The Odd Adventures of Haruka, Michiru, and Setsuna

By Lady Grizabella


The Sting Of A Mosquito! Mother Nature Attacks


The Vacation Epic


Setsuna was curled up on the sofa, bundled up in a sweater to avoid the frigid air conditioning. I was sitting in a chair across the room positioned right in front of the air, in nothing but my bra and panties, with a table fan blowing on me. I was still sweating. "Honey, can you please turn up the air a little more? My butt has melted to the chair and I can't move."

Michiru came out of the kitchen and reluctantly turned the air up a notch. "All right...but if Setsuna gets sick you're in trouble."

Setsuna pulled a scarf out of her pocket and started to wrap it around her head before she continued pouring over her book. I eyed her incredulously. "How can she do that? It must be a hundred degrees in here!"

Michiru sighed. "Love, it's freezing in here." She headed back to the kitchen where she secretly had a little space heater blasting.

Setsuna looked at her watch, which had every possible function one could imagine. Seeing as how Setsuna was Setsuna, it seemed perfectly natural for her to want to know what time it was in England when it was three o'clock in Mongolia. The girl obviously had a thing for Time, but the best was when she sat in front of the grandfather clock and watched the pendulum swing back and forth. It also made a good conversation piece when company came over.

At any rate, the watch also had a date function, which seemed to be what she was using it for at the time. "Tomorrow is the fourth of July," she said. "That's a holiday in America."

"I remember studying that. Didn't they sign some important document on the fourth?"

I could hear Michiru mutter from the kitchen: "...never paid attention in World History..."

"Yes." She pointed in her book. "See here? They have fireworks on the fourth. It looks like fun."

"I love fireworks. So does Michiru. She thinks it's romantic."

Setsuna looked shyly at her hands. "Do you think we could get some? I like learning about American culture. Couldn't we celebrate too?"

I shrugged. "Not a bad idea. I'm certainly not going to complain about fireworks, as long as they're cheap."

"I think it's a wonderful idea!" Michiru was leaning against the doorframe, drying off her hands. "We should get some inexpensive fireworks and take Setsuna up to your parents' little waterside cabin for the weekend, Haruka. It'll be fun and we can sit by the water and go boating. It'll be fabulous."

Setsuna looked perky, but I had to burst their bubble. "Sweetheart, it's just a little one-room cabin. No running water, no bathroom. You'll never survive."

Michiru's eyes flashed. "I think we'll live, Haruka. We can rough it, you know."

I looked aside. "...doubt it..."

She crossed her arms. "Give it a try, Haruka. We'll have fun, I promise."

I bit my lip and looked at Setsuna who had become hypnotized once again by the pendulum. "Brat?"

She slowly turned to look at me. "Sure. I'll be okay."

I sighed. "I suppose it might be all right."

"Yay!" Michiru cheered in delight and took off to pack.

Setsuna set aside her book. "But we'll miss the fourth."

"We don't have a lot of choice. We can't light fireworks in the middle of Tokyo. We'll shoot them off at the beach." I unstuck my butt from the chair with an uncomfortable ripping noise and went to go find my dreaded swimsuit.


Early on Saturday morning, I loaded up the car while Michiru coaxed Setsuna into eating a cinnamon pop tart. Setsuna didn't want to do anything in the early mornings except grump. As I hauled the third bag and stashed it in the trunk, I wiped perspiration off my forehead. "Michi, how many bags do we need? We're only going to be there for a couple of days!"

Michiru packed food into brown paper bags. "We need some clothes, don't we?"

"I have clothes!" I held up a small backpack. I live for low maintenance.

"But it could be hot, or cold, or rainy, or windy, or buggy. We just don't know what we'll need to be comfortable, so..." She slung a huge duffle bag into my arms. "We need a lot of things."

By the time we had packed enough clothes, beach towels, food, cheap fireworks, books, painting supplies, and CDs to last a year, we had no room in the back of the car. Setsuna and Michiru ended up in the front seat with me, sharing a seat belt. They were in an excellent mood (even Setsuna, who had cheered considerably), but I figured it wouldn't last long. I looked at them and only one word could describe them: Bait. They were sitting there in sundresses and perfectly white socks, their hair finely coifed and brushed. They looked like movie stars. Mother Nature was going to eat them alive. I sighed and started up the car. "Get ready, girls. We're off to the wilderness."


