The Perfect Soldier winced at the piercing voice, hunching his shoulders and hurrying his pace. "Kuso.."
Duo sped up so he could keep up, grinning at him. "Whatsa' matter, Heero?" he teased. "Don't you want to talk to her? Aren't you being kinda *rude* to the love of your life?"
Heero shot him a withering glare. "My *what*?!"
Then Relena was upon them, cutting off their escape route and smiling broadly at the pilot of Wing Zero, ignoring Duo as she would any commoner. "Heero, what a pleasant surprise!" she said brightly. "You're going to this school, too?"
"'Too'?" Heero's voice was tinged with wariness.
Relena's smile only grew wider.
"I'm going to be attending this school for a week, to make sure everything is running smoothly." She lowered her lashes demurly. "I never thought *you'd* be here, too."
Duo snorted in disbelief, and she shot him a sharp glance.
He smiled widely at her, wiggling his fingers in greeting. "Ohayo to you, too, Relena-sama," he quipped, acting completely innocent. "It's nice to see you here. Maybe I should leave you two alone..?"
Relena perked up. Maybe Duo wasn't such a witless scoundrel after all..
Heero's eyes were like daggers, and he all but grabbed Duo to stop him as the lithe pilot grinned hugely at him, enjoying the flicker of panic that crossed Heero's face. "Ja~~a, Heero-kun!" He hurried off, braid bobbing as he headed towards the dorm rooms.
Heero cursed quietly. Relena, oblivious in her happiness, sidled closer, smilng up at him. "Come on, let's go for a walk in the gardens. I need to talk with you." With a look of long suffering, the boy allowed her to lead him down the path.

Duo barely kept himself from slamming the dorm room door as he stalked into his room, his grin completely gone, his violet eyes hot and angry. "Can't she stop stalking him for *one day *?!" he demanded of no one, flouncing onto his bed and glaring up at the ceiling before he realized what he was doing.
He blinked, sitting up quickly, his cheeks beginning to burn. "What the hell is *wrong* with me?!" he sputtered, leaping to his feet and rubbing his hands absently on his black uniform as he paced restlessly, upset by the turmoil inside of him. He gave a nervous laugh. "You'd think I was *jealous* or something.." he swallowed the rest of the sentence, shuddering a little. "Christ, he's just a friend," he muttered, sounding as if he was trying to convince himself. "And a guy, too," he informed his frowning reflection, which shrugged back hopelessly. Scowling, he turned his back on the mirror, nibbling on the end of his braid, his eyes boring into the wall, seeing nothing.
Okay, so Heero happened to be very sexy for a guy. So maybe his eyes were so intense he sometimes felt like he was drowning in them. But still..! Giving a little groan, he sank to the bed, burying his face in his pillow. "Heero..." he said plaintively, "When did I start falling in love with you?"

Relena had to fight to control her giggles of excitement as she rummaged in her purse for the small bottle Dorothy had lent her. She glanced up quickly to make sure Heero was still in the bathroom, then wrenched the cap off the bottle and dumped a tiny yellow pill into her hand. She hesitated, gazing at it, a tinge of nervousness touching her. Then she took a breath and shoved it into the ice cream cone she'd bought for her 'date'.
Dorothy had said the pills would make any man, no matter who he was, fall helpless to his own secret desires and feelings. Even a Perfect Soldier. Once Heero ate the pill, he would suddenly be forced to recognize his love for her that he tried so hard to hide, and then... She blushed furiously, swallowing hard, almost considering abandoning the plan.
No. She firmed her jaw.
If it would get Heero to finally return her feelings, then it would be worth it. Besides..
..the idea of having Heero in bed was not particuarly displeasing. She stuffed the empty bottle in her purse and offered a wide smile as the object of her affection walked over, his face stony as ever. "Ne, Heero," she said cheerfully, "have some ice cream! This should perk you up."
