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this before you is the sad beginnings of a dark kingdom fan-fiction archive. as i don't have time to actually read over any submitted work, thusly you may conclude that i will not be accepting outside works, except at my own request (aside from lack of time on my part, the only person who has taken a fancy to this page is me it seems >_<)

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hosted : my works

hosted pieces // my works

title : a funny thing happened to me on the way to the negaverse
by : lord malachite
synopsis : nephlyte recounts the story of how he was chased by a schizophrenic homicidal Russian cleaning lady / part-time nun
comment : *sigh* it's nothing like the movie ...

title : circles
by : NaruMolly
synopsis : the king's arn't as dead as you think, and neither is beryl for that matter
comments : whoa- talk about flashbacks

title : tacky yellow no-names (links to page)
by : various members of o.s.m.c
synopsis : zoisite spends too much, and malachite is quite the entreprenure
comments : if anything, read it for the commercial

title : sanity
by : moon momma
synopsis : naru can't keep track of names
comments : umino's gotta feel pretty stupid right about now

my works // hosted

title : august moon
by : t h r e a d s
synopsis : nephrite is dead, but for once, naru has a choice to do something about it
comment : i've finally been worn down to write nephrite x naru fics

title : a diamond in the rough
by : t h r e a d s
synopsis : prince dimando is dead (ha ha ha)
comments : the first sailor moon fan-poem i ever wrote

title : eyes
by : t h r e a d s
synopsis : zoisite always did have the neatest eyes ...
comments : one of the few poems i'm proud of

title : in my dreams
by : t h r e a d s
synopsis : zoisite and kunzite are their usual bitter selves in the silver millennium
comments : stereotypical, but i'm too lazy to think up something new

title : love?
by : t h r e a d s
synopsis : love stinks (but not as good as the song)
comments : hmm... is it me, or do i smell cheese?

title : the one time
by : t h r e a d s
synopsis : a weepy zoisite poem
comments : refer above

title : reprise
by : t h r e a d s
synopsis : zoisite is depressed and confused, but then what else is new?
comments : wrote this at 3:30am because i always manage to get temporary insomnia in the summer

title : spooky
by : t h r e a d s
synopsis : that which fascinates kunzite
comments : always did pin kunzite to be the sadist out of the two

title : voices inside my head, echoes of what you said 2000 - authors notes : prelude : the tale
by : t h r e a d s
synopsis : sombody dies, a king goes crazy, and a lame ending
comments : i just keep rewriting this sucker ... one day i'll get it right

title : the one and only time i let queen beryl beat me at battleship (a.k.a. wannabe)
by : t h r e a d s
synopsis : plot! what plot?
comments : you'll never look at battleship the same way again (or maybe you will)

title : the one and only time sailor pluto left the time door for a cup of coffee (a.k.a wannabe 2: the attack of the killer crossovers!)
by :
t h r e a d s
synopsis : malachite is disgruntled, jadeite is encased in windex, the scout's are bored, nephlyte's gone AWOL, and there's a who lotta sugar ...
comments : this is damn embarassing

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