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Sayonara Bat-Pig!

The Bat-Pig wishes to extend his greetings to you. At the moment, he is out fighting digital scum and saving the entire should bow down and kiss his feet for what he's doing for you, you ungrateful heathen!!! *coughs* My apologies for the rude welcome...feel free to roam around the Bat-Pig Cave.

Lookit the kawaii animated gifs that Icy made for me! ^_^Oekaki BoardThank you Icy!!

Eep! You can barely make out the Bat-Pig, ah well. *grins* Muchos Gracias to Icy for the kawaii animated gifs!

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Art inspired by the Bat-Pig, and my kiribans.Kiriban/Fan Art*Updated 11-24-02*
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Proof the Bat-Pig exists, and other goodies.Caught on Tape*Updated 8-12-02*
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OMG!!! You guys absolutely must go see this!! I pretty much forgot the site's been up for a year! ^_^ Purity made this totally kawaii comic for it!! *hugs comic* I love this!! Check it out here...
Currently unfinished

Don't even think about leaving without signing the Bat-Pig's Log! He gets very finicky when people just come and go as they please around here. Please show him the courtesy and let him know you were here, after all he IS protecting the world from all sorts of evil.

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As if I didn't have enough things cluttering up this page, I figured I'd slap the old AnimeLab coding up just for the heck of it.

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