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Arkansas-Oklahoma All Star Cross Country Meet6-8-2015

All Arkansas Academic Track & Field Team-5-29-2018

Arkansas Track & Field Hall of Fame


All Arkansas Track & Field Team5-18-2014

Overall High School Records


For the Top Arkansas All Time Best High School Performances, go to:

Photos of Overall High School Record Holders.

State Meet Records (Class A - 5A)

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Mission statement:

To promote track & field in the state of Arkansas

ATCA Projects:

Track Spikes Online!

For the latest complete results of track & field and cross country meets go to for 2004 Results6-18-2011

2000 & 1999 Cross Country Meet Results3-4-2001


Decathlon/Heptathlon Results 2000 & 1999 (May 23-24)

Arkansas Track & Field E-mailers