Heero froze, straining his ears. Was that *Zechs'* voice he heard coming from the hangar?! He frowned, walking swiftly towards the open doors. Duo was working on his Gundam in there. If Zechs hurt him...
He paused in the doorway, his eye inevitably drawn to the long white-blond hair that graced the middle of the room. He hesitated, watching with narrowed eyes and growing suspicion as Zechs advanced on the seemingly unaware pilot of Deathscythe, who was humming to himself as he crouched at the feet of his mech, rummaging through his toolbox. He was wearing an old t-shirt that was a little too small for him, creeping up to expose his flat belly whenever he moved. The jeans he was wearing were full of holes and stains, and hung tauntingly low on his hips as he danced to the music spilling from the small radio on the floor. For some reason Heero had to swallow hard.
Either Duo hadn't heard Zechs over the radio or he was ignoring him. And by the slight smile on his face, Heero had a feeling it was the latter. Curious and suspicious, he stayed out of sight, watching.
Zechs stopped just behind the boy, watching him steadily. Still ignoring him, Duo rose, blowing his bangs from his eyes and flicking his braid over his shoulder as he fondled a wrench. "Well, Deathsythe ol' pal, I think this will fix you right up!" he quipped.
"Enjoying a little free time, Maxwell?" Zech's soft, deep voice caused Duo to turn his head slightly, just barely glancing at the other pilot.
"Oh, Zechs. I didn't see you there," he said sweetly, his eye twinkling with mischief. "What brings you here?" his tone had a note of honest curiousity mingled with satisfaction.
Zechs stepped up behind the boy, and before Heero could figure out why, the older man had slid his hands onto Shinigami's shoulders, lowering his mouth to Duo's ear as he murmured something.
Duo turned his head coyly away, a smile playing on his lips, playing hard to get and obviously enjoying it. He didn't make any response to Zech's advances, but Heero noticed he didn't try to pull away, either. For some reason hot anger began to burn in his gut, and his teeth clenched as he continued watching, his eyes narrow slits.
Zechs lowered his hands, splaying his fingers across Duo's flat stomach and pulling him back up against himself, his hips fitting neatly over Duo's back end, lowering his mouth to Duo's neck, still talking too softly for Heero to understand what he was saying. Duo arched his head slightly, his smile lazy and inviting, his hands resting atop Zechs' wrists.
Heero couldn't stand it anymore. He stepped into the garage, clearing his throat loudly. Zechs glanced up and spotted him. "Ah. Yuy." He slipped his arms free, stepping back calmly from the pilot he had been wooing. "May I help you?"
Heero's eyes were narrowed and burning. "What are you doing here, Zechs?" he demanded.
Instead of being annoyed, as Heero had thought he would be, Duo just giggled, placing his wrench on the ground and stretching, quite aware of the two pairs of eyes that strayed helplessly to his exposed abdomen. "Who, Zechs? He was just picking me up. Ne, Zechs-kun?"
Zechs' smile was smug and lazy, like the cat who'd caught the canary. "Hai," he rumbled, extending his arm invitingly as Duo sauntered over, slipping it around Duo's waist. He shot a superior smirk towards Heero, who only glared back mutely.
"Good day, Yuy," he said politely, a hint of mockery to his tone as he turned and led the willing Shinigami pilot away. Duo smiled over his shoulder at him beautifically, wiggling his fingers in farewell.
"Ja ne, Heero-kun!"
Heero watched in furious silence as the two climbed into a waiting car and drove speedily away, unaware that his fists were clenched, his nails digging into his palms. Snarling, he turned sharply on his heel and stalked off, determined to find something to keep himself occupied, at the same time wondering why on earth he was so upset.


"Ne, Wufei, have you seen Heero?" Quatre peered through the doorway at Wufei, who was seated on his bed, meditating.
"He's in his room," he answered without opening his eyes. "He looked angry; I wouldn't bother him if I was you. His look could wither trees right now."
"That's funny. I wonder what's wrong with him. Okay, then have you seen Duo?"
The young hier sighed. "Trowa and I are going to go see a movie. Do you want to come?"
Wufei barely opened an eye, straring at the blonde. "No," he said after a moment. "I'm busy." He closed his eye again, pretending not to notice the happy look on the other's face. He was perfectly aware that Quatre had only been planning to invite himself and the others out of politeness. He would be more than happy to have the stoic pilot of Heavyarms all to himself.
He didn't bother telling the cheerful boy that he had indeed seen Duo through his window...
driving away in Zechs' car only half an hour ago.