Several hours later, we were in the midst of the woods. Setsuna's brow was furrowed behind her sunglasses, and Michiru was a bit petrified. "It's a good deal more wooded than I was expecting," she said.

"What were you expecting?" I asked. "It's a cabin in the woods."

"But it's by the water, right?" Setsuna pointed out. "It's not all going to be forest."

I hesitated. "It's not all forest, no. But there are a lot of trees. The water's beautiful, though!" I added, trying to put a cheerful face on it. We had come all this way and I was going to make the best of it.

I eventually turned down a drive and we headed into a dim thicket of woods. I parked the car in front of a tiny cabin, not much bigger than a child's playhouse. Michiru stood up in the car and stared. "Um..."

Setsuna kneeled on the seat and whispered: "Michi, can we go back home?"

I shrugged helplessly. The wilderness was not really my thing either, as mentioned once earlier. "I tried to tell you. Mom and Dad will eventually have a cottage here, but in the meantime there's just a tiny cabin. Dad stays here while he's working. It doesn't need to be large for just one person."

Michiru swallowed. "I'm sure it will be just fine. We wanted to come, and here we are. Let's go inside. Get out of the car, Suna."

We headed into the tiny cabin and Michiru examined it critically. She finally cleared her throat and tried to drive the disappointment out of her voice. "How...quaint."

"Can we go home?" Setsuna asked once again.

"Not until we visit my parents and the rest of my family," I said. Michiru looked suddenly miserable. I felt guilty. "I'm's duty. As long as we're up here, they want to see us."

"I'm glad!" said Setsuna. "I love Sushi-San!"

Sushi-San. That wasn't my mother's real name, of course, but she insisted my friends call her that. Frankly, my mother was nuts. Setsuna gave me a critical look as if she knew what I was thinking. "What?" I asked. Setsuna and my mother got on famously, but that wasn't surprising considering Setsuna was a little off the norm too.

Michiru sunk down on a wooden stool. "But it's not just her mom and dad, Suna. We also have to visit her aunt and uncle and her cousins and their babies."

"Hey, at least my psycho grandparents aren't here. To them, homosexuality is a big no-no, and the fact I don't have a job is even worse!" Come to think of it, my aunt and uncle wouldn't be too thrilled to learn I was a lesbian either. We would have to try to keep a bit cool. No wonder Michiru was nervous. "I'll handle everything somehow," I promised.

Michiru then set about making the cabin her own. She started to unpack things and move other things around, all the time looking a bit like a deer caught in headlights. I could tell this place was making her very nervous, but she was being brave. Setsuna, meanwhile, had deposited herself on the makeshift sofa and had pulled her long legs up to her chest, trying to be as compact as possible in the tiny cabin. "Michiru..." she whispered. "I think I'm too big for this place."

"Nonsense," said Michiru. "Why don't you go up into the loft and put on your bathing suit? We can go swimming before we light a fire to cook dinner."

I came in from outside, having just flipped on the electricity. "We're cooking over a wood fire? Do you know how to do that?"

Michiru shrugged. "Well...not really. But how hard can it be? It has to be better than your macaroni and cheese." I had taken on a very dark look. Michiru tried to hide a smile. "Sorry."

"Hot dogs shouldn't be too hard, I guess." I looked at Miss Claustrophobic. "Head on up there and put your suit on. Can't we at least try to have fun?" I sat down next to Setsuna and wrapped an arm around her. "You're happy here with us, aren't you? We're going to have a good time. It's small and a bit cramped, but we're here together and that's what's important."

Michiru applauded sarcastically and I shot her a look. There was no getting around one of Michi's irritable moods. But Setsuna snuggled close to me and said: "I'm glad I'm here with you."

This caused Michiru to break into a genuine smile. We were always trying to make up for Setsuna’s years of loneliness at the Time Gate. "Then head on upstairs and get into your suit! Haruka and I will change down here, but we won't wait forever!"

Setsuna hopped up and climbed the tiny staircase to the loft. I handed her bag up to her and started to strip down to put on my yellow one-piece. "Are you going to sleep up here?" she called down. There was a queen-sized air mattress up there and sheets. One of the nicer features of the cabin. I figured Michi and I would have fun up there, but we would probably bump our heads on the ceiling. Besides, we were going to try to fit Setsuna up there with us, so she could actually get some sleep. I think she was on a maximum of an hour sleep in the past twenty-four-hours.

