flew off to find where the transmissions were coming from that cause him to go haywire he was followed by Green Lantern I and Hal Jordan.

(JSA #78-80) - Wildcat and the JLA located Fate’s Tower, and found Fate’s helm, but no sign of Fate. Sand put on the helm, awakening Nabu. Nabu told them Spectre did something to Fate, but he didn’t know what. He opened a portal to the 5th Dimension so the JSA could rescue J.J. Thunder. Only Hourman, Terrific and Stargirl made it through before Mordru attacked the rest of the JSA, breaking Nabu’s concentration and sealing the portal. Mordru defeated the JSAers and crushed Fate’s helm. Nabu repaired and animated the helm, and told Mordru it was time to settle their conflict. Nabu weakened Fate, and when Terrific, Stargirl and Hourman returned with J.J., he used the Thunderbolt to banish Mordru.

(JSA #81) - Wildcat and the JSA were called to Philadelphia when Liberty Belle lost control over her powers after an attack by the Society. Stargirl showed her that her daughter Jesse was there, and was worried about her mother. This allowed Belle to focus and regain the use of her powers.

(Teen Titans III #32) - Superboy Prime confronted Superboy because he wanted to take his place, and was willing to kill him to do it. Wildcat and the JSA and the Teen Titans were called in to combat Prime. There were casualties, but Flash Jay Garrick, Flash and Kid Flash took Prime out of action by running him into the Speed Force.

(52 / WWIII Part One: A Call to Arms #1) - <Week 50, Day 1> Black Adam declared war on humanity after the death of his family, starting WWIII. The JSA visited Bialya after Adam killed millions there, and prepared to confront him. Wildcat pointed out that it wasn't the first war the JSA fought in, and it probably wouldn't be their last.

(52 / WWIII Part Three: Hell Is For Heroes #1) - <Week 5, Day 5> Wildcat and the JSA went into action after Black Adam decimated Pisa, Italy, aiding the survivors.

(52 / WWIII Part Four: United We Stand #1) <Week 50, Day 7> Black Adam arrived in China, and prepared to destroy the entire country. He defeated China's superhero team the Great Ten before China allowed Wildcat and the American superhero community to square off against him. Black Adam was a god with nothing left to lose, and each punch he threw was intended to kill. His savagery was winning the day until Martian Manhunter reappeared and flooded his brain with his own loss, the death of the entire Martian species. Black Adam was distracted long enough for Captain Marvel to hurl a Shazam bolt at him. Theo Adam was powerless, and left with amnesia. He staggered away unnoticed from the end of WWIII.

(JSA #83-87) - <one year later> Wildcat and the JSA had their first get-together in many months. Gentleman Ghost appeared to the JSA and told them that they would all soon die by his hand. The Ghost hospitalized Green Lantern, and the JSA reconvened at hq to discuss a defense strategy. J.J. Thunder visited the spirit world and learned that the JSA had to seek the Ghost in London. Wildcat and the JSA confronted the Ghost in the royals castle. The Gentleman Ghost was trying to fulfill an old gypsy prophecy that said he could return to life if he slew his enemies in the royal castle. The Ghost summoned an army of spirits to kill the JSA and their fight led to a chapel in Winsor, where an army of ghost knights arose and battled Ghost’s army for daring to defile the temple. Mr. Terrific learned that the Ghost was only vulnerable to one descended from English royalty, and by searching his computer database he learned that Wildcat was a collateral descendant of a 17th Century duke. He sent Stargirl to England to inform Wilcat, who promptly decapitated the Ghost with a sword from the chapel, ending the Ghost’s existence. Wildcat and the JSA returned home.

(Catwoman III #54) - Wildcat's protégé Holly Robinson called him after she nearly died in a confrontation with Angle Man, but he was busy pummeling some toughs behind a bar, and couldn't answer his cell phone, which he hated even owning. He changed to his civilian identity, and met Slam Bradley coming out of the bar. He told Ted he was a huge fan back in the day, and noted that even though they were the same age Ted looked years younger. Ted said the secret to staying young was to never stop fighting.

