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Chapter 5


The danger is coming

The fear is now known

The teaching must begin.


It didnít take long for everyone to assimilate the information and react to it.

Gokuís reaction: "What?"

Sixteenís reaction: "Are you sure?"

Krillinís reaction: "Oh, just great!"

Vegetaís reaction: "How do you know?"

Bulmaís reaction: "What do we do?"

Eighteenís reaction: "When will she get here?"

Yamchaís reaction: "This is not happening!"

Gohanís reaction: "How do we stop her?"

Paurís reaction: "Oh, no!"

Trunksí reaction: "Cool! Finally, something exciting!"

Gotenís reaction: "I donít think this is a good thing, Trunks."

Piccoloís reaction: "Why is she heading here?"

Kyloa answered Piccoloís question first. "I imagine that she probably wants revenge on me for imprisoning her in the first place. And when she finds out her son Cooler, Friezaís brother, is dead, sheíll probably go after Goku as well."

"Oh, just great. Double the reason to destroy us all," moaned Yamcha.

"Iíll ask again, How do you know that she is coming here?" demanded Vegeta, thinking, How much more family does Frieza have?

"Kaachi can sense her, somewhat, in space. The rose she was imprisoned in left a scent of the Earthís power on her, enabling her to keep track of her movements. If she keeps heading in her current direction, at the same speed, she should reach Earth in about a year," explained Kyloa.

"Kaachi?" asked Piccolo, eyebrow raised.

"Mother," Kyloa said simply.

"How powerful is she?" asked Eighteen.

"More powerful than you are, I know for sure. Female Akidaians are much more powerful than males. Queen Frozenaís power most definitely surpassed Frieza, even if he was half-human. And while she was in the rose, all she did was train, hoping to escape, so Iím afraid sheís even more powerful than a Super Saiyan now."

"So how are we supposed to defeat Queen Frozena?" wondered Krillin.

"Weíll just have to train as hard as we can Ďtil she arrives and hope that it is enough," replied Goku, his face solemn.

The calm upon Kyloaís face began to slip. "Training may have worked for you in the past, Goku but it canít help you know. This situation calls for something different."

"Then what do you suggest we do?" questioned Piccolo, glowering at her.

"I agree to training but training to use a new kind of power. I was able to imprison Queen Frozena with just some of the Earthís power and no training. With your training and experience and the Earth backing you up, I believe youíll be able to defeat her," said Kyloa earnestly.

"What are you trying to say?" asked Gohan perplexed.

Kyloa took a calming breath. "I would like for you to become students of the Earth. If the teaching goes well, two of you will become Chi."

They all became very quiet, adjusting their thoughts to this new idea. Dende spoke first. "I agree with Kyloa. I think this is the wisest course of action. But I am confused by one thing. I thought you said that the Earthís power must be divided among four Chi. You said just two will be chosen. Why?"

Kyloa gave him an enigmatic look. "Because two of you are already Chi."

Among the exclamations of "Huh?" and "What?" Piccolo leaned back against a pillar thoughtfully. After Embyr let out an ear-splitting screech to quiet everyone, Piccolo spoke what he thought. "Goku is a Chi, isnít he?"

Kyloa turned to him in surprise. "Why, yes, he is. Very observant of you. Kaachi and I have been watching Goku since he came to Earth. She has been distrustful of any strange visitor since King Kold. But after seeing Goku defeat Pilaf and then the Red Ribbon Army, she began trusting him. And when he defeated Piccolo Daimioh, she decided she wanted him as a Chi. I carried out her wishes, although I disapproved of the wisdom in it at the time. Before Goku left for his training under Kami, I taught him the ways of Chi."

"And what proof do you have of that?" gibed Vegeta.

"This." Kyloa stepped towards Goku. He backed off, disconcerted. "Do not worry. I wonít hurt you. Roll up your left sleeve." Goku did as she asked. Placing her hand upon his shoulder, she concentrated. The mark upon her forehead began to glow, as did his shoulder. Moments later she stepped away, letting everyone view what she had done.

"Where did that come from?" asked Goku in confusion. On his shoulder was a tattoo similar to the one on Kyloaís forehead. It had the same blood red drop, but a black circle surrounded it.

"That looks like your tattoo Kyloa, except for the black circle," remarked Gohan, amazed.

"That circle is the Circle of Protection, the mark of the Chi. As you can see, he is what I said he is."

"Hey, wait a second! I donít remember any of that! I donít remember you or any sort of Chi lessons!" shouted Goku, bewildered.

