The Odd Adventures of Haruka, Michiru, and Setsuna

By Lady Grizabella


Note: Iím bumping the rating of this story to PG-13, I think. This chapter is a tad risquť, and the next one will be too, so I just wanted to give warning that the rating is higher, at least for the next couple of chapters. Hey, itís all Harukaís fault for thinking and doing naughty things!!

Haruka: Thanks so much. -_-;



October 29th! Haruka And Michiru Try To Entertain Setsuna



Michiru was studying the calendar one chilly day in late October. "Haruka, do you know what day is coming up soon?"

My blood froze. "Itís not our anniversary yet, is it? Is it today? Did I miss it somehow?"

Michiru raised an eyebrow. "No, itís not our anniversary, even though you really should know that."

I breathed a sigh of relief.

"Itís Setsunaís birthday."

"Oh! So it is!" I smiled. "Thatís fun."

Michiru pressed her hands together and sighed wistfully. "Our little girl is turningÖ"

"Twenty?" I guessed.

"Two Thousand?"

"Two Million?"

Michiru shrugged. "Sheís turning something."

"Letís just say sheís turning twenty-one. Then we can take her out for a drink, just like Americans do when their kids turn twenty-one."

"We have to do something special for her twenty-first birthday," Michiru agreed. "Letís just hope itís better than what we did for ours."

"I donít remember my birthday. Did I even have a twenty-first birthday?" I wrinkled my forehead.

Michiru smiled. "You were in the hospital after a racing crash. You were out cold for most of it."


"Setsuna and Hotaru put a party hat on your head, but that was the closest we came to celebrating."

"What did we do for your birthday?"

"We went out with my parents, remember?"

I shivered. "Oh yes. How could I forget that?" An evening with the perfect Kaioh parents was always a humbling experience. Setsuna and I hung out in the restroom for a lot of our dinner. "Well, weíre going to make her birthday special this year. She finally has a family to help her celebrate, so we have to do something with a bang." I clapped my hands together. "Let me plan it! I know the perfect thing to do for a girlís twenty-first birthday. Something sexy and fun."

Michiru hesitated. "I donít know if sheís going to like sexy very much. I canít picture Setsuna as the type."

"Just leave it to me! Sheíll love it!" I pranced off in search of a phonebook, while Michiru tried to find a recipe to make a cake.


"Where exactly are we going?" Setsuna was standing on Michiruís vanity chair, reluctantly being outfitted for her big night. (Michiru loved to dress people up, even against their will.) "Where is Haruka taking us? We really donít have to do this. Iíve been twenty-oneish for milleniums."

"I donít know where weíre going, but we want to be dressed appropriately." Michiru pulled a rather modest red dress over Setsunaís head. It came to her knees and poofed out slightly. It was fancy, and the kind of dress you would wear to a nice dinner. "There, thatís beautiful!"

Setsuna looked at herself critically in the mirror. "Isnít Hotaru coming with us?"

Michiru motioned for Setsuna to kneel down so she could brush her hair and pull it back in barrettes rather than itís usual bun. "Haruka says this isnít an outing for Hotaru. Weíre all going to go to the movies tomorrow so she can celebrate with us."

"I seeÖI think."

I chose this moment to stop lurking around the doorway, and entered the bedroom to put in my two cents. "She looks beautiful, but Iím not sure if that outfit is quite appropriate for where weíre going."

"Haruka, just tell us what weíre doing. We canít get dressed if we donít know!" Michiru picked through her closet.

"Here Setsuna, put this on." I held up a very short red Chinese-style dress that was made out of a shiny plastic substance, and Setsunaís gothic combat boots.

Setsuna gawked at the dress. "I donít want to."

"Youíll want to wear this, trust me."

Michiru looked just as freaked. "What will I wear?"

"What you have on is fine. Sunaís the birthday girl, so we have to dress her up. This evening is for her." At this point, I left the room so they could stew over the sexy red dress.


I covered up Setsunaís eyes with my hands and walked her from the car towards our destination. "I donít like this," she complained, holding her arms out in front of her.

Michiru shook her head when she realized where we were headed. "Oh, Haruka, I donít know. She may not enjoy this."

"What? Whatís going on?!" Setsuna practically yelled.

"Of course she will! Sheís a girl, isnít she?"


I opened the door to the building and made Setsuna stand there with my hands still over her eyes while Michiru handed over money to get in. Setsuna tried to pull away from me, but I kept my hands firmly over her eyes. "Whatís that music? Whoís cheering and screaming? Whatís going on?"

"Youíll see," I said.

Michiru took Setsunaís arm and we led her towards the thumping music and female screams.

"I know," Setsuna said sarcastically. "Youíve brought me to the pits of hell for my birthday."

"Pretty much."

"Michiru!" I waited for the perfect moment before whipping my hands away from Setsunaís eyes. "Voila!"

Setsuna was face to face with a man dancing on a stage. She stared in shock for about two seconds before screaming, jumping at me, and hiding behind me. "Haruka, that man is naked!"

I crossed my arms. "Yes. Yes, he certainly is."

"Why is he naked?" Setsuna demanded.

"Good question." Michiru watched with little enthusiasm.