"We are. You can sleep up there too. It's big enough for the three of us." I pulled on my bathing suit and yanked a towel out of one of the bags.

Michiru was fastening her blue bikini bottoms. "What do you think, Suna?"

There was silence from above. Michiru looked at me. "That's odd."

I stepped over to the bottom of the stairs. "Honey, are you okay?"

Setsuna's voice was small. "Haruka...there is a giant...spider...crawling right for me."

Michiru shivered. "She's kidding! I'm not going up there to sleep in the dark if there are spiders up there!"

'Oye,' said my brain. This was going to be a long night. "I'm going to go up there and save Setsuna before she starts screaming."

"I'm going to scream," said Michiru, backing up. "There better not be any more in here!"

I climbed up to the loft to find Setsuna holding a blanket up over herself since she was undressed, a large black wolf spider crawling over the ceiling. I recoiled a bit. I could handle a daddy-long-legs, but those tarantula-like things freaked me out. I pulled off my shoe and whacked it to spider hell. Setsuna let out a sigh of relief, but scurried towards me in a hurry. "Whoa," I said, catching her by the shoulders. "Don't go toppling off here. It's dead now."

She clung to me. "I'm not sleeping up here." Her eyes darted to the corners of the loft and all over the ceiling.

"I'm not either!" called Michiru.

That figured. I nodded in resolution. "Understandable. One of you can take the couch and the other can have a cot. I'll sleep up here."

"You're so brave!" exclaimed Setsuna.

I was so floored at the fact that my girls could battle horrible spit-dripping monsters from the pits of hell, but couldn't handle a spider or a bumblebee. Or a mosquito, as it turned out.

"Ouch! Don't bite me!" Michiru was standing outside the cabin, swatting at her bare arms. "Haruka, the mosquitoes are terrible out here! Spray for them or something!"

"I'm afraid I can't. I just have spider spray."

Setsuna breathed a sigh of relief, but she was still watching the unfinished walls like a hawk.

"Just head on down to the water, Love. They won't be down there where it's sunny. There's just too much shade here."

Michiru went running pell-mell over the rocky ground towards the little path to the lake. I watched her retreating back-end with amusement while Setsuna gingerly pulled on her violet one-piece behind me. She wasn't too keen on me seeing her naked. Hmm...I wonder why? I then grabbed Setsuna's hand and off we went.


As Setsuna and I picked our way through the path, we saw Michiru standing there, gazing at the water. I went to her and wrapped my arms around her from behind. "Anything wrong?"

Setsuna voiced her opinion. "Where's the beach?"

"It's beautiful, Ruka, but Setsuna's right. There's no sand."

Oh no...I had forgotten to mention that it wasn't a sandy beach. In fact, it was all rocks. "'s no sand at all, actually. That's why we're wearing the water shoes." I dug my water-shoe clad foot under a rock and kicked it. "The water will be nice, though. And we can sit on lawn chairs rather than beach blankets."

Setsuna tilted her head and smiled a bit. "It's not all that bad." She then looked down and jumped at Michiru. "AHHH!"

Michiru titled backwards from the force of Setsuna slamming into her. "Ahhhh! What?"

"There are spiders in the rocks!" the noble time god howled.

"Ewww!" said Michiru.

I rolled my eyes. "I swear, how immature can two women possibly be?" I was met with furious glares. It was one of those times when I had to pull my foot out of my mouth. "I you want me to carry you to the water?"

"Don't bother!" huffed Michiru, even though Setsuna looked interested at the proposition. My love gripped Setsuna's arm and the two girls started to pick their way over the rocks to get to the water. Luckily, the spiders didn't seem to have evil intents and they were kind enough to stay in the rocks.


Once we tramped back up to the little cabin, it was time to use the bathroom - the bathroom being a wooden box with a toilet seat over a hole in the middle of the woods. Setsuna’s eyes were as large as saucers. This would definitely be the hardest part of the weekend for her.

Still in our bathing suits, I led the girls through the woods. Michiru was walking on tiptoe and swatting at her face from time to time, and Setsuna held her arms as close to her body as she could get them. Yet another word to describe them popped into my head: Pathetic.

We reached the woodsy toilet and I gestured to it. “Go ahead, Michi.”