Kyloa gave him a reassuring look. "Youíre not supposed to, Goku. Kaachi erased your memories, so that if you encountered King Kold, he couldnít use you to lead back to me. If you needed the power, your memory could be restored. Which I will do now."

Taking Gokuís head into her hands, Kyloa used her power to unlock the hidden memories inside of Goku. He stepped back, blinking in astonishment. "My gosh! I remember it all now! Whew, you were a hard taskmaster! And boy! Those lessons were tough to learn!"

Goku was given strange looks all around. Krillin pulled his attention away from his best friend as he realized something. "You said two of us are Chi. So whoís the other one?"

"Why, Gohan, of course."

Startled, Gohan nearly fell over. "What?"

"When one of your parents is Chi, so are you, if youíre the oldest and the Earth thinks it is right for you to be one," explained Kyloa. Stepping forward, she indicated for him to roll up his sleeve. Within seconds, Gohan had a tattoo upon his shoulder just like his father.

As Gohan stared in wonderment, Kyloa turned to the rest. "So, are you willing to become students? The power you will learn to use is extraordinary, trust me."

Big, silent Sixteen stepped forward. Throughout the whole conversation, he had not said much. "I am willing."

Kyloa gave him a grateful look. "Anyone else?"

Krillin stepped forward. "I am."

Eighteen gave her husband a look and then stepped forward. "I guess I am willing to become a student as well."

Bulma got a belligerent look on her face and shoved Vegeta forward. "What do you think you are doing, Bulma?"

Bulma put her hands on her hips. "Now you listen here! There are many lives at stake and the only way to stop this Queen Frozena is to become a Chi. Although why the Earth would choose you as a Chi is beyond me."

Vegeta scowled at her. "And just what is that supposed to mean?"

Bulma smirked. She knew just what to do to get Vegeta to do what she wanted. "Just that you are such an idiot, that you probably wouldnít be able to learn anything from her lessons."

Vegeta very nearly went super. "Iíll show you Woman!" Turning, he took a place by Krillin. "Fine! I will undertake the lessons as well!"

Kyloa gave Vegeta a strange look but did not comment. Krillin turned to glance at Yamcha. "What about you, Yamcha? Arenít you going to come with us and learn how to be a Chi?"

Yamcha shook his head. "I donít fight anymore. Iíll leave saving the world to those who are much stronger than me, like you guys. I wish you the best of luck though!" With that, Yamcha took off, with Paur in close pursuit.

The others watched them fly away, then turned their attention back to Kyloa, who seemed to be studying the sky and the clouds. Before they could ponder about it, Goten stepped forward. "Can me and Trunks come as well?"

Kyloa looked curiously at them. She had had very little contact with children. "I am sorry but Iím afraid you are too young. To learn these lessons requires a mental discipline you wonít acquire for a few years yet."

Trunks scowled and gave a kick. "Darn! How unfair!"

Kyloa shook her head. Training to be a Chi is difficult and in no way is it fun. Why would they want to come? Arenít they afraid of what will happen when Queen Frozena arrives? Suddenly, Piccolo stepped forward, interrupting her thoughts. "I will become your student as well."

Hiding her surprise, Kyloa scrutinized the tall green alien. It was hard to tell what he could possibly be thinking. Donít wonder. We all have our secrets to keep. Turning to Dende, she said, "Would you come along as well? As Guardian of the Earth, you should learn how to pick and train Chi."

Dende smiled. "If you are willing to teach me, as well as the others."

"I am." Slowly, Kyloa lifted off the ground into the air. Embyr gave a squawk and left her shoulder, scolding. Dende, Goku, Gohan, Piccolo, Krillin, Eighteen, Sixteen, and Vegeta left the ground as well to follow. She turned to them, nervous about revealing what she could do.

Goku looked at her and remembered. "Do you want me to carry you?"

The others gave him weird looks. "No. Itís okay. I have to be more trusting. Itís not a good Shizen trait to keep." Turning her attention back to the others she said, "I cannot fly very well. There is another way for me to travel that is easier but you wonít be able to follow. Goku knows where to go. Itís where I taught him in the past. Youíll probably get there before me but Iíll be there shortly."

With that, Kyloa backed away a distance and began concentrating. Again, Piccolo felt that peculiarly familiar energy, only much stronger. Slowly, right before their eyes, Kyloa became insubstantial and then dissipated into the air. She could not be seen at all. But a faint voice reached their ears before the energy sense faded as well: "Iíll see you there."

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