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Rachel's Dream

Again last night,
She had that dream,
An old familiar sight.

We were back again
~ in Uravan,
inside our house,
now battered,
torn apart
~ by age.

We were working
~ on that house,
when she turned to me,
perhaps with smile and tear
~ "Thanks," she said,
"for taking me,
back to home again."

©   1998   Cal   Richardson


Once long ago and far away,
we found a little town,
one hundred miles away
from rushing cars and hurried days.

We stayed awhile, my love and I,
and let our children play,
among the rocks and cedar trees,
a year or two or three.
We spent that tranquil time,
in gentle evenings
with friends of mine.

And we shared with them,
among the canyon walls,
a time for peace and solitude,
of growth and love, ~ learning too.

Life took on a simpler tone,
as in the quiet
of the drifting, blowing snow,
as it made it's way
along that little town
of timeworn houses and friendly faces.

Now on my heart there is a spot
that pulls me ever back,
to the only place,
I ever thought to call my home.
Though, of course, it's gone forever,
that little town we found
so long ago and far away.

©   1982   Cal   Richardson

A Trip Back

I set out one day,
to drive along an old familiar way.
The road was long and winding,
along the sage and sand,
between the canyon walls.
It used to take us home back then,
but now is just a lonely, western road.

As I passed a field I saw a deer,
and turned my head
to tell her what I'd seen.
Echos to the empty air ,
for she wasn't there.
Though as I drove along, it seemed she was,
as were the children, too, beside me.
For the old familiar sights along that road,
brought back the things that used to be.

So real they were,
that more than once,
I spoke aloud
or reached to touch.
And lost in time and love,
I traveled on.
For they were with me on that day.
Though I later knew,
they were a thousand miles away.

I never found how long it took,
to take that trip.
Seemed as though,
I drove those years,
in just an hour or so.

©   1982   Cal   Richardson