She took a step towards it, smacked at her face again, and looked at us. “I can’t go with all of you watching me!”

I rolled my eyes. “This isn’t the time for privacy. What if you need assistance?”

She pointed sharply down the path. “Both of you, wait down there!”

As Setsuna and I headed back down the path, waving away mosquitoes, I grunted. “She’s too shy.”

Setsuna crossed her arms. “Well, I don’t really want you looking at me when I’m using the bathroom either!”

I looked around and directed a question to the creatures of the woods, “Is it any wonder I’m crazy? Look what I have to deal with!”

Michiru suddenly came pelting down the path again, practically in tears of frustration. She was waving her arms around her head like a crazy woman. I kind of wondered if she was having some sort of fit. “Geeze, what’s wrong?”

“There are mosquitoes everywhere! They’re trying to eat me alive! I can’t have a pee with them all over me! I can’t concentrate!”

I was still trying to keep a straight face at the phrase ‘have a pee’ coming from Michiru. “They are bad, aren’t they…I’m sorry.”

Michi continued to dance around like a chicken with her head cut off. “I’ve got to get out of here, or I’ll go mad!”

“I really have to use the bathroom!” Setsuna announced, obviously irked with the whole situation. “Take us to the harbor bathrooms!”

“No way! You guys are just going to have to deal with it!” I could only keep my cool for so long.

Michiru took off at a run for the cabin, Setsuna at her heels. I sighed and stalked towards the bathroom to use it myself. There certainly were a lot of mosquitoes around, even though I didn’t feel any bites from them. But I did understand how Michiru said it was hard to concentrate on the task at hand when you’re swiping at them.

On my way back to the cabin, I happened upon two bundles of clothing that vaguely resembled Miss MosquitoBait and Miss Arachnophobia. They wore heavy pajama bottoms, their little white sneakers, and dark sweatshirts with hoods tied very tightly around their faces. Their hands were pulled back inside the sleeves and they kept their arms very close to their bodies. “We’re going to the bathroom,” the slightly shorter pile of clothing mumbled. “We’ll be right back.”

“Right.” I turned to head back into the cabin (to finally escape this mosquito hell), and my water shoe caught on an exposed root. I flailed my arms and went sprawling right into the foliage that lined the path. “AH-HA-HA!” I yelled stupidly. I sat up, feeling irritable. “Yes, well…that was delightful.” I pulled myself up again and stalked back to the cabin to put some clothes on.


That afternoon, Setsuna and I took my father’s little boat out. We sailed the high seas while Michiru took a nap. It was odd for Michi to turn down a water sport, but I think she was already set to call it quits. I, meanwhile, was feeling better, and Setsuna seemed high spirited even though we were hoping she would crash right after the fireworks. It would be a very long night for us if that girl didn’t sleep. I scratched my arm, which was itchy.

After the boat ride, Michiru woke up and decided to paint the evening sky while I built a fire for dinner. I asked the good-natured Setsuna to help me carry some more firewood. I watched in amusement as she picked up a piece and stumbled over the rocks towards the campfire. “Got enough there?” I asked.

“It’s heavy!” she responded.

So she was weak, but she was cute.

We cooked hotdogs over the fire without too much hassle. My dad had left an apparatus that you put the hotdogs in to cook them, eliminating the messy prospect of them falling off the stick. I thought it might have been easier to just put them in the microwave, but Michi wanted to do the whole "camping out" thing. At least we ate indoors.

We had just finished our dinner up at the cabin and sat back down around the beach campfire to wait for dark when I noticed Setsuna kept moving from spot to spot. First she was sitting on a rock, but she started dashing smaller rocks against it. Then she tried to sit on the pieces of wood the boat usually sat on, but jumped again pretty quickly. She kicked it a few times before finally ending up in my lawn chair with me, on my lap. I didn’t mind too much, and Michiru thought it was cute. I was actually glad that it was Setsuna and not my Michi. Michiru smelled like a walking can of bug spray. It was then that I noticed Setsuna's stick.

Setsuna was bundled up in jeans and a sweatshirt and she felt soft and warm (think cuddly kitten material), so I tried to cuddle her. It would have been a nice bonding moment if she hadn’t been bending over every couple of minutes to smack at something on the rocks with this stick she had picked up somewhere. It was becoming tiresome. I wanted a cuddle, dang-it! “What are you doing with that stick? You’ve been hitting things all night with it, haven’t you.”