He flicked an unreadable glance towards her and wordlessly accepted the cone. She had to force herself to breathe as she began to eat her own, trying hard to act casual as they strolled slowly back towards the dorms. 'Where should we go?' she was thinking frantically, her heart thundering. 'I could get my chaffeur to drive us to a hotel...I hope he doesn't go overboard and jump all over me the minute the stuff hits...' Out of the corner of her eye she saw Heero falter in his step, blinking in confusion. She turned to him, her breath caught in her throat as she smiled warmly at him, struggling to keep her voice smooth and sweet.
"Why, Heero," she said quietly. "Whatever is the matter?"
Heero stared at her, his eyes large and confused. Then slowly they clouded with passion, and she bit back a giggle of excitement, ducking her head shyly as Heero stepped forwards...
And walked straight past her, dropping his cone on the ground. Flabbergasted, Relena turned to see him walking quickly towoards the dorms. "Heero! Heero, where are you going?!"
She hesitated, completely confused and a little miffed. Was he trying to play hard to get? Had the pill been too strong, and it was making him sick? Maybe he needed to barf or something. Concerned and feeling a little frustrated, she hurried after him. "Heero, wait!"

Duo lay on his bed, face still stuffed in his pillow, wondering vaguely whether he had any homework he was supposed to be doing at the moment, and was just nodding off for a nap when the door opened and someone stepped in, shutting it quietly behind them. "Duo..?"
He didn't even bother looking up. He recognized Heero's voice. "Mmff." He wasn't too ready to face him at the moment, after coming to terms with how he actually felt about the stonefaced pilot.
"Are you asleep?"
Something in the other boy's voice made Duo raise his head from the pillow, blinking sleepily. "Iya," he said, yawning hugely. "What's up, Heero? Your voice sounds kinda funny. You finally thinking of killing Relena-sama?"
Heero was still standing by the door, staring at him wordlessly. His face was its normal emotionless mask, but his eyes seemed to glint in a way that made Duo squirm under the intense scrutiny. He sat up, his braid sliding over his shoulder and pooling into his lap. He was too busy rubbing his sleepy eyes to notice the way Heero watched the slithering hair with a fiercely concentrated look on his face. "Or did you already kill her and we need to scram before they find the body?" Duo brightened at the prospect, beaming at the silent pilot. "You should've called for me, I would've like to watch."
Instead of scolding him for his slandering of the Queen as he usually would, Heero turned away, towards the door, and Duo bit his lip, looking down into his lap, abashed. He looked up quickly, his eyes widening as he heard Heero sliding the lock home, making a loud 'click'.
"Heero? What's wrong? Is someone following you?"
Heero turned back towards him, hesitating before saying, "Hai."
Duo smirked. "Persistant bitch, isn't she?"
At Heero's silence, Duo's smile faltered. "Uh.. Heero, are you feeling okay?" he asked, suddenly concerned, sitting up straight. "You don't look so good, and besides, usually you would've whacked me by now for saying stuff like that about Relena..." he trailed off as Heero began walking slowly towards him. Swallowing hard, he forced himself to continue, his words rushed. "I mean, you have a thing for her, right? She keeps followin' you, and I guess she's kinda pretty, and rich, and..persistant...and..." he leaned back slightly, unable to swallow this time, since his throat had suddenly gone completely dry. Heero was standing before him, staring intently down at him, and suddenly Duo had an unhappy thought. He scooted back a little. "Ano.." he grinned nervously. "You're gonna kill me, is that it? Relena's finally made you crack. Uh, you won't mind if I fight back in self defense, will ya?"
Heero's burning eyes bore into him. "I'd prefer it if you wouldn't," he said calmly, and reached out.
Duo cringed instinctively, flinching away, knowing the strength in those hands. He almost fell off the bed when instead of going for his throat, the hand wrapped around his braid, the fingers playing with it carefully as the other pilot stared at the hair in his hand like a fascinated child. "Why do you keep it so long?" he inquired.
Duo's heart was beating way too hard for him to answer at first. "I...I just do.." he managed to squeak out, trembling slightly. "Heero..? Nani...?"
