"Lucifer's Angels" Trilogy

  • When Angels Deserve to Die-- Sometimes it's easier to die in the dark than in the light. Predators that shouldn't be stalk the night, veins screaming for the taste of the elixir of life. Weiß, dragged into Farfarello's frenzied games, must become stronger in order to survive. But one of them, twisted more intimately in these games than the others, may not come out of this Hunt alive...   warnings: violence, gore, torture, angst, supernatural, lemons, incorrect German -_-; 2003
    Fanart by Jade-chanXD

  • Vermilion-- The sequel to WADtD- five months later. Crawford tries to seduce Ran, Yohji and Schuldich are on the rocks, Aya-chan makes a new "friend", Ken struggles to control his new curse, and Farfarello fights to remain in control of his people. The purebloods want Farfarello out of the way- even if it means killing Ken to get to him. And someone will do anything to see them all dead... but who dares stand up to someone even the Berserker fears?  warnings: ANGST, lemons, gore, torture, supernatural 2003-2004

  • Gravewalker- (the third and final installation of the "Lucifer's Angels" trilogy.) Months have passed, and life goes on for the remaining members of Weiss and Schwarz after the war against the Purebloods. Farfarello takes Ken to America to help him seek out a powerful Necromancer who will be able to help him take more control of his morbid Gift; secretly, Ken begins to go insane from his Gift, his lifestyle, and the guilt of his murdered friends. While in America, they will have to face off against the new American Vampire Lord while trying to convince the allusive "Gravewalker" to train Ken. Back in Japan, Aya struggles with her romance problems, Ran works on opening up to Crawford, and Himeno holds sway over the Vampires in Farfarello's absence. Things seem mundane enough while they await the return of Lucifer and his lover, until an old enemy appears, bent on revenge by order of the mysterious Nobles of Rosenkreuz.   2004-2006 (warnings: angst, torture, gore, slight spoilers for the history of some characters, yaoi, possible lemon[s], violence)