She whispered to me confidentially, “The spiders are everywhere! Haven’t you seen?”

“I haven’t noticed,” muttered Michiru, smacking a mosquito off the top of her hooded head. “But then again, I’ve been busy.”

“They must be coming out because of the fire. You ought to be safe on my lap, though. Good thing Michiru isn’t the jealous type.” I winked at my girlfriend.

She waved her hand. “I’m so uncomfortable right now, I wouldn’t care if you were cheating on me with Seiya!”

I blanched. “That is not funny!” I then wiggled. “Setsie, as long as you’re here, could you scratch my back?”

“Setsie?” She raised an eyebrow. Setsuna had one of the easiest names to form cute little nicknames out of. We liked to drive her crazy.

“Please? I’ll give you a kiss.” I grinned like a cheshire cat.

Setsuna looked at Michiru. “Your girlfriend is trying to seduce me, Michi.”

Michiru was pulling her cuffs more firmly down over her hands. “Haruka, stop seducing that poor girl and stoke up the fire some more! It’s nearly dark.” Michiru seemed to brighten at the thought of fireworks.

Setsuna was scratching my back and I was purring. “Ohhhyesthat’sreallynice!”

She started to laugh. “No self control.” WHACK. She took another swing at the rocks with her Spider Whacking Stick®.

Soon mosquitoes and spiders were forgotten as Setsuna broke open the pack of fireworks. She eagerly set up the first one on the little cement “launch pad”, and fired up my lighter. Her eyes gleamed with excitement.

Michi was cuddled in my arms now that Setsuna had vacated, and it was worth it even with the bug spray smell. “Do you think we should be letting her light those?” she asked. “What are the odds she lights that hair of hers on fire?”

“Well it can’t hurt to give it a try. I hate lighting and scrambling.”

Setsuna really took the instructions on the fireworks seriously. She was supposed to light the wick and GET AWAY. Well, she GOT AWAY so fast, she stumbled on the rocks and tumbled as the firework went off. She cowered in terror as the sparks went flying all around her.

Michi looked at me. “See?”

I smirked. “She’ll get the hang of it.”

Setsuna held up a little firework. “This one is called ‘Flowers and Butterflies’.”

“Oooo…” I said for effect.

“Ahhh…” giggled Michiru.

Setsuna laughed like mad as she lit the firework and moved backwards. The firework burst forth in slightly half-assed glory as we watched appreciatively. Once it had burned out, Setsuna knocked it off the launch pad and set another one in its place. “This one is called ‘Monsoon’.”

“Oooo…‘Monsoon’! This one will be a winner, I can tell!”

Michiru elbowed me for being ridiculously over-enthusiastic.

The firework blazed to life and we watched it. “Haven’t we seen this before?” I asked.

“Yes,” answered Michiru dryly. “It was called ‘Flowers and Butterflies’.”

Setsuna laughed so hard she could hardly light the next firework.

In awhile we were getting a bit tired, but we were pretty amused. “These are the cheapest fireworks I’ve ever seen!” I laughed. Some had been really pretty, but a lot of them had resembled ‘Flowers and Butterflies’ in more ways than one. My favorite one was a horrifically loud one called “Piccolo Pete’. It shot out bright lights and a loud screeching noise for longer than thirty seconds. I loved it. Michiru eventually proclaimed she was going deaf, but I could have listened to that all day.

Finally we came to the end of the batch. Setsuna lit the firework and scrambled for the last time. “What’s this one called, Setsuna?” I asked. “It looks familiar too.”

Once the firework had burned out, she examined the writing on the shell. “Um…‘Flowers and Butterflies’.” Setsuna immediately bent over in hysterical giggles.

Michiru rolled her eyes. “Did you really have to ask that question?”

“Nah, I just wanted to hear Setsuna say it one more time.”


Back up at the cabin, we tried our best to get ready for bed. We went to the bathroom again using a huge flashlight that lit the woods up like day. Michiru and Setsuna didn't seem so concerned about privacy at night in the pitch blackness, and they were eternally grateful that I stood down the path and shined the flashlight at them. "That thing is God," announced Michi. The mosquitoes didn't seem so bad at night either.