Heero leaned over, and Duo flinched again, half expecting a blow to the head. A small sound of surprise escaped his throat when Heero buried his nose in the thick braid, inhaling the scent. "Raspberries," he said slowly, a slightly amused smirk on his face as he glanced up at Duo.
Duo gulped speechlessly, once more lost in the depths of those twin pools of cobalt blue. "It's..my shampoo," he managed to say lamely.
Heero snorted and released the braid, moving his hand up so that he was cupping Duo's cheek in his palm, studying him in almost a puzzled manner, something in the back of his eyes blazing; something being tightly controlled.
Duo took a shaky breath, his eyes widening. He had stiffened at the unexpected touch, rigid with fear and astonishment. He refused to listen to the voice in his head squealing excitedly. Without his bidding, his own trembling hand came up to touch Heero's own calloused one, the one pressed against his cheek. They stared wordlessly at each other for a long moment, and Duo was just working up the courage to say something when the light in the back of Heero's eyes flickered to the front, and he leaned forward.
Duo's little exclamation of surprise was cut off when firm, insistent lips seized his own, hungry in their attack. He went rigid immediately, his hands going up to push the boy away. 'No..' he wanted to say.
But suddenly something inside him flared, and he became acutely aware of the sensations Heero was giving him with his simple kiss. He almost groaned, suddenly going limp, feeling strong arms slip around his shoulders, supporting him as Duo allowed the kiss to deepen, hesitating before allowing Heero's inquisitive tongue to enter his mouth. He shuddered a little, then reached up tentatively to wrap his own arms around the other pilot's neck. A little spasm went through Heero at the contact, and his grip on Duo grew tighter, possessive, almost desperate, and Duo was swept away in a flood of emotions as he kissed him back blindly, unaware of the small noises he was making in the back of his throat.
When they broke for air, Duo leaned his forehead against Heero's shoulder, closing his eyes tightly. They were both breathing hard, and Heero was trembling slightly.
Duo's earlier question drifted into his mind. 'When did I start falling in love with you?'
This time his heart supplied the answer, the one he had refused to listen to so many times. 'The moment I saw you.'
He relaxed into Heero's embrace, noting vaguely that the other boy had sat down on the bed beside him at some point.
"Duo...." Heero's voice was husky and strained.
Duo swallowed before pulling back, gazing into Heero's face, almost jumping with surprise at the passion swimming in the electric blue eyes. "Wh-what is it, Heero?" he managed to ask.
Duo hesitated, starting to extricate himself, feeling suddenly a little flustered. As much as he wanted things to continue, he really should respect Heero's feelings. The boy must be really freaked out about what had just happened. What had occured to make him do such a thing was beyond Duo, but he wasn't about to complain. "Daijabou?" he asked tentatively.
Heero stared at him wordlessly, then a slow predatory smile touched his lips, and Duo suddenly felt like a mouse caught in the claws of a wildcat. "That was..interesting," he said finally, and Duo had time for one squawk of indignation before the other boy pounced, and Duo tumbled onto his back on the bed, Heero on top of him.
Chuckling, Heero began pushing his hands underneath Duo's untucked shirt, his grin still a little unnerving. "Surprised?" he asked throatily.
Duo had to swallow several times before he managed a grin of his own. "Pleasantly surprised," he purred in agreement, reaching up to capture Heero's face, pulling him down for another kiss. He groaned a little as Heero's hands finally found access to his skin, his touch hot and gentle. He squirmed in the midst of the kiss, retaliating by forcing his own hands inside Heero's shirt, ignoring the other's grunt of surprise as he reveled in the feel of the sleek muscles under his hands. He hesitated as Heero began impatiently attacking the buttons on his shirt. "Ne...Heero, you know this is....is.." he couldn't think of a better word, "forbidden, right?"
Heero actually leered at him. "Just makes it more exciting, don't you think?" he shot back. Duo's jaw dropped, and Heero took advantage of it, swooping down for another kiss, finally succeeding in his task and pulling the other boy's shirt off with a quick yank, flinging it across the room.
