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Downtown Uravan. On the right from front to back; the general store (San Miguel Trading Center), Drugstore, Rec. Hall (large green building), post office, and the chemical-metallurgical lab bldg. Opposite the general store is the boarding house (two-story building).

B Plant. To the right of the CCD tanks is the sulfuric acid plant. Acid storage tanks are in the foreground.

The large green building in the center is the Rec. Hall. To the right is the post office, chem/metallurgical lab, and finally the boiler house. Across the street from these buildings can be seen part of the A Plant. The ponds were for settling clarified solids from the river water used in the plant. To the left of the Rec. Hall is the drug store, and general store. Across the street is the Boarding House (two-story bldg.). The road seen in back of the Boarding House heads up the canyon towards B Plant.

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