Top 10 Lists

Have y'all ever heard of those top 10 lists done by....I wanna say Dave Letterman but I could be wrong....anyway, if you've heard of them or not here are some of them that I wrote up out of boredom. Hope y'all like them! ~_^

MoonPrincess 143's Top 10 NOT To Do When You Find Yourself On Sailor Moon
V-Babe's Top 10 Anime Characters with the Most Interesting Hair
V-Babe's Top 10 Gundam Wing Characters you Don't Want To See on a Sugar High
V-Babe's Top 10 Things You Should NEVER Do Should You Find Yourself On Gundam Wing

"Hey, V-Babe, this looks like fun! Can I write a Top 10 List too?"
Why, sure! It can be about any anime or video game or manga related topic you please, so long your list has no swearing, homosexualtiy, or excessive violence. You get the picture. I'll post them in descending order (from 10-1). And these are fun, so have fun! Just send it my way!