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Ditchdigger's Yuna Galaxy
A compendium of all things Yuna

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This site is a collection of information about the Video Game / Anime series "Galaxy Fraulein Yuna" (originally "Ginga Ojousama Densetsu Yuna") put together by me, Ditchdigger. Its highlights are English translations of the video game Galaxy Fraulein Yuna 3: Lightning Angel and various information that goes beyond what is presented in the two Anime OAV series'. This site was constructed for English-speaking fans who, like me, fell in love with the Yuna saga after seeing the OAVs and want to experience more of the Yuna continuum.

Blech, that last paragraph sounded so formal and past-tense! This site is continually being updated; it's not some research project from eons ago or some site that's closed down and left only a "memorial." ^_^ If you have JavaScript enabled, the last-modified date for this page is displayed above; I'll try to "modify" this document (save it again) each time I modify any part of the site, so that you can use this as a master "Last Updated" date for the whole site.

Site News

September 16
Ack! The last several times I've updated, I forgot to create any new news items. Oh well, I've now almost completed Chapter 4; you can check out the latest additions by going to the 9/16/01 section. Oh yeah, and you may have noticed the site has moved to AngelFire. I kinda like Angelfire; it has some nice features that was lacking, such as readers being able to access the webpage. ;) Meanwhile, I seem to be able to upload AVIs as large as I want - no telling whether people can download them or not, but I guess we'll find out.

May 9
It took me a while to get around to mentioning it on most of the site, but I added a bunch more to Chapter 3... and MAN is it a good segment! I don't want to spoil it until you've read it; all I can say is, it's the moment we've all been waiting for...! ^_^

April 1
Last night I translated a bit more of Yuna 3! Yuna and company invade Tensei, the Machine Empire's massive space fortress. Check it out on the Chapter 3 page!

February 24
I've translated an alternate branch in the first chapter as well as the beginning of the third chapter. The part of the first that I translated is what happens if, after the first battle, you choose "Mama and Papa are..." instead of "Everyone at school is..." It leads to an extra battle and changes the battle with Juifua to a harder one. I think there's also a secret in the Mama/Papa battle which might let you get Kaede in your party. (Based on some audio files I ran across on the game disc, it sounds like you CAN get Kaede somewhere in the first chapter...)

Meanwhile, I've also translated the beginning of Yuna 2! Since I have to play it on the computer using an Emulator (I bought the original Yuna 2 CD, so it's perfectly legal) I was able to take screenshots. (Dont' expect that for the whole game, though... boy did that take some editing!) I'm still concentrating on Yuna 3, so don't worry about me switching games on you. ^_^

Table of Contents

Where does Yuna 3 fit in the series?

Character Guide
Pictures, descriptions, and any information I've found on each character.

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English Translations of Galaxy Fraulein Yuna 3: Lightning Angel

Purpose of This Site

Here's how it all started: I was sufficiently moved by watching the second Yuna OAV that I decided to buy the video game that takes place right after it: Yuna 3. I didn't do much with that at first, but after a while I decided the best way to improve my Japanese skills would be to practice translating something, so I began translating Yuna 3. After a while I ran into a cool girl named Jenkat who loved Yuna as much as I do (she had collected more cool images than me, waah! ^_^) and mentioned that I was translating Yuna 3; she said she'd love to see the translations. I made them into a text file at first, but then figured I'd want to share them more widely (and add in the teardrops and hearts and things in the text) so I converted the translation into HTML and started working on it in that form. More recently I got the idea to expand the website to contain all the info I've found or conjectured about the various characters, other games, etc... and thus this website was born, on December 20 of the year 2000!

So, I now consider it my quest to unlock the mysteries of Yuna that are hidden behind the language barrier. If you find something on these pages that's incorrect or that you can add to, please tell me... but only little hints, okay? ^_^ If somebody wanders up and says "Oh, we already know everything, you're not helping anyone" then I won't be nearly as motivated to finish this stuff. *^^*

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Questions, comments, suggestions, especially typos and mistakes? Email me at!

Translation, HTML, image scans, etc. all by Ditchdigger. Can you snatch them? Not the translations or the HTML - but you can have the images under the condition that you tell me you're taking them. ^_^ I probably won't respond (busy, busy!) so don't ask "Can I take them?"; just say "Hey, I'm borrowing image X, my page URL is XXXXX."