Top 10 Gundam Wing Characters Who Would be REALLY Funny or REALLY Scary on a Sugar High

10. Treize Khushrenada A man with a sword on a sugar high...'nuff said

9. Lucrenzia Noin She'd probably join the party with her students!

8. Dorothy Catalonia She would probably TP the Cinq Kingdom or something like that!

7. Relena Peacecraft She'd probably just bounce off the walls singing at the top of her lungs or something like that....

6. Lady Une "I'm Lady!" *puts on glasses* "Now I'm Colonel!" *takes them off* "Lady!" *puts them on* "Colonel!" *takes them off* "Lady!" *puts them on* "Colonel! HAHAHAHAHA!!!!"

5. Duo Maxwell Let me repeat...Duo Maxwell on a sugar high! 'Nuff said!

4. Zechs Marquise He's so calm and reserved all the time it'd be fun to see how he acted when he was crazy....

3. Trowa Barton Same thing

2. Quatre Raberba Winner He'd probably give out huge group hugs everywhere....he he!

1. Heero Yuy "I'll kill you! I'll kill you! HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!"