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Uravan had a uranium/vanadium processing plant (mill) that recovered both metals from ores from various mines scattered throughout the Colorado Plateau. Part of the processing plant was located in the town of Uravan adjacent to various town buildings and company housing. This part of the mill was called "A Plant". The other part of the plant was located on the top of the canyon mesa directly above Uravan. This was "B Plant" and was about 500' above the town reached by a winding, narrow road running alongside of the canyon.

View of company housing. Downtown Uravan is just out of sight to the left. The housing seen in this picture consists of H Block (nearest the highway), J Block (between H Block and the river), and the trailer park (to the right of J and H blocks). Between the trailer park and the highway is the swimming pool.

This is a view of part of the B Plant. The building to the left is the maintenance shop. The building to the right is the truck scalehouse. An ore stockpile is in the foreground.

This is another picture of B plant. The large tanks are part of the CCD circuit. Behind the CCD tanks can be seen the building housing the dry grinding circuit. The mountains in the far background are the San Juans.

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