Following his example, Duo began fumbling with Heero's own buttons, meanwhile exploring the other boy's mouth with his tongue, giving as good as he got. Heero's hands were just snaking towards Duo's belt when there was a loud knock on the door. They both froze instantly.
Duo almost groaned at the sound of Relena's muffled, worried voice through the thick door. "Oh, god...of all the times..."
"Heero, are you in there?" The doorknob rattled, but the lock held. "Heero! Answer me! Are you all right?"
Heero growled, the passion in his eyes fading a little as he directed a fierce glare towards the door that would have cowed the Queen if she had been able to see it. "What do you want?" he demanded coldly. Duo growled softly in irritation, starting to slide away, but Heero grabbed him by the belt, holding him trapped underneath him. "What do you want, Relena?" he repeated.
"I..You just left so quickly," Relena's voice answered immediately as if she had been straining to listen for his voice-- which she probably had. "Are you feeling all right? I thought you got sick...You headed for your room so quickly.."
Duo raised his eyebrows at Heero's scowling face, grinning. "Gee, couldn't wait, could it?" he teased, accenting his remark by wiggling his hips a little, sending a jolt through them both as their clothed erections made contact. Heero gave a little start of surprise at the sensation, his breath catching in his throat before he swallowed hard, his voice huskier than it had been a moment ago as he snarled towards the door, "I'm fine. Just leave me alone. I need to rest."
"You will, after I'm done with you," Duo promised, smirking and shifting again, taking immense satisfaction on seeing how hard it was getting for Heero to control himself, his face starting to break out in a sweat. His grip tightened warningly on Duo's belt as he coughed forcefully, snapping gruffly, "I'll see you tomorrow. Go, Relena. Now."
"But..." Relena seemed hurt and flabbergasted at Heero's rejection. "Heero!" Her tone turned a little forceful. "Come out here!"
"Like hell you will," Duo protested quickly, grabbing Heero as the other boy muttered a threat and reached for the gun hidden under the mattress. "Heero, man, get a hold of yourself," Duo implored. "You can't kill her; then we'll never have peace! Just ignore her, maybe she'll go away."
Relena's indignant voice spoke out, "Is that you, Duo Maxwell? Heero would never kill me, don't be silly! What are you two doing in there?! If you're telling him lies, Duo, I'll..."
Duo covered his smile with a hand as if the irate girl could see it. "What are we doing? Uhh.. catching up."
Relena wasn't listening. "You have no right to tell him bad things about me, Maxwell, as if you have room to talk. You're nothing but a street boy anyway! You couldn't possibly understand what's between Heero and I, so just leave us alone!"
Heero felt Duo go rigid underneath him, and watched the normally cheerful face go hard, hurt and anger flickering in the violet orbs. Heero's eyes narrowed, and he raised his voice over Relena's, the tone clipped and icy.
"I'm not going to tell you again, Relena. Leave now. I don't want to talk to you. And leave Duo out of this. He hasn't done anything to you."
"Heero!" Relena cried, banging on the door. "How can you defend that..that American bum?! Come out here, I need to talk to you!"
Heero suddenly gave a ferocious snarl, getting up from the bed fast as a striking cobra, striding over to the door so quickly that Duo barely had the time or sense to scramble up, snatching up a manga just as his friend wrenched the door open. He seemed to have forgotten the lock.
Duo gulped as the lock was ripped from the frame, the door slamming back against the wall. Relena eeped, startled, jumping back, and Heero stood stiffly in the doorway, glaring at her venomously. Duo gulped again. He'd never seen Heero so angry. It was terrifying. He was suddenly glad he couldn't see Heero's face.
The Wing pilot's voice was low and deadly. "Relena..Omae o korosu."
Relena swallowed hard, taking a tentative step forward, and Duo's eyes bulged. Was she suicidal?!
"Ano...Heero, you don't mean that," she was saying.
"Do I?" There was absolutely no emotion in Heero's voice.
