Chapter 3


Tell of a history

That has long since been forgotten

Unveil past lies to find hidden truths.


"Well, you see," began Mr. Popo, noticeably wringing his hands in a perturbed way. "The Earth is alive."


Total silence. Then, total chaos.


"What did you just say?" That was Gohan.

"No way!" That was Goku.

"Are you serious?" That was Krillin.

"Impossible." That was Eighteen.

"Do you honestly expect me to believe that?" That was Vegeta.

"A planet? Alive? How is that possible?" That was Bulma.

"There is just no way that could be true!" That was Yamcha.

"Oh, my!" That was Paur.

"I think Mr. Popo has lost it!" That was Trunks.

"Lost what?" That was Goten.

"Quiet!" Again Piccolo had to bellow to be heard.

Before Piccolo could say anything, big, silent Sixteen spoke up. "If we are all quiet, Mr. Popo should be able to explain himself."

Clearing his throat, Mr. Popo began. "Well, I donít know how it came about but millions of years ago, the Earth became aware. She is the oldest living creature in the universe. The Earth will never age and will never become ill but she can be killed. She does talk but in a way that most people canít understand. And she does cry sometimes. What we just heard was the Earth crying out in fear."

"Fear?" asked Yamcha, sweating.

"Fear of what, Mr. Popo?" asked Goku, becoming serious.

Mr. Popo took a step back, trembling. Leery, Piccolo glared, intimidating him. "What is the Earth afraid of Mr. Popo?"

Mr. Popo gulped. "I donít know. I canít speak to the Earth."

"This is ridiculous!" exclaimed Vegeta.

"How are we supposed to find out what the Earth is afraid of if we canít talk to her?" asked Krillin, rubbing his chin in thought.

Piccolo frowned in consideration. "You said that most people canít understand the Earth. Do you know of someone that can speak with her?"

Mr. Popo sweatdropped. Everyone noticed. "You do know someone!" cried out Gohan triumphantly.

"Take us to him!" demanded Vegeta.

"That wouldnít be a good idea," replied Mr. Popo.

"Why not?" asked Goku, scratching his head in puzzlement.

"She doesnít like visitors. She doesnít trust anyone. She prefers to be left alone."

"Just who is this person? And how is she able to speak with the Earth?" questioned Piccolo.

Before Mr. Popo could respond, they all heard a high-pitched shriek. Turning, they spotted a beautiful red mini-dragon gliding towards the lookout. With a low musical trill, it swooped down and landed upon Mr. Popoís shoulder. Chirping authoritatively, it folded back its wings and took a guarding stance.

"What is that, Mr. Popo?" asked Dende, pointing with his staff at the elegant little dragon who was hissing at anyone who would dare approach it.

"This is Embyr, Kyloaís loyal pet dragon," announced Mr. Popo.

"And this Kyloa is the one you have mentioned?" questioned Dende. Mr. Popo nodded.

"Why is she here? What does she want?" asked Krillin.

"I will find out." Mr. Popo stared deep into Embyrís eyes and became lost in them as they began glowing a brilliant shade of blue. The glow disappeared after a few seconds and Mr. Popo was able to look away.

"What the heck was that?" exclaimed Yamcha.

"A way of communicating. As you can see, Embyr isnít an ordinary dragon," replied Mr. Popo as he stroked Embyrís head.

"So what did the dragon have to say?" sneered Vegeta.

"She has a message from Kyloa. She says that it is all right to explain who she is and the history of the Earth."

"But what about what the Earth is afraid of?" asked Goten, floating forward to get a closer look at the little dragon. Embyr hissed and took a swipe at him with her claws. Trunks snickered.

"She is coming herself to explain. Which means it must be serious, for she rarely ever leaves her forest home."

"If itís serious, you better do as she asked and explain everything," commanded Piccolo, crossing his arms.

"It originated a long time ago," began Mr. Popo. "The Earth has a tremendous amount of power but she can only use it to create life, not destroy it. She loves every creature that lives upon her and views them as her children. And as any mother, the Earth is very protective. So eons ago, the Earth gave birth to a human child and named him Kan. If the world was endangered, Earth could transfer her power to Kan, who could use it to protect her. He was the first Guardian of the Earth."

"How come you never told Kami any of this?" asked Piccolo, perplexed. In his mind, he had all of Kamiís knowledge and Kami knew nothing of this.

"I was sworn to secrecy by Kautax, the guardian before Kami. He was a Shizen and all Shizen had a hard time trusting people. He would have told Kami when he became guardian, if he hadnít been killed by the demon Garlic, the father of Garlic Jr."

"Continue your story, Mr. Popo," ordered Dende.

"Kan was guardian for thousands of years," continued Mr. Popo. "Then he fell in love with a mortal woman. Kan was immortal like the Earth and not wanting his beloved to die, he asked the Earth to make her immortal. But she couldnít. So instead, Kan asked to be made mortal. The Earth reluctantly granted his request."

"That is so romantic!" exclaimed Bulma. Eighteen gave a rude snort. Bulma glowered at her. "Well, it is." Everyone ignored them.

Mr. Popo continued with his tale. "Kan and his beloved had many children. Their descendants were the Shizen, who were in charge of selecting the guardian, usually a shizen. Because the guardian was mortal, he couldnít handle the transference of power. So the guardian became a lookout and chose a team of four fighters who could handle the power divided amongst them. They were the first Earth Special Forces. But they werenít called that back then. They were called Chi."

"So, this Kyloa is a Shizen?" asked Gohan.

"No. Kyloa was born about 140 years afterwards." Mr. Popo paused and seemed reluctant to go on.

"After what?" asked Eighteen, curious despite herself.

"What happened to the Shizen?" asked Dende. "They werenít around to select me to be guardian."

Tears in his eyes, Mr. Popo looked away. "As Piccolo knows, Kautax died destroying Garlic. What you donít know is that before he could kill Garlic, the demon committed genocide. Garlic knew the secret of the Shizen people and destroyed them all. Theyíre extinct. Even though the Earth hadnít approved of Kan becoming mortal, she became fond of the Shizen and she misses them very much."

"That is so sad!" cried Paur.

Embyr hissed at Paur for interrupting. Mr. Popo continued. "The Earth became so lonely that she did a surprising thing."

"What surprising thing?" asked Krillin.

"Quit interrupting! I would like him to finish his story before we all grow old!" yelled Vegeta, agitated.

"When Kan died, the Earth went into a prolonged state of mourning. When she emerged, she vowed to never have another child. But the Earth missed the Shizen so much, she gave birth to another child, hoping she would restart the Shizen people."

"Are you saying that Kyloa is the Earthís daughter?" exclaimed Piccolo, eyes wide in shock.

A different voice answered him. "Yes, he is."

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