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News - Jan 5
Ok Robopon came in the mail today, its reall cool. I will be adding alot of pictures and tuns more info about the game as soon as my computer is fixed witch will probibly be between now and Saturday the 13.

News - Dec 26
In the past two weeks, I've been to at least five vidio game stores and none of them had ever even heard of Robopon. So today I ordered it online at Click here to go directly to buy Robopon at amazon. It will be coming in the mail on thursday the 28th. I'll be posting more info when I get it.

News - Dec 15
Ok, Robopon has now been released, get it at your local vidio game store or click here to buy it online at Electronic Boutique's website. It says that it usualy ships in 24 hours. Remember, this dosent mean you'll get it at your house in 24 hours, it means that they put your order in the mail, 24 hours after you order, so it could take a few days to get it.

News - Dec 11
Hello and welcome to the first Robopon fan site online! So far only a few of the sections are up but they should be all up soon. Robopon's Release date is set to be 12/07/00, but it make take a few extra days to be in stores. Electronic Boutique says that Robopon will arive in stores on 12/13/00. If you go to the links page you can go to some other sites with robopon info on them.