The Odd Adventures of Haruka, Michiru, and Setsuna

By Lady Grizabella


Note: This part involves a kiss between girls, so if you can’t handle that…why are you reading this fanfiction? lol

Menace On The Subway! Setsuna Is Spoken For



I don’t like it when people drive my car. Or my motorcycles. I’m not so picky about my cute little motorbikes, but it takes guts to get on one of them. So when Michiru and Setsuna decided to go out for the afternoon on the same day I was to be at the garage, I knew we would have a problem. I sensed another huge disagreement coming on.

"Haruka, can’t you just drop us off downtown on your way to the garage?" Michiru asked me as she cleared away the dinner dishes. Then to Setsuna: "For God’s sake, eat! You’re a chopstick!" Michiru wanted us all to be strong, healthy, and pleasantly plump, and Setsuna stubbornly refused to gain any weight.

"Honey, I’m leaving for the garage at six-thirty in the morning. Good luck getting her out of bed that early." I gestured to Setsuna who was gloomily picking apart a piece of bread.

"I don’t believe you’re getting up that early. It must be some kind of miracle!" Michiru shook her head. "But six-thirty is way too early, even for me. And I’m not dragging cranky Setsuna through the shopping district all day on that little sleep. She’ll be ready to cop out by lunchtime."

"Need I remind you that I’m in the room?" Setsuna grumbled.

I started to pick off Setsuna’s plate. It’s a wonder I wasn’t pudgy, even more so than Michiru wanted me to be. "What if you took the motorcycle?" I figured it was better than my beloved car.

"I’m not getting on that thing. It’s dangerous. And I wish you would stop giving rides to the little girls, as well." The ‘little girls’ were now nearly twenty (not that they acted like it). "Let us have the car, Ruka."

"No way! I’m taking the car to show off to the guys at the garage."

"I’ll take the little motorbike," said Setsuna.

I shook my head. "Try to remember that you hate to drive, and all you have is an expired learner’s permit."

"Well, I’m not afraid to drive a little motorbike," she groused.

Michiru stopped all further debate. "It doesn’t matter. We will take the subway."

I smiled. "Good girls. Very independent." Honestly, I was tired of driving their butts everywhere. Not very gracious, I know.

Since no one had any complaints, Michiru stopped trying to force-feed Setsuna, and we congregated in the living room for Silent Reading Time (another one of Michiru’s organized sanity-saving activities).


I’m to understand that the next morning at about ten o’clock my girls got on the subway that would take them to downtown Tokyo. This in itself wasn’t that exciting, nor was what they did there. I assume they had tea and went shopping, although after our recent blowup, Michiru bought next to nothing. All in all, I think they had a good day. Things only got complicated when they caught the subway to come home again.

When the girls boarded, the train was pretty full, so they were going to have to sit next to people. Michiru had dropped into a seat next to some man and Setsuna sat next to her with an empty seat to her left.

At the next stop, an older, scruffy, suspicious-looking man had gotten on, and he took the seat next to Setsuna. "I felt Setsuna scoot a little closer to me, but I didn’t think anything of it," said Michiru. "She really doesn’t like it when strangers get too close to her."

They had ridden in silence for some time, but Setsuna had started inching closer and closer to Michiru. "Eventually, she was practically in my lap, but her face showed no emotion. She just kept her eyes straight ahead behind her sunglasses."

Finally, Setsuna had leaned over to Michiru and whispered: ‘Michi, this guy is staring at me.’

Michiru had replied: ‘Just ignore him.’ I would have smacked him one, but I hadn’t been there to defend them from creeps.

‘But he keeps moving closer to my seat. He makes me nervous!’ Setsuna had complained.

This is the point in the story where I’m pacing around the living room with my hands balled into fists, vowing to pulverize the next guy who even glances at Setsuna.

"I really didn’t know what to do," said Michiru. "The train was so full, we couldn’t move to different seats. Maybe I should have switched places with her, but the guy to my right didn’t seem much better."

"Well, you shouldn’t have had to sit by any man!" I grunted.

So Setsuna had been forced to sit by this rather uncomfortably cozy guy, at least until he got off and someone more respectful got on. "If he had tried to touch her, I would have smacked him right in the face!" Michiru exclaimed with a vengeance. She would have, too. Michiru could hit hard.

Things had been peaceful for awhile, but suddenly Michiru heard the man speak. ‘Hi.’

Setsuna had just looked his direction for a brief moment and smiled vaguely. "But he pursued it!" Michiru exclaimed angrily. "He asked her what her name was."

