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Chapter 4


The evil must be laid bare

But they must never have knowledge

Of the dreadful torment I have endured.


The whole group whirled to find a sight different from what they were expecting. Standing behind them was a human girl not much taller than Vegeta and who looked not much older than Gohan. Her dark forest green hair fell just below her waist and her eyes were an intense bright green shades lighter than her hair. Upon her forehead was a small tattoo in the shape of a raindrop, only it was a shade of red as dark as dried blood. She wore a body suit of the same color with a white tunic that ended just below the knees. The suit covered her whole body except for her petite hands and just partially covered her sturdy feet, which were bare. Gazing at them with a peculiar look in her eyes, she seemed ethereal and otherworldly as she floated just a few inches above the ground. Upon seeing her, Embyr let out a series of excited chirps and left Mr. Popo to go perch on her shoulder.

"Youíre Kyloa?" asked Goku.

"Who else could she be?" asked Bulma.

"Yes, I am Kyloa. And the Earth is my mother," replied the girl, her voice serene and mellow. Piccolo frowned in incertitude. He felt a peculiar energy from her that was somehow familiar.

"That is preposterous! I donít believe a word of it!" scoffed Vegeta. Embyr hissed in objection and would have attacked him if Kyloa hadnít placed her hand upon the little dragon to keep her still.

"God, Vegeta! Do you have to be so rude?" exclaimed Bulma.

"It is his nature. You canít force someone to go against his nature. A person may change his ways but his nature will stay the same," commented Kyloa as she lowered herself the last few inches to the ground. She then turned to Vegeta and said, "You may not believe it, Vegeta, but I am the Earthís daughter." Lifting a hand to touch the mark upon her forehead she said," I was born with this mark. It means I am of the Earthís blood. She gave birth to me hoping I would begin a new race of Shizen."

"It seems you have failed to do so," remarked Eighteen.

"I am waiting for the right time. But that is not what I came here to discuss. I came to explain what the Earth is afraid of." Kyloa went to Mr. Popo and gave him a hug. Pulling away she said, " Thank you for explaining everything for me. I know you donít like reliving the past, Father Popo."

"Father?!" exclaimed Yamcha. "They donít look like family to me," whispered Trunks. Goten nodded in agreement.

"Father Popo was the one who found me when I was a baby and raised me. He hid me from Kami and kept me safe. He gave me my name," explained Kyloa.

"Oh! You probably donít know our names, though. Maybe we should introduce ourselves," suggested Goku.

"There is no need. I already know who you all are," replied Kyloa calmly.

"How could you possibly know that?" growled Vegeta, looking askance.

"I have been observing your exploits and battles for quite some time now," explained Kyloa, giving Vegeta an intense look. He averted his glare, finding something unsettling about her eyes.

"Enough chatting. Explain what we came out here to learn in the first place. What is the Earth afraid of?" demanded Piccolo, losing his patience.

Walking to edge of the lookout, Kyloa studied the scenery below, deep in thought. Her voice was placid and distant. "It happened a long time ago. Everything always begins in the past. I was not that old then, as am I know. A strange being, an alien, came to this planet. I still donít know what reasons he came here for. But I do know that while he was here, he discovered something special about human blood."

Bulma gasped in shock. "I know what youíre talking about! I just discovered it recently. When human DNA is mixed with any other species DNA, the offspring produced are much more powerful then both species on their own. Thatís why Gohan and Trunks and Goten are so strong! It is unique only to human DNA. If you mixed, say, Saiyan and Namek, the offspring would be nothing really special."

"What a sickening thought! Saiyan and Namek! What are you thinking?" yelled Vegeta, aghast. Piccolo was no less appalled.

"Just who was this alien?" asked Dende, forcing himself to shove the disturbing thought out of his mind.

"He called himself an Akidaian. He claimed it was a very powerful race, although nearly extinct. And from what I have seen, he was not exaggerating. He went by the name of King Kold," answered Kyloa.

"Are you trying to say Friezaís father has been to Earth before and did not destroy it?" blurted out Vegeta.

"Friezaís father?!" exclaimed Piccolo.

"Frieza had a father?" cried Goku.

"Of course he did. He was the big guy killed right alongside Frieza by Trunks years ago," said Vegeta in scorn.

Bulma gave a shriek as she figured out something that had been puzzling her. "So that explains why Frieza was half human! My tests said he was but I couldnít believe it! King Kold took a human woman for a mate, didnít he?"

"What?!" cried everyone in unison.

"Not exactly." Everyone turned to the person who had answered; Kyloa. They had forgotten about her in their dismay and perplexity at learning such an astonishing fact. She still stood calmly in the same spot, looking out across the world as the wind blew her hair around her face.

"Iím sorry we interrupted you, Kyloa," spoke up Dende, polite as always. "Please continue."

She continued her story, voice detached and calm. "King Kold didnít take a human as his mate. It would have been . . . beneath him. He did kidnap a young girl and plant his seed in her, impregnating her. Just after the baby was born, his true mate, Queen Frozena, came to Earth and discovered what he had done."

"I bet she wasnít too happy about it either," muttered Krillin.

"What wife would be happy to discover her husband had committed such a transgression?" commented Eighteen, eyeing Krillin meaningfully. Krillin gave her an innocent look.

"Queen Frozena was indeed extremely angry. And female Akidaians are much more powerful than males, so there was nothing King Kold could do. Queen Frozena wanted to destroy the whole Earth, not just the woman and her child." Here Kyloa hesitated before continuing, making Piccolo suspicious.

"Discovering this, I was able to rescue the woman. Kami came and tried to fight Queen Frozena but he was no match for her. So the Earth gave me some of her power and I was able to imprison her within a rose. I was so weak afterwards that I wasnít able to stop King Kold from escaping with the rose and the baby. As you all know, that baby grew up to be the almighty and powerful Frieza." Kyloa hid her face then, as if ashamed. Embyr crooned softly in her ear, trying to comfort her mistress.

"Why doesnít Kami remember any of this?" asked Piccolo. He studied the back of her head. Does she feel guilty about letting King Kold and Frieza get away?

"The Earth thought it best to erase everyoneís memories of the incident, including Kamiís," was Kyloaís quiet reply.

"I thought the Earth had a lot of power. Why werenít you able to destroy both Queen Frozena and King Kold?" asked Gohan.

"She only gave me some of her power. I am not a fighter. I have no training or experience. I was not created to protect. The Earth created me with a more domesticated nature in mind and it is difficult to go against oneís nature."

"You still havenít told us what the Earth is afraid of," said Piccolo, still scrutinizing the strange girl before him.

Kyloa turned around and looked him in the eye head on. Her gaze was penetrating and solemn, making Piccolo speculate the meaning of it. "The Earth cried out because she could sense what I sensed. She was reacting to the fear I felt." The next words made Piccolo regret pressuring her into revealing what he wanted:

"She has been freed. Somehow Queen Frozena has escaped from her imprisonment. And she is heading here."

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