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Chapter 1

"So, you wanna race me? I bet I can beat you," Minako teased her best friend wanting someone to race against. They were at Minako's favorite hangout, besides the mall, and Minako didn't have anyone to play video games with.

"You know I suck at games. Besides, I already know I'll lose. The only one who can beat you is Haruka-san." Makoto sat down at one of the booths exhausted from the lack of sleep she got the previous night.

"I bet I could beat her. I've improved you know," Minako stood next to where Makoto was sitting. As she noticed the grin on Makoto's face she felt as if something were wrong. "Why do you look so entertained all of the sudden?"

Makoto just kept grinning when suddenly a very familiar voice spoke up behind Minako. "You really think you can beat me?"

When Minako heard Haruka's voice she practicaly jumped into Makoto's lap. "Haruka-san..You scared me."

"Well what are you waiting for? You think you can beat me so let's go." Haruka walked off and sat down in one of the seats of the F1 racing game.

Minako could only gulp, knowing full well Haruka would beat her. She slowly walked towards the game and sat down. Once the two began the race, Haruka let Minako take the lead like always. Makoto and Michiru stood behind the two, watching in anticipation. Just as Minako saw the finish line she realized she was still in first place. All of the sudden Haruka flew by her winning the game.

"It's not fair!" Minako slammed her fists against the steering wheel in frustration.

"Oh come on, it's not that bad." Makoto said trying to comfort her friend. Minako finally stood up and facing Makoto gave her a very mean look. Makoto took a few steps back, knowing she could very well be in trouble.

"You owe me so big for not telling me Haruka was behind me that whole time."

"I couldn't help it!" Makoto tried to think of ways to defend herself.

"Well now you gotta make it up to me." Minako smiled innocently and sat down at a booth. Haruka and Michiru left saying they were out shopping and decided to stop in and say hi since they saw the two from the window. Makoto after saying farewell to the couple sat down across from Minako at the table.

"So what do I have to do to make it up to you?"

'Well you could ask me out, be my girlfriend, tell me you love me...' A million ideas ran through Minakos head. She'd known for quite some time how she felt towards her best friend and finally decided that it was time to do something about it. She just hoped Makoto would feel the same. "How about you make me dinner at your place tonight?"

The only thing Makoto could think after hearing that was "oh no." She knew if Minako was at her house she'd most likely spend the night again. For the third night in a row. Not that Makoto really minded, but the lack of sleep was starting to get to her. Since she lived by herself she had only one bed, and of course Minako would insist that they share it.

While sharing a bed with Minako is definatly on the top of Makoto's list of enjoyable things, it was hard none the less. As Minako would sleep Makoto would watch her sleeping all night long. Listening to her soft breath, wishing she could hold her and tell her how she truely felt. "Tonight." she told herself. "Tonight I'm going to tell Minako just how I feel about her."

"Dinner sounds good to me. What do you want me to make you?" Makoto asked already getting nervous at her new goal of telling Minako how she felt.

"I don't care, whatevers good for you. Your the cook after all." Minako smiled at Makoto and as she looked into Makoto's eyes she had to look away. 'She can be so intense sometimes. Without even trying her eyes are so intense, and beautiful..' Minako thought. "What time is it after all?"

"It's almost six. We should probably head back to my place."

"It's six already? Where'd the day go?" Minako asked truely confused as to how it could be six already.

"Well lets see. When you woke up it was almost 12:30 then you made me make you breakfast so by the time we left my house it was around 1:30. Then the trip to the mall where you nearly dislocated my shoulder from pulling on my arm so hard whenever you saw a shirt you like."

"Sorry about that Mako-chan. I'll give you a massage tonight to make it feel better if you like."

'Breathe Makoto' the brown haired girl kept telling herself. It was just an offer. Just a massage. But still, skin on skin. "Un, that'd be nice Minako."

"Good. So lets get out of here now and get back to your place."

The two left the arcade and started walking back to Makoto's appartment. As Makoto's appartment building came into view Makoto felt something soft on her hand and looked to see Minako lightly holding on to it. She wasn't completly sure why, but she wasn't about to fight the fact the Minako was holding on to her. Instead she took a chance, and laced her fingers with Minako's. Neither dared to look at the other and just walked to Makoto's knowing full well they had a long night ahead of them.

To be continued...

Chapter 2
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