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Story Line

This is Porombo Island - where Robopon and humans live together in harmony. One day, Cody inherits the near-bankrupt Robopon Dispatching Company, and its useless Robopon from his Grandpa Hogle. Around this time, people of all ages were captivated by the idea of creating their own Robopon and entering them in the BattleRobo Tournament. In order to rebuild his company, Cody set out on a journey with his Robopon. Soon, he too found himself caught up in the Robopon frenzy. He began training for the title of Great Legend, given to the greatest Robopon Pro in the land.

Game Data

Game Info Media
System Pictures
•Game Boy Story
Publisher News
Release date
December 7, 2000



The hero of our story and an aspiring Robopon Pro. Thanks to his absent-minded grandfather he is now the proud owner of the Robopon Dispatching Company. In order to save the company from financial ruin he goes forth on a journey to create the ultimate Robopon which he hopes will strengthen the brand recognition of the Robopon Dispatching Company.


Sunny is one of the first generation Robopon, who was given to Cody to start his Robopon Pro training.


Digit is a AA battery who has been Sunny's main rival ever since they were built.