"Heís naked just for you." I pulled Setsuna out from behind me and pushed her into a chair. She sat, staring, with her mouth open. Michiru and I looked at each other and sat on either side of her. "So what do you think?"

"He looks like Mamoru," said Setsuna, staring at his general groin area.

"Ew!" said Michiru.

"How do you know that?!" I howled. Setsuna + Mamoru = UGH!!

"Iím the Guardian of Time. I know everything," she said smugly.

"Iím surprised Mamoru is that big."

"Michiru!" I gasped.

The guy on the stage danced over towards our table. Setsuna cowered and Michiru started to giggle nervously before waving a waiter over to order a drink. I looked up at the guy with a grin on my face. "Setsuna, give him some money."

"No way!" she said.

The guy swiveled his hips and winked at me. I looked at Setsuna who pressed herself against the back of her chair, and Michiru who was downing a shot held by some shirtless, muscular man, and then back at the stripper. "Meee?"

The guy smiled and nodded.

"ErÖ" I wasnít sure what to do. Sorry, buddy, but Iím a lesbian. I watched a girl nearby me put a bill between her teeth, so I did the same. I stretched my neck out and the guy took the money with his teeth. Then he gave me a small kiss. Once he had gone back to dancing, I looked at the giggling Setsuna and wiped my mouth with my hand. "Yuck."

"That was great, Ruka! I wish I had a picture of that!"

"Iíll bet you do." I slumped back into my seat and ogled the other girls, most of who wore skimpy clothes.

Michiru smacked the table. " ĎSex on the Beachí here!"

The girl next to me had a thong sticking out the back of her jeans. I nudged Setsuna. "This isnít so bad."


I had my chin resting in my hand. "This is pretty bad."

Setsuna yawned. "Maybe I like girls."

"Donít tease." I looked at Michiru who had little neon shot capsules lying around her. "At least sheís happy."

"Take if off!" yelled Michiru.

"Itís off," I informed her.

"Iím ready for him to do something exciting," said Setsuna, sipping her drink and gesturing to the man on the stage.

I had been waiting for her drink to kick in in hopes she would enjoy herself, but I was reaching my fill of naked men. "Are you drunk yet?"

Setsuna swirled her drink with her straw. "Nope."

I looked at the girl with the thong once more. "I have a better idea. Grab one of Smileyís arms and letís go."

"Goodbye naked men!" hollered Michiru as we pulled her towards the exit.


"Yeah, thatís more like it!" I yelled, waving a bill around in the air.

Stripper Bambie stood in front of Setsuna and bounced her bosom at her. Setsuna shook her head. "I donít think I like girls either."

"I do," I said, waving the bill. Bambie pranced over and ran her fingers through my hair. "Itís a good thing sheís asleep." I gestured at Michiru, who was passed out practically on Setsuna. "Iím surprised youíre letting her lean on you like that."

"She seems comfyÖ" Setsuna was suddenly hit in the back of the head with a random bare breast. "ÖWhich is more than can be said for me."

I tisked at the fact that I hadnít been smacked with a breast yet. "Some girls have all the luck."

Michiru lifted her head, raised one finger, muttered, "SexÖBeach," and promptly passed out again.

I sighed. "I think it might be time to go home."


After I carried Michiru into the house and put her into bed, I went to find Setsuna. I cracked open her door to find her reading on her bed, so I went in, singing softly. "Happy Birthday to youÖHappy Birthday to youÖ"

Setsuna looked up to find me carrying a small cake, simply packed with lit candles. "Ruka?"

"Happy Birthday Dear Setsie, Happy Birthday to you!" I wasnít the best singer, but I managed to squeak out the song.

"OhÖHarukaÖ" Her face shone in the candlelight, her eyes alight with a smile. "Itís beautiful!"

I sat across from her and placed the cake before her. "Make a wish."

She thought for a moment before she leaned forward and blew out every candle. She had a good set of lungs for being almost as old as Time.

"What did you wish for?" I asked.

She grinned at me. "Canít tell. It wonít come true."

"Bah. I donít really believe in that. What did you wish for?"

She gazed at me. "Promise you wonít laugh?"

"I promise."

She smiled. "I wish that we three will always be together and that I wonít have to be alone anymore."

I smiled. That was brave to say, coming from someone who never talked much about her lonely past. "Come here." I reached for her and hugged her close. "Michiru and I will never leave you."

She snuggled into my arms. "Iím glad." She paused for a moment before adding, "I also wished that you would never take me to another strip club."

I burst out laughing. "Okay, itís a deal. What do you say we go cut this cake?"

Setsuna and I headed towards the kitchen just in time to hear Michiru yell from the bedroom, "Sex on the Beach!"

YesÖI think we were all done with strip clubsÖ.



In case you didnít guess, "Sex On The Beach" is a drink, and it actually tastes pretty dang good. Iíve had it in shot form in a little neon cylinder. Yummy, but expensive!

An accompanying illustration:

Warning: There is a bare butt in the drawing.

Coming Up: After a misunderstanding, Haruka sets out to prove that sheís not a pervert. These chapters seem to be taking an interesting turn. It must be the changing of the weather. lol

~Lady Grizabella

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