A wail suddenly came from where Setsuna had curled up in an armchair. "I didn’t want to tell him, but it would have been impolite not to answer!"

"She told him?" I demanded.

"Actually, she told him her name was Trista. I wonder where she got Trista?"

"It just came to me," said Setsuna.

‘I’m Bobby,’ he had said. What kind of name was Bobby, anyway? ‘You have really pretty hair.’

‘Thanks,’ Setsuna had answered, still being polite.

‘Who’s your pretty friend over there?’ He had looked at Michiru.

This is the point where Michiru stops me from punching the wall. "Hentai!"

"Calm down, Haruka! He was smitten with Setsuna. I wouldn’t talk to him, so he basically ignored me."

‘I am reading,’ Michiru had answered, and ignored the man. This was one time when Michiru’s ice princess façade came in handy. Michiru had acted as if she was indeed reading her book, but she was secretly keeping an eye on the guy. "And I did not like where he was looking at all!" Across the room, Setsuna self-consciously folded her arms over her breasts. Michiru nodded. "Exactly."

"I should have killed him when I had the chance!" Why I didn’t think to pull my Space Sword when the guy came up from the subway, I don’t know. I would have if I had known the whole story at that point.

Then the guy had noticed the shopping bag that Setsuna had between her feet. ‘What have you got there? Something sexy? Lingerie?’

Setsuna’s eyes had narrowed behind her sunglasses. "I was expecting her to Dead Scream him right there and then," said Michiru. "But she kept calm. Our stop was coming up anyway."

Michiru had reached over and taken Setsuna’s hand, giving it a reassuring squeeze. ‘Well, our stop is coming up,’ she said to her. ‘Time to get off.’

"I had never been so relieved," said Setsuna.

"You should have punched him, Setsuna," I coached.

"I’d never been in that situation before. I didn’t know what to do offhand."

Michiru crossed her arms. "I think it was harassment. Asking her if she had purchased lingerie, honestly! What a question!"

"If you want this guy dead, Setsuna, just say the word and it’s done." I held a crazy look in my eyes.

"That’s very kind, Haruka, but it’s over now." Setsuna sunk down further in her chair.

Michiru had pulled Setsuna up the second the train stopped and yanked her out the door, only to discover that Bobby had followed them. This is the point in the story when I come back into it. I had walked to the subway stairs to meet them, and when I was still several paces away I saw them being followed up onto the street and then stopped by this guy. I wondered who he was, so I walked a little closer and stood within good hearing distance.

‘It was nice to see you today,’ he said to Setsuna. ‘I was wondering if you’d like to go out with me sometime?’

‘Uhhh…’ said Setsuna.

‘Maybe go back to my place for a drink?’ He winked. I glared and my teeth clenched in a very painful way.

Michiru studied him for a minute, before gently wrapping an arm around Setsuna’s shoulders. ‘Um, I’m afraid you don’t really understand, Sir. You see, she’s spoken for.’ Then Michiru swiftly turned Setsuna around and caught her lips in a deep kiss.

I had no idea what was going on, but I knew we had to get this guy away. I stepped forward without hesitation, pulled Setsuna away from Michiru, tilted her backwards and kissed her passionately. I opened one eye and took a look at the man’s face. Absolutely priceless.

The man turned tail and ran from us, revolted - or else very turned on. Either way, he knew he couldn’t handle us.

I still had Setsuna in my arms, who had gone rather limp. I was impressed. She hadn’t even flinched. She did look up at me and said rather breathlessly, ‘You two have a very avant-garde way of getting a point across!’


Now that I knew the whole story, and I actually knew why I had kissed Setsuna, I was pretty livid at the whole situation. "I should have just found a way to drive you! This wouldn’t have happened if I had been nicer."

Setsuna shrugged. "I’ve taken the subway before. Everyone has. It’s only once in awhile you end up with a freak."

Michiru nodded. "She’s right. We didn’t know what to do at first, but then we took care of it, Haruka."

I grinned. "You sure did. And you -" I pointed at Setsuna. "You liked it, admit it!"

She raised an eyebrow. "I’m straight, remember?"

"Damn." I laughed. "And here I thought we had a good thing going."


Yeah, public transportation pretty much sucks. lol And the sad thing is, parts of this are based on personal experience! Anyway…

Next time: With any luck, Setsuna’s birthday special! In hopes of entertaining Setsuna, Haruka picks the one thing that is the least enjoyable for the birthday girl.

~Lady Grizabella

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