"Vermillion" is the sequel to the fic "When Angels Deserve to Die". It was originally going to be a set of side stories, but I dropped that idea. Anyway, if you haven't read WADtD, this fic obviously won't make much sense. As with the other fic, this one is full of YAOI. If you're one of those people that likes to scream "the weiss boyz aren't gay!!1" then quit reading now and bugger off. I'm a little tired of flames. For the other readers: I hope you enjoy the fic and arigato for reading. ^_^
Disclaimer: The Weiß and Schwarz boys don't belong to me; they're from the show "Weiß Kreuz". The original characters, however, are mine, as is the story. Another thing I'm sick of is plagarism. You steal, I break your kneecaps. Comprende? ^__^


The characters of Vermilion: hold mouse over images for 'titles'
The Lost The Proud The Caretaker The Jaded
The Heart The Jackal The Deceiver The Lover
The Necromancer The Forsaken The Fanatic The Rebel

Ch. 1 ~ Kisses and Coffee
Ch. 2 ~ Kitty's
Ch. 3 ~ Assassins
Ch. 4 ~ Carnal Emotion
Ch. 5 ~ The Jackal
Ch. 6 ~ Guilt
Ch. 7 ~ Drown My Sorrows
Ch. 8 ~ Losing Something Precious
Ch. 9 ~ Die Another Day
Ch. 10 ~ Lost in Translation

Ch. 11 ~ Faith
Ch. 12 ~ The Koneko no Sume Ie
Ch. 13 ~ Blood & Silk
Ch. 14 ~ Strategy
Ch. 15 ~ Conspiracy Theory
Ch. 16 ~ The Adir'avar
Ch. 17 ~ Love and Hate

Ch. 18 ~ Uncertain Heart
Ch. 19 ~ A Call to Arms
Ch. 20 ~ Service With a Smile
Ch. 21 ~ Flesh Wounds
Ch. 22 ~ Obsession
Ch. 23 ~ Pyromania
Ch. 24 ~ Prince of Lies
Ch. 25 ~ Never Been Kissed
Ch. 26 ~ Cry, Little Sister

Ch. 27 ~ Shades of Red
Ch. 28 ~ Into Hell Again
Ch. 29 ~ Rebellion
Ch. 30 ~ Runaway
Ch. 31 ~ High Price to Pay
Ch. 32 ~ Prepared to Die
Ch. 33 ~ March of the Damned
Ch. 34 ~ Hwang's Grudge
Ch. 35 ~ Behind Blue Eyes
Ch. 36 ~ Aftershock
Ch. 37 ~ Thy Will be Done

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