Relena hesitated, then changed the subject. "Heero, I want to know why you ran off on me. Didn't you.." she studied his face curiously. "Didn't you..*feel* something after you ate.." she stopped, suddenly unsure if it would be wise to tell him. What if it made him angry? No, impossible; he loved her. Knowing what she had done would only flatter him.
Heero's tone was tinged with suspicion. "After I ate? Why should I feel anything? What did you do?"
Relena lifted her chin slightly, hoping to god she wasn't blushing. "I..I put something in your ice cream..."
She heard Duo shifting on the bed curiously, but didn't even glance at him, going on doggedly, "It was a.. a pill I got from a friend of mine. It was supposed to..supposed to make you...." she stopped, her face flaming, and ducked her head, biting her lip, trying to get up the courage to continue.
Heero's deadpan voice interrupted, "Never mind. I can guess."
Relena looked up, puzzled. "But..it didn't work...You hurried off; it worked in reverse! You don't really know what it was supposed to do, do you?"
Duo slowly lowered the manga he'd been pretending to read, his eyes growing large. Had that idiot actually...slipped Heero some kind of lust pill? Was she really that *desperate*? Then something occured to him, and the comic slipped from his numb hands. Then that meant..
Stupid, stupid, *stupid*! he cursed himself. It had been the lust pill that made Heero make a move towards him. It had nothing to do with how Heero felt for him; it had all been because of a nasty trick by that god-damned princess!! He swallowed hard, his eyes stinging, and rose, fetching his shirt and silently pulling it on, ignoring the two people staring at each other in the doorway.
"What exactly was it?" Heero was demanding.
"It was.." Relena hesitated, her cheeks still red. "I think they called it, um, SWO, or something. It's some new drug, so maybe it hasn't been tested..."
Heero didn't say anything for a long moment. Relena lowered her eyes, twisting the hem of her dress in her fingers.
Duo ignored them, his senses numb as he gamely fought to control the wetness in his eyes, quietly unloading his school books from his book satchel, putting them on his desk to start his homework.
Finally Heero spoke. "Actually," he said calmly, "it worked perfectly." And shut the door in her face.
Duo refused to turn around, ignoring the strident sounds of Relena on the other side of the door, ignoring the cobalt eyes boring into him.
Finally he heard Heero walking towards him, and stiffened, sitting down quickly at his desk and opening his math book.
"Go sleep it off, Heero," he said shortly, eyes glued to the page. "Before we do something you'll really regret when it wears off."
There was a long moment of silence; Relena seemed to have finally given up, and had left. Still, Heero didn't reply.
Duo dug through his backpack for his calculator, trying his damndedest not to cry.
"Do you know what SWO is?"
Heero's quiet question caught him off guard, but still he didn't look up. "I kind of guessed," he snapped.
He heard Heero step closer. "Yes, it's a lust pill," he said in that infuriating monotone of his. "But its whole purpose isn't just to get the user to..."
"Get really horny?" Duo suggested snidely, swallowing hard and breaking the lead in his pencil with the force he was writing his name with.
"... Hai. But that isn't its sole purpose. What it does is.." he hesitated. "It's designed to make someone helpless to their own....." a longer hesitation this time. "Their own secret wants. It's supposed to make the user act on their emotions and make them go after whoever it is they....." he fell silent.
Duo had stopped writing. He swallowed again. "Whoever...?" he prompted.
Heero's breath tickled his ear. "Whoever it is they've been wanting."
Duo turned, his eyes widening. "Wh..wh... You mean...?"
Heero stared down at him silently.
"You... you wanted *me*?" Duo squeaked, dropping his pencil. "H..How long?!"
Heero's mouth twitched, as if in amusement, and he leaned in, murmuring against the other's lips, "Long enough for this pill to work immediately."
Duo's exclamation of happiness was abruptly cut off when Heero kissed him, and he willingly wrapped his arms around the other's neck as the Perfect Soldier lifted him effortlessly into his arms, carrying him towards the bed.

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