Real Name: Todd James Rice

Class: Human mutant

Occupation: Adventurer, mechanic, former supervillain

Group Affiliation: formerly Infinity, Inc., Justice League America

Known Relatives:  Jennie-Lynn Hayden (Jade, sister), James Rice (adoptive father), Jeremy Rice (adoptive brother), Alan Scott (Green Lantern I/Sentinel, father), Molly Mayne Scott (Harlequin I, stepmother), Rose Forrest (Thorn, mother, deceased), Shirley Rice (adoptive mother)

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Stellar Studios, Los Angeles, California

First Appearance: All-Star Squadron #25 (September, 1983)

Powers: All of Obsidian's powers stemmed from his connection with the otherdimensional Shadowlands. Obsidian could merge his body with his shadow, turning it completely black. If he wished he could merge whatever he is wearing with his shadow as well. As a shadow he had superhuman strength and vitality and could turn any part or all of his body two-dimensional. In shadow-form he could also float and phase through solid objects. His shadow-form was easily injured by bright light. By coming in contact with a victim's shadow he could cause them emotional agony by subjecting them to their innermost fears. Obsidian could animate the shadows of others or possess people with their own shadows. Obsidian could communicate with his sister Jade through a limited form of telepathy. The full-range of Obsian's powers has yet to be revealed.

History: When Rose Forrest was pregnant she left her husband Green Lantern and after giving birth to twins Todd and Jennie-Lynn she gave them up for adoption, fearing her psychotic personality of Thorn would re-emerge. 

(JSA #7 (fb) - BTS) - Todd was born a mutant, imbued with shadow powers because his father once absorbed energy from the Shadowlands during a battle with Ian Karkull. As a youth doctors diagnosed him as schizophrenic and prescribed anti-psychotic medication. His adoptive father James was an alcoholic who physically abused him on a regular basis.

Todd and his sister Jennie-Lynn Hayden first met. They both suspected their true parentage, and intended to become super-heroes under the names of Obsidian and Jade.

The twins joined a group of other second-generation super-heroes who applied for membership in the Justice Society of America. All were turned down and formed their own team, Infinity, Inc. Obsidian later had his suspicions about his parentage confirmed by Harlequin I, an old foe of Green Lantern.

(Superman: The Man of Steel #20) - Metropolis; Obsidian was among the number of heroes who attended Superman's funeral.

(Showcase '93 #7) - Jade did a commercial shoot for Ardent Chris' Jealousy perfume, using her powers to create special effects. She had a blast, but Obsidian, who as accompanying her, thought it was stupid. They were attacked by Mister McEscher, a special effects director who blamed Jade for stealing business from him. He used a projector to create illusions that had the heroes confounded until Jeremy, who directed the commercial, found McEscher's control booth and shut it down.

(Justice League America #0) - Obsidian and Nuklon answered an open invitation to join the newly assembled Justice League America.

(Justice League America #93, 94) - Obsidian and the JLA fought Scarabus to save the life of Power-Girl's baby. During the battle Scarabus ripped a number of holes in Obsidian's shadow-form, leaving him trapped in his shadow-state.

(Final Night #1, 3) - Superman organized a summit of superheroes, including Obsidian, to listen to an alien named Dusk. She'd seen the Sun-Eater snuff out the sun of countless planets, and she was there to warn the heroes that the Sun-Eater was headed towards Earth. The heroes discussed different ways to deal with the menace. The Eater engulfed the sun, leading to worldwide cooling. Frozen oceans caused earthquakes, and Sentinel saved a number of citizens in Japan from the aftermath. He was joined by Obsidian and Jade, who wanted to make sure they got to spend time with their father if this was really the end of the world.

(Green Lantern III #81) - Coast City; Obsidian was among the heroes who attended a memorial service for Green Lantern Hal Jordan.

(JLA #1) - Obsidian and his former Justice League America teammates Nuklon, Metamorpho and Ice Maiden cleared their possessions out of the JLA Satellite in preparation of the new JLA's arrival. The Hyperclan blew up the Satellite, and Metamorpho formed an escape pod from his own body to allow Obsidian and the others to safely crash land on Earth.