Then we brushed our teeth using coffee mugs with water, attempted to wash our faces, and went to bed. Michiru curled up on the makeshift couch, which was borderline comfortable, and Setsuna burrowed down in her quilt with a sleeping bag for padding on the collapsible cot. I took the air mattress upstairs, braving the spiders. I had sprayed the place earlier, so I figured they had to be really dumb to attempt an assault.

Things were quiet for some time until I woke up with a jolt. I listened carefully, but there was no noise from downstairs. The girls were either asleep or at the bathroom being terrorized by wild animals. But I suddenly realized what had awoken me. My whole body was itching like it was on fire. "Oh my God!" I started to scratch convulsively at my pajamas. "Help!"

I heard the cabin door open and the girls came back in in their mosquito gear, holding the huge flashlight. "Haruka? Are you awake? We‘ve just been to the bathroom."

"Help me...I'm dying!" I scratched my back like a demon.

"What's wrong?" asked Michiru. "Come down here and let me help."

I painfully climbed down the ladder and threw myself into her arms. "Help me! I itch!"

Setsuna turned on the lamp while Michiru attended to me. "Let me lift up your shirt. Maybe you have bugs in it." She lifted my shirt up in back and gasped. "Love, you are completely broken out in a rash back here! What did you do?"

I groaned. "I don't know! I did fall in the weeds earlier, but they're just woodsy plants!"

Michiru pulled my shirt off me and we realized my front was also saturated with the rash. "Sweetie, I think you may have fallen in poison ivy."

"Oh no!" I howled, scratching my rashy legs and arms. "Please help me."

"But how did you get it all over you like this? You're a mess!"

"I was in my swimsuit!" I wailed. I knew I despised that suit!

"Here, try this," said Setsuna, pulling calamine lotion out of the bag. "If we put this on you, it will help the itch."

Setsuna and Michiru spent the rest of the night dabbing calamine lotion onto my poison ivy rash and listening to me cry. We got absolutely no sleep, but the girls were very good to me. It wasn't often that Sailor Uranus lay on her stomach on the couch, covered in pink medicine, balling. I could imagine the Inners taking photographs in mirth.


The next morning dawned in silence as we packed up the car. Michiru was covered in mosquito bites from head to toe. It was as if they had been out to kill her from the moment we got there, and had almost succeeded. Setsuna's hair had a very smoky smell and her poor fingers were a bit singed from fireworks spitting at her. She held her Spider Whacking Stick and kept her eyes out for eight legged creatures that might decide to crawl over her feet. Paranoia was written all over her. I was still covered in calamine lotion. It was all over my face, my arms, my legs, my body, and yes, even my butt. I was uncomfortable being alive.

Michiru climbed into the driver's seat and finally spoke. "You just sit and relax and I'll drive us to your aunt and uncle's house."

I didn't love the idea of Michiru driving my car in unfamiliar territory, but I was too twitchy to drive. As I settled in the car and wrapped an arm around Setsuna who was nodding off on me, I had never been so happy to be visiting my family, and Michiru didn't seem to be complaining either. We would just visit the family, stay overnight in a cozy hotel, and get the heck back home. We'd had enough of the cabin for one summer. "But it was kind of fun," Setsuna murmured sleepily.

I shook my head. "Go to sleep, Setsie." I then instructed Michiru to drive straight for an hour. "You know what, Michi?"


"I've never been so excited about going to visit my homophobic family."

She laughed. "Neither have I, Ruka. Neither have I....."


Okay, this one took a month to write! I know the Fourth of July was ages ago, but that’s when I actually *started* this story. And I’ll mention that most of this is true, except for the extreme misery. There *are* mosquitoes though. Oh yes...there are mosquitoes that bite your bum when you use the outdoor toilet. Piccolo Pete and Flowers and Butterflies also exist, unfortunately. Fireworks really are cheap nowadays. They all look the same, as Haruka noted. But Piccolo Pete was one of the coolest even it if did make your ears ring.

Next time: Haruka and Michiru are visited by an unexpected furry guest...with Setsuna in tow. See you next time!

The accompanying illustration:

Yes, Haruka’s in her underwear. lol

Also, if you like these stories and you like art, you may want to check out my new page called “Michiru’s Scrapbook”. It features photo-style drawings and other odds and ends with comments by Michiru. Check it out if you like the Outers as a family.



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