Anime Songs

No, I'm afraid you won't find anime-related MP3s or other music downloads here. ^^
What I DO have here is some of the lyrics! If you know the lyrics to any song from any anime, by all means send them to me and I'll put them up along with credit to you. You can even send me Japanese lyrics if you want! (If you do, please include the English translation)
LAWYERS: I'm not trying to infringe anybody's copyrights here, please don't sue me!

Sailor Moon
The Japanese Sailor Moon Opening Theme (Japanese w/English translation)
My Only Love (English)
Oh Starry Night (English)
Call My Name (And I'll Be There) (English)
Rainy Day Man (English)
The Power of Love (English)
Only A Memory Away (English)

Sonic The Hedgehog
It Doesn't Matter-Sonic's Theme (English)
Believe In Myself-Tails' Theme (English)
I Am The Eggman-Dr. Eggman's Theme (English)

Misty's Song (English)

Outlaw Star
Through The Night (Japanese Lyrics w/English translation, courtosy of Kachie!)

Gundam Wing
Just Communication (Opening) (Japanese w/English translation)
Just Love (Closing) (Japanese w/English translation)

Magic Knight Rayearth
The Courage for Tomorrow (English, courtosy of Kajebeje!)

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