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Well, as I said, I was expanding, sorta. I found out a way to get pics, and to prove it, I'm linking to some I got. The pics are of the titles of the four shows I'm going to focus on. I realize some of them have Japanese in them, so, just read the English version in the link before clicking. That should work. Enjoy and mo-mantai!
Neon Genesis Evangelion
Love Hina
Please Teacher


Just for the hell of it, here is a picture of my dog and cat. Enjoy!


Looks like I've fallen behind. I'm afraid there is a sad reason for this. I have a distinctive feeling that there will not be a Digimon 05 here in America. I could be wrong, it's happened before. Either way, I doubt that you will here anything about it on this site. Devimon's Lair was mearly a trial site, my first attempt at web programming. Not really that bad, but it's time to move on. I plan on making a less generalized site; one that covers many different animes. Who knows, Digimon may show up on it. If and when this happens, I will link from here to there, before shutting this site down perminently. It's been fun, and I will miss you all. Look for my new site sometime before...the turn of the century. =) And remember: MO-MANAI!!!

"And in the end
The love you take
Is equal to the love
You make."
The End by The Beatles


Welcome back to where it all began. the Village of Flame. Bokomon's and Neamon's home. Being terrorized by the Skullsatamon brothers. (Better than the Roachmon brothers lol). Luckily, teamwork prevailed and saved the village, sorta. Crusadermon just had to be watching and waiting, to take the data and send it to Lucimon. Can anyone stop this madness!? I hope so. And by the way, where did Rika go? She didn't narrate at the beginning or end of the episode. I'm going to miss her. Oh well.

"Not much longer. Not much longer." -Lucimon (04)

OVER 100 HITS =)

Congratulations are in order, to whom I'm not sure. EVERYONE, I guess. As of today, there have been over 100 hits to this site. It may not seem like much, but I think it's a great milestone! Hopefully, the new episodes will be shown soon, and I can wrap up Season 04. Mo-mantai!!


These royal knights are starting to get on my nerves. It was bad enough that they were scanning the digital world, but to destroy the Village of Beginnings without any remorse! I'm glad the four other spirits came forth to help. All ten together in physical form seemed to be enough. But is it too late? We'll have to wait and find out.

"I promise you guys, I'll never give up..." -Takuya (04)


OK, so maybe they weren't old friends of Tommy's. Well, they were bullies, two of 'em anyway. Many children came to the Digital World, and most of them went back home. These four didn't. I can understand. Too bad they didn't understand the danger. Can anyone defeat Dynusmon and Crusadermon? Doesn't seem like it. We'll just have to wait and find out. Mo-mantai, I hope.

"I am strong!" -Tommy (04)

BTW: Is it just me, or did Saggiterimon seem like a freaked out DNA evolution of Flamedramon and Raidramon? Oh well.

"Hand over all your obsessions." -Saggiterimon (04)


First things first, those royal knights are a real pain. I don'y buy that whole "return order" thing. Unfortunatly, they seem invincible. Not even unity spirits worked. Then they would up on the moon, or, a moon. That episode was silly. The only questions are: why wasn't Koichi harmed in that final blast? and what do the royal knights want in the real world? We'll have to wait to find out!

"My skirt keeps falling down! I mean up! I mean down! I mean, whatever just nobody look!!" -Zoe (04)


It's almost over. Of coarse, this last battle wasn't an easy one. Especially after Cherubimon made himself invincible with the compressed data of the Digital World. It took a great amount of teamwork, plus the combined strength of all their spirits to win. (And by spirits, I don't mean their Digimon Spirits.) There's just one problem: a new force of evil has been resting within the Digital World, and he will soon be released. Untill then, he has sent forth to warriors to fight on his behalf. This isn't over yet!

"Let's bring peace...back to this world." -Takuya(04)


As the title suggests, I've updated the analyzer. All the spirits and big guys are now in it. I also put links from the character info pages to the analyzer for easier navagation. As for when the new episodes will be shown, I have no idea. Until then, Mo-manai.

"All life will one day be annihalated. Whether the end happens now or later is simply a matter of fate." -Phantomon (04)


Umm...yeah. First off, the new evolved forms ROCK! Second, Icedevimon is really strange. I think he's been isolated for a bit to long. I'm just glad he's gone. Now the kids can turn their attention back to Cherubimon, who is alive, and has returned to collecting data. Will it ever end?

"I'll do my best, which, as we all know, is awesome!" -Emperorgreymon (04)

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