Heero sat at his desk, eyes still narrowed as he typed rapidly on his notebook. Though his fingers were doing the work correctly, his mind wasn't on his work. He kept thinking about what Duo was doing with the handsome pilot of Tallgeese. Unwanted images kept flashing into his mind:
Duo willingly accepting Zechs' kisses, his hands around the taller man's neck...
Zechs moving above the smaller boy, sweat glistening on his lean frame...
Duo arching his back below him, mewling and begging...
Heero snarled, wrenching his hands from the keyboard and glaring venomously at the computer screen, dimly aware through his fury that the images had brought on something besides anger.
He needed a cold shower. Now.
Muttering to himself for being a poor soldier and how big of an idiot Duo was, he snatched up a towel and marched into the bathroom.


Heero glanced up from under hooded lids as the door to the room he shared with Duo creaked open slowly. He lay still on his bed, feigning sleep. After a moment Duo's tossled head peeked hesitantly around the doorframe, wide violet eyes peering through the darkness. He waited a few moments, then slid stealthily into the room, closing the door quietly behind him. He tiptoed towards his bed, holding his breath.
"You're late."
Duo eeped, freezing, one foot still raised. He hesitated, swallowing hard, then forced his body to relax, turning and offering a nervous smile. "Ah.. haha, I thought you were asleep.."
Heero sat up, reaching over and yanking on the chain to the bedside lamp.
Duo blinked at the sudden light, raising a hand to sheild his eyes, unaware of the quick scan that Heero did with his narrowed eyes, assessing him.
His hair had been pulled back in a hasty braid, but the chestnut length was tossled and mussy, as if someone had run their hands through it. His clothes were rumpled and he had forgotten to button his jeans (though thankfully they were zipped), and he looked a little sleepy, as if he had just woken up. But there were no bruises and no blood. So Zechs hadn't been rough with him, as Heero had feared. A piece of his anxiety broke away.
But he was still pissed.
"Do you know what time it is?" he demanded.
"Umm... ten?" Duo asked hopefully, blinking innocently at him. Heero just glared.
Duo glanced unwillingly towards the clock on the wall. "Um... twelve," he said meekly.
"You've been gone since five this afternoon," Heero informed him icily.
"What do you care?" Duo snapped suddenly, glaring back huffily, crossing his arms over his chest. "It's none of your business, anyway. You're not my damn guard."
Heero snarled and stood quickly, striding over to his desk and sitting down hard, yanking out his computer and typing furiously, trying to ignore the long-haired baka standing behind him.
"Don't tell me you were actually *worried* about me?" Duo said, laughing outright in derision. "Not stone-faced Yuy!"
"Shut up, baka yarou," Heero warned.
Duo didn't let up, his tone dripping honey, his eyes hooded and glowing as he walked around so that he was standing beside Heero's chair. "Don't tell me you're..." he lowered his voice, "..jealous?"
Heero snorted.
Duo leaned over slowly, resting his hands on the desk and putting his face close to Heero's.
"Why so angry, Heero?" he asked softly, eyes still seeming to glow like a cat's.
Heero tried to ignore him, eyes fixed on the screen as his fingers flew over the keyboard.
"You looked ready to kill earlier today when Zechs showed up. And now I come home only to have Wufei at the door warning me that I'd better be careful coming upstairs or Mr. Yuy would probably rip my throat out. So what's the deal?"
Stony silence.
A lazy smile curved Duo's lips. "Zechs is very good-looking, ne?" he purred. "Very handsome. He has a nice body, and.." he paused for effect, pretending he didn't notice Heero's stiffening shoulders, "..very... talented.. hands," he finished, his voice husky.
"What do I care?" Heero finally snapped, furious at the slightly strained note to his voice.
Duo shrugged, straightening gracefully, stretching and yawning. "Just thought you'd be calmer knowing I had a good time. A very good time."
"Are you going to gloat all night?" Heero snarled, shooting the other boy a quick, angry glare. "Why don't you call the newspaper?" he demanded with unaccustomed sarcasm. "Tell the world you slept with Zechs Marquise."
Duo just grinned. "Mmm," he said thoughtfully, stretching like a cat.
There was a moment of silence, filled only by the furious clacking of the keyboard, then Duo laughed softly. "Heero...are you really that jealous? I'll admit I had a good time, and I didn't see Zechs complaining, either. If you're so competitive..." his smile was predatory, "why don't you prove you're better than him?"
Heero's fingers finally stilled, though his eyes stayed fixed firmly on the computer screen. "What is that supposed to mean?" he asked with quiet anger.
"Mm.. Never mind," Duo said, giving an unconcerned shrug. He turned away. "Anyway, I guess I'll go to bed, now. I'm supposed to meet Zechs tomorrow..."
Heero acted without thinking.
He stood up so fast his chair fell over backwards, crashing to the floor. Despite all his teasing, Duo's eyes were wide with surprise and fear as he whirled to face Heero, who was stalking towards him, eyes narrowed dangerously. "Hee-"
Suddenly a strong tanned arm wrapped itself around his waist like a vice, yanking him up against a muscled chest as another hand grasped the nape of his skull, tilting his head back, the movements too swift and unexpected for Duo to do anything more than squeak in surprise before lips seized his mouth in a desperate, furious kiss that left him literally breathless.
Heero just growled, silencing the dazed boy with another bruising kiss, tightening his grip around his waist almost painfully. Duo responded enthusiastically, throwing his arms around the other pilot's neck, moaning as two calloused hands worked their way under his shirt. He wriggled slightly in an attempt to get his own hands on the other boy, and then suddenly he was being pushed backwards until he bumped against the edge of the bed-- it smelled like Heero's --and fell backwards, spilling onto the covers. Heero was above him in an instant, his demanding lips and hands once more covering the other pilot. Shinigami groaned again, arching his back and reaching up to grab Heero's face in his palms, surprised at the desperation and possessiveness in Heero's kiss.
He breifly considered calling Zechs' name just to see Heero's reaction, then decided wisely against it. That would only anger Heero, and he would probably kill both him and Zechs.
Heero growled as if reading his thoughts, nipping at his neck, already tugging impatiently at his shirt. "You are *mine*," he growled. "Do you understand me?"
Duo blinked in shock, his mouth opening and closing. He closed his eyes to hide the tears of happiness that glistened there, burying his face in Heero's neck and hugging him tightly. "Hai," he said huskily. "As you wish."


