Even before I finished "Vermilion", I knew the story wasn't over yet. Not in my head, anyway. There were so many things that were left undone, unsaid, and yet to be done. The story won't get out of my head and leave me the hell alone. That's why there was V after WADtD. This will be the final story of the series, wrapping it up in a trilogy. =p I promise. Anything else would just be a side story (like that of the Adir'avar) and those will be there for anyone curious or bored enough to read them. ^^;
If you are sick of the story in general, or were satisfied with the way V ended and don't want it to go any farther in your own mind, you don't have to read this... ^^;; It's not like I'm gonna shove it down anyone's throat. o_O; As I've said before, I write for myself, and this story- to me -has to be written in order to close it off. If you'd like to read it, please do. If not, my feelings won't be crushed or anything. XD;
Anywho... Thanks to all for reading WADtD & V in the first place. ^_^ For those of you who wish to stick around for the conclusion: Enjoy.


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