Membership: Brainwave, Jr., Dr. Midnight, Fury II, Hourman II, Jade, Mr. Bones, Northwind, Nuklon, Obsidian, Power Girl, Silver Scarab, Skyman, Wildcat II

Base of Operations: Stellar Studios, Los Angeles, California

First Appearance: All-Star Squadron #25 (September, 1983)

History: (Infinity, Inc. #1-3)-Fury II, Jade, Northwind, Nuklon, Obsidian and Silver Scarab banded together as the next generation of superheroes, pupils and relatives of the Justice Society of America. They were rejected by the JSA, but Star-Spangled Kid and Power Girl left the JSA to give guidance to the team. Brain Wave, Jr. also contacted the team and was admitted. Star-Spangled Kid set them up at Stellar Studios in L.A., one of many holding the Kid inherited from his wealthy father. They held a press conference to introduce Infinity, Inc. to the public, then signed a deal with the city to officially sanction the team. The team had their trial by fire when they saved the JSA from the fiendish Ultra-Humanite.

(Infinity, Inc. #12)-Power Girl leaves the team to focus on her personal life.

(Infinity, Inc. #31)-Star-Spangled Kid adopts the name of Skyman, and fledgling heroes Dr. Midnight, Hourman II and Wilcat II join Infinity, Inc.

(Infinity, Inc. #37)-Northwind leaves the team to return to his homeland Feithera.

(Infinity, Inc. #51-53)-Skyman is accidentally killed by Mr. Bones, and the team decides to disband.

Comments: Created by Jerry Ordway, Mike Machlan & Roy Thomas

In the pre-Crisis DC Universe Infinity, Inc. lived on Earth-2.

JSA #38 showed a photo of Infinity, Inc. in Hourman IIís JSA brownstone apartment.

A statue of Infinity, Inc. was seen in the JSA Museumin JSA #63.

A group photo of Infinity, Inc. was shown in Fury IIís home in Sandman Presents: The Furies #1.

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