(Catwoman III #55-57) - Wildcat accompanied Holly on her nightly patrol, and she got a kick out of watching him bulldoze through a group of robbers. Wildcat said that since they didn't have superpowers it was always smart to attack brutally and end fights quickly. He lit a cigar and advised she not take up smoking if she continued as Catwoman. The next night Wildcat called Catwoman after discovering a chop shop, made short work of the crooks, but Wildcat chided her for calling him by his real name, reminding her that secrets were the only thing that protected them. They played gin into the night, and when she requested they switch to Texas Hold 'Em Wildcat said fads passed, but the classics were always good. She asked why they weren't busting heads, and he told her that sometimes you had to sit back and observe the rhythms of the city, which she thought sounded pretty deep coming from a brawler. Green Lantern Alan Scott told Wildcat Per Degaton was wrecking havoc in Manhattan, and asked for his help. Wildcat said farewell to his protégé, since he had to save the world again.

(Catwoman III #58, 59) - Holly was arrested by the GCPD and Detective Lenahan was willing to pin Black Mask's murder on her unless she gave up the original Catwoman. She used her one phone call to ring Wildcat, who was in the middle of beating down some masked criminals. She asked him if Green Lantern or the JSA could herlp her out of her jam. Wildcat went to see Selina to tell her Holly was being framed for Black Mask's murder, saying that Holly called him first because Selina's first obligation was to her child. Selina said she still owed it to Holly to watch out for her, and hatched a breakout plan that would involve the JSA. Wildcat said the JSA didn't break the law, and she snapped that they were clearly not interested in justice even though they called themselves the Justice Society. She slipped into her Catwoman costume, and told Wildcat to watch Helena while she took care of the situation herself.

(Green Lantern IV #24) - The Sinestro Corps invaded Earth, intending to conquer the planet, making it a symbol of the Sinestro Corp’s power and their ability to control any planet. Wildcat and the Justice Society were among the heroes who helped stave off the invasion. 

(Tales of the Sinestro Corps: Superman-Prime #1) - An army of Earth’s heroes, including Wildcat and the Justice Society, appeared to take Superboy-Prime down during the Sinestro Corps invasion of Earth. The heroes focused on wrecking his armor, because after a year on Oa, and away from a yellow sun his Kryptonian body still wasn’t at full strength, and his armor collected sunlight. Superboy bragged that once the sun rose on Earth he’d be at full power. Superboy was battered by Wonder Girl and Wonder Woman, who blamed him for Superboy’s death, as well as Supergirl and Power Girl, who blamed him for the death of the Superman of Earth-2. As the fight went against him, Superboy broke down in tears. He tried to wipe them away, saying that it was impossible foir boys to cry, and then whining that no one ever thanked him for sacrificing his Earth to save the multiverse. The battle lasted until dawn, and he flew into the sunrise. As he achieved full power he declared himself the one, true Superman. The Guardians arrived with Sodam Yat, the new Ion, and pitted him against Superboy-Prime. 

(Nightwing II #141) - Wildcat and the JSA, under John Stewart’s guidance, helped Nightwing construct his NYC headquarters in the Cloisters.

Comments: Created by Bill Finger & Irwin Hasen

In the pre-Crisis DC Universe Wildcat I lived on Earth-2.

Wildcat received profiles in Who's Who: The Definitive Directory of the DC Universe #25 and JSA Secret Files#1. He received profiles in Who's Who: The Definitive Directory of the DC Universe #12 and JLA-Z #2 under the Justice Society of America entry. Wildcat (as Wildbrat) received a profile in Sins of Youth Secret Files #1 under the Junior Society of America entry.

JSA #38 showed a promotional poster of Wildcat and the JSA in J.J. Thunder’s room.

Wildcat had cameos in Aztek: The Ultimate Man #7, JSA #56, 68, 69, Spectre III #24, Spectre Annual II #1 and Titans I #18.

JSA #71 showed a HUAC poster of Wildcat and the Justice Society of America declaring them enemies of the state.

A statue of Wilcat was seen in the JSA Museum in JSA #82.

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