Duo turned, smiling as he spotted Zechs striding slowly towards him, hand lifted in greeting, a small smile on his lips. Beside him, Heero stiffened and growled a threat under his breath. Duo smiled at him reassuringly. "Hold on a sec, Heero. I'd better go tell him I have plans today."
Heero eyed him, his eyes flashing with possessiveness and triumph. Duo gave him another brilliant smile before jogging over to meet Zechs, leaving Heero waiting on the park path, eyes narrowed in impatience.
Zechs halted out of earshot of the Wing Zero pilot, waiting until Duo met up with him. "Well?"
Duo's smile was dazzling, his eyes fairly glowing. "It worked," he breathed, a thread of excitement in his voice. He giggled helplessly. "You were right; when I fed him that line about us sleeping together he got so unbelievably jealous I thought he was going to kill me on the spot."
"But it worked?" Zechs asked, grinning.
"Hai! More than I'd hoped!" Duo was practically bouncing with enthusiasm. "And it wasn't just a one-night thing, either. You're brilliant, Zechs. Thank you soo much for that idea!"
Zechs nodded politely, smiling. "Any time. So do you plan on ever telling him that it was just a lie? I don't fancy having him trying to kill me."
"I'll tell him.. eventually." Duo's smile was wicked. "For now, it's a good way of keeping him around."
"Well, my congradulations," Zechs said, tilting his head before turning to leave. "Good luck with your catch, Maxwell. Be sure to keep him under control."
"Hai! Ja ne!"

Heero frowned suspiciously as Duo skipped back towards him. "He sure didn't seem that upset about it."
"Well.." Duo smiled evasively, rolling his eyes heavenward. "He said he's sure you'll lose interest quickly, and I'll be his eventually."
The Perfect Soldier snorted, twining an arm around Shinigami's waist. "Hn. We'll see about that."
Duo just smiled.

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