Top 10 Things NOT To Do When You Find Yourself On Sailor Moon

10. Tell Rini that she looks bad in pink

9. Take food away from Serena

8. Tell Ray she has a big mouth(who knows, you might end up getting scorched w/ that fireball of hers...ouch!)

7. Tell Mina that she is not a great match-maker

6. Tell Luna that she sounds really old

5. Tell Rini that she looks just like Serena

4. Tell Rini that you hope she grows up to be just like Serena...(talk getting chewed out...)

3. Dress up as a yoma and pretend to attack the city in hopes of seeing the Sailor Scouts and Tuxedo Mask

2. Get a hold of Amy's report card and change one of her 'A's' to a 'B'

1. Play a joke on Serena and tell her that Darien doesn't love her anymore(that would be beyond cruel...)