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11/27/05 I just added an Inuyasha Blinkie Maker page!

11/24/05 Please do not direct link my images. My bandwith is almost maxed out. If it continues to be a problem, my images will be moved. Thanks!

10/08/05 I added a page of icons & avatars. Check it out!

09/22/05 Sorry about the lack of updates...classes have started so I'm trying hard to find time. I have one more episode summary up. I'll try to watch the episodes on cartoon network and get some summaries up, and do the screenshots later.

07/28/05 I added an Inuyasha & Kikyou and a Miroku & Sango image gallery. Hope you like it!

07/12/05 I put up some more epi summaries & screenshots. Hopefully more tomorrow too! ;-)

07/10/05 Well, I couldn't stand the ugliness anymore so I gave the front page a make-over. I think it looks much better. I'm also going to update the links page again, and possibly work on getting some character bios and a brief non-spoiler show summary up.

07/03/05 I just updated my links page and also added some pics to the galleries. I'm still working on getting the episode summaries and screenshots up, but they take so long to do! I'm going to redo the look of this page soon too.

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General Inuyasha Pages

Adult Swim -If your looking to watch Inuyasha on TV, here's Adult Swim's (on Cartoon Network) Inuyasha page which includes schedule and episode summaries.

Inuyasha world -Good episode summaries and screencaps for each episode

Lush: Inuyasha Media -Information on downloading Inuyasha media

Silver Bells -A good Inuyasha site. The character guide is especially good.

Inuyasha-Karma -A nice general Inuyasha site.

Ear-Tweak -A good site. Includes information on Inuyasha games.

Chiisana Inuyasha -Nice site. Good Info & Content

Inuyasha Moon -Good site. Nice Picture galleries on lots of different characters.

Inu Goya -An Inuyasha news site.

Inuyasha Journey - Really nice site. I especially liked the image section.

Inuyasha no Kokoro -Another nice general site.

Owarinai Yume -Also a nice site.

Kyle's Inuyasha page -yet another nice site.

Character Shrines

Shrine-Maiden -A Kikyou Shrine

The Killing Perfection -A Sesshoumaru Shrine

Rabid Kouga Fangirls -A Kouga Shrine

The Void -A Kanna Shrine

Inuyasha Fanlistings

Shikon Network -An Inuyasha Fanlisting

Leap of Faith -A Kagome Fanlisting

Rouge Priest -A Miroku Fanlisting

Demon Exterminator -A Sango Fanlisting

Empty Sadness -A Kikyou Fanlisting

Aika -A Kikyou Fanlisting

Fierce Fuzzball -A Kirara Fanlisting

Nothingness -A Kanna Fanlisting

Unspoken -A Rin Fanlisting

Shobu Flower -An Ayame Fanlisting

Other Anime Pages

Anime Galleries -Picture galleries on various series including Inuyasha!

Anime Wallpapers -Backgrounds for your desktop on various series including Inuyasha!