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Chapter 2

Reaching Makoto's appartment the taller girl sighed, reluctantly releasing her hand from Minako's. She was still unsure of why Minako had taken hold of it in the first place but she was so happy she knew better than to question it. "This is it Makoto," she said softly to herself as she opened her door.

"Nani?" Minako looked at her friend puzzled.

"Nan demo nai!" Makoto turned bright red. "I suppose I was just thinking out loud or something. Gomen ne."

"What were you thinking about?" Minako was curious of her friends strange behavior. She knew she had always affected Makoto but never realized it until the other night.

"Oh it was nothing, really." Makoto tried to reassure her friend.

Minako took hold of Makoto's hand once more and led her into the appartment. Once they stood in Makoto's kitchen Minako leaned in close to Makoto and whispered to her, "you know your cute when your nervous" before walking away to sit on the couch. She made herself at home at Makoto's. After all she practically lived there now.

Makoto was stuck, in the same spot, unable to move for what seemed like hours to her. She was confused by her friend, to say the very least. Makoto knew Minako liked to flirt with her and that it had never meant anything. But now it seemed as if she were trying extra hard, and now Minako added physical contact instead of just words. Glancing down at her hand, the one that held Minako's not so long ago, Makoto convinced herself that there was more to Minako's odd behavior than just friendly flirting. She wanted to believe that maybe, her friend loved her just as much as she loved the blonde. "That has got to be it." Makoto told herself.

"So you gonna stand there and talk to yourself all day or come watch tv with me?" Minako called from her spot on the couch. Yes, Minako finally realized her best friend was in love with her. Although Makoto had percieved her to be asleep the other night she wasn't fully asleep yet, only pretended to be so she could see what Makoto was up to. When she felt Makoto's soft lips on her skin she knew that this was for real. She could stop pretending to flirt with her and actually do it. She could finally be with her friend excatly how she always wanted to be. And tonight would be the night she showed her that love she'd always wanted to.

Makoto stumbled over to the couch and sat down on the end away from Minako. Minako simply whimpered and moved closer to her friend so she could rest her head on Makoto's shoulder. After she got comfortable she placed her hand on Makoto's leg and began to idly trace patterns on her leg while she watched the tv. Simply put, Makoto was in heaven but was too confused to enjoy it.

Never had she been given the chance to be so close to Minako. That is, other than when Minako was asleep. Now Minako was practically throwing herself at Makoto and Makoto had no clue why. She closed her eyes and took in the sweet smell of Minako's hair and got lost in the feel of Minako's body next to hers, the soft warm body that she adored so much. Makoto was desperate for answers to the questions she didn't dare ask.

"Ano...Minako?" Makoto's voice came out so soft and quiet it suprised even her.

"Is something wrong Makoto?" Minako asked never taking her eyes off the tv. Makoto started to laugh as she realized what she was about to ask and Minako looked at her curiously. "What's so funny?"

"Well I just realized I was about to ask your permission to get up and go get a drink of water," Makoto told her.

"Why would you need my permission?" Minako laughed. "This is your appartment after all."

"I know, I realize that now silly...I just didn't want you to have to lose your head rest when I got up." Makoto kept laughing, unsure of why.

"Are you sure your okay Mako-chan? You've been jumpy all day and now your laughing like a five year old." Minako tried to look serious but seeing her friend so goofy was rare and she enjoyed it.

"Mmm.. I'm fine, just need something to drink. Want anything?"

"Just you." Minako said being completly serious. Makoto almost fell over unable to concentrate on standing. She looked confused, which she was so Minako tried to help her out a bit. "Just get a drink then come back to your room. I'll give you your massage I owe you then after that I'll explain everything to you.

Makoto gave her a funny look but did as she said and headed to the kitchen. She reached for the largest glass she could find and filled it up with cold water. She wanted to know what was going on with Minako so bad. Why was she all over her? "Oh God, what if she's going to tell me she loves me tonight? No, wait don't get your hopes up Makoto. There's no way you could get that lucky. What if it's something bad?"

"Talking to yourself again I see." Minako made her presence in the kitchen known. Makoto almost dropped her glass on the floor.

"I..Well uhh.."

"Don't worry, I didn't hear much. I was just wondering where the lotion went." Minako told Makoto. "You really do need a massage babe. Your muscles must be as tense as you are today."

"Yeah well it's been a long day for me Minako. Anyways, I'll show you where it is." Makoto led Minako out of the kitchen. Right now she didn't know what to think so she decided it would be better to just stop thinking all together.

After the lotion was gotten Makoto was shooed into her bedroom and instructed to lay down on her bed. "You need to take your shirt and stuff off so I can do this you know," Minako told her.

Makoto knew Minako had seen her nude a million times before but now something felt weird about it. Minako could tell Makoto was feeling uncomfortable so she turned around while Makoto took off her shirt. Once she layed back down Minako turned back around and positioned herself so she was straddling Makoto's thighs sat on her knees. She placed a bit of the lotion on Makoto's back and began to spread it over her soft skin.

Minako felt as if she would burst from the contact and could tell Makoto was enjoying it just as much as her. Makoto was fully relaxed and no more than ten minutes into the massage Makoto was fast asleep. Minako continued to work out all the knots in her muscles before finally stopping. She leaned forward and placed a few kisses on Makoto's back and one on her forehead.

She climbed out of the bed and, taking one last look at her friend to make sure she was asleep, she turned out the light. Once Makoto woke up she would be sure to tell her just how she felt and show her love to the sleeping senshi. "If only I'd known earlier Makoto," she thought. "Now I'll show you just how much I love you, and always have." Minako left the bedroom and began to prepare for the night ahead of her, the one that she'd remember for the rest of her life.

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