*Amiko appears dragging a wagon that is burning merrily*
*stops and gazes wearily at the load of flames* Ahem. As you can see, in the handful of years I've been writing fanfiction, I have acquired quite a, er, collection of flames. As every author does.
There's a difference between constructive criticism & flames, of course, and the cc isn't included here. Only the comments left by ignorant, rude retards. -_-
*holds up a folder marked CAUTION: OLD!!* Also included on this "Page o' Shame" are some of my oldest fics- the ones I am most ashamed of. -__-;; They're very OOC, and I despise them. I've gotten lots of good reviews for these, but that doesn't make them any less disgusting in my eyes. So I'm hiding them here. *tosses folder into the middle of the room*
Enjoy snickering at my first attempts at fanfiction *cringe* and warm yourselves by this bonfire I've collected, if you like. I couldn't dig up all the flames I've received, but there are a few here.
Enjoy. ^.^;


Here are most of the flames I've received from ff.net; there are more sitting in my inbox somewhere, but I don't have the courage to dig them up. >_<;
It astounds me that despite the warning on my ff.net bio that warns viewers that I write ONLY yaoi, there are still people shocked when they discover the fic they are reading has *gasp* boy luv in it! o_O Who woulda thunk it? -______- Twits.
"To Snare a Kitsune" got a lot of negative feedback, also... I guess cuz I neglected to point out it was PWP. Yes, the "gay ninja tribe" was a silly idea. It's supposed to be o_O;; I also got attacked for making Naruto a homophobe. Uh.. he's not. O_o Like most guys in denial, he's quick to downgrade it, but later on the dancefloor, he alludes to feelings he's had for Sasuke for a long time. Some people just don't pay attention, I guess. -.-; Le sigh. Anyway, enjoy the madness.

Get me out of this mad house!!
Flame Amiko -_-;