(JLA #27) - Obsidian was called in as a JLA reservist to battle Amazo. Amazo was programmed to acquire the powers of the JLA, so when Obsidian and a number of other heroes temporarily joined the JLA to battle him it just made Amazo more powerful. Amazo decimated the JLA reservists, and was only defeated when Superman officially disbanded the JLA, leaving Amazo powerless.

(JSA #1, #7 (fb) - BTS) - Ian Karkull contacted Obsidian from the Shadowlands, and told Obsidian that he would only achieve piece of mind by submerging himself in his powers. Obsidian stopped taking his anti-psychotic medicine.

(JSA #5) - At Karkullís urging Obsidian sent his stepfather James Rice to the Shadowlands as payback for the beatings he received as a child. Karkull told him his next target should be his biological father.

(JSA #7) - Obsidian possessed the citizens of Milwaukee with their own shadows. Whenl the JSA showed up he defeated them and bound them all in shadows, except for his father Sentinel, who he sucked into the Shadowlands for Ian Karkull to deal with. Obsidian told the JSA that he was going to merge Earth with the Shadowlands so everyone could experience the darkness he saw on a daily basis.

(JSA #8) - Ian returned to the Shadowlands with Sentinel and James Rice in tow. Several of the JSAers escaped thanks to Dr. Mid-Nite II. Karkull turned against Obsidian, deciding Earth was his and his alone to rule. Obsidian was prepared for Ianís treachery; he thanked Ian for turning him on to his dark side, and then seemingly destroyed him. Obsidian brought the Shadowlands to Milwaukee and it quickly spread across America.

(JSA #9) - As the Shadowlands spread across Earth people had to confront their worst fears, leading to outbreaks of violence and suicide. Sentinel tried to talk Obsidian out of his mad plans, but Obsidian just told his father he hated him and attacked. Sentinel used his powers to dispel the Shadowlands from Earth and weaken Obsidian. Obsidian began to fade away as the Shadowlands called him back home. Before he vanished he tried to drag Sentinel with him, but James Rice sacrificed himself to save Sentinel.

(JSA #21) - Obsidian began haunting Jadeís dreams, telling her he wanted her and their father dead.

(JSA Secret Files #2) - Obsidian entered Dr. Fateís amulet to visit Mordru, who was imprisoned there, and they formed an alliance.

(JSA #52) - Obsidian was placed in D.E.O. custody but his father pulled some strings and was allowed to see him anytime while he was under observation. Obsidian was thrilled that his connection with the Shadowlands was severed. He felt no influence from the Shadowlands and was happy that the Shadowlands no longer sent him nightmares or wicked impulses, but he still accepted responsibility for the people he hurt while in the thrall of the Shadowlands. He thanked Green Lantern for being there for him and promised that once he was given a clean bill of health heíd dedicate himself to making sure people didnít fall prey to dark forces.

(JSA #54) - Obsidian got daily visits from his father, and the D.E.O. told him heíd be ready to be released in a few weeks. Obsidian, the JLA and JSA celebrated Thanksgiving at JSA hq.

(JSA #67) - Obsidian wanted to join Jade in the hunt for Sue Dibnyís killer, but Jade told him he wasnít ready. Obsidian asked Dr. Mid-Nite to help restore his powers, but Mid-Nite didnít think it was a good idea.

Comments: Created by Jerry Ordway, Mike Machlan & Roy Thomas

In the pre-Crisis DC Universe Obsidian lived on Earth-2.

Obsidian received profiles in Who's Who: The Definitive Directory of the DC Universe #17 and JSA Secret Files #1. He received profiles in Who's Who: The Definitive Directory of the DC Universe #11 and Who's Who Update '87 #3 under the Infinity, Inc. entry.

A photo of Obsidian and the rest of Infinity, Inc. was shown in Fury IIís home in Sandman Presents: The Furies #1.

Obsidian had a cameo in JSA #32 and Showcase '93 #1.

JSA #38 showed a photo of Obsidian and the rest of Infinity, Inc. in Hourman IIís JSA brownstone apartment.

A statue of Obsidian was seen in the JSA Museum in JSA #63.

Outsiders III #7 had a flashback of Obsidians' appearance in JLA #1.

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