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Game case (front)

Galaxy Fraulein Yuna 3
Lightning Angel

English Translation
by Ditchdigger

Last Updated:

Click on the Translation Note icon icons in the script to see translation notes pertaining to that line. Click the PROFILE icons to see a Character Profile on the character most recently introduced at that line. Click the SOUND CLIP icons to hear sound clips of the lines with the icons on them.

Notation: I tried to stick to a standard format to avoid ambiguity. You should read this before you begin.

As of 11/26/00 I've begun denoting where each update begins and ends, so that if I've translated more of the game since you last read these translations you can skip right to where the new stuff begins. Click on the links below to go to that section.

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Translation, HTML, image scans, etc. all by Ditchdigger. Can you snatch them? Not the translations or the HTML - but you can have the images under the condition that you tell me you're taking them. ^_^ I probably won't respond (busy, busy!) so don't ask "Can I take them?"; just say "Hey, I'm borrowing image X, my page URL is XXXXX."