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Fanfiction Links

A Romantic Interlude Crystal Heart's Fanfics are some of the greatest SM fics I've ever read. I can safely say that she is my favorite Sailor Moon writer. If you're still not clicking on that link, then I'm telling ya, you're missing out a LOT.
Generals Love:
The Untold Legend
One of my favorite Sailor Moon fanfic links, the site contains quite a collection of Senshi and General stories, which I REALLY like. If you're those who faithfully follows idea of Senshi and Generals together, then this is the place for you. Definitely.
Romance in Blue If you're an Ami fan, then click on this link. NOW. Romance in Blue contains a large collection of fanfics that stars Ami, and if you're NOT a fan of Senshi and Generals together, then you can look for Ami fanfics that doesn't have Zoisite here.
A Sailor Moon Romance If you've never heard of this page, WHERE IN THE WORLD WHERE YOU YOUR WHOLE LIFE?! This is THE Sailor Moon Fanfic Archive, and you're definitely missing out if you're not checking it out!
Cypris Have a few fanfics that I absolutaly love. I don't think they updated for a while, but it's still a great place to check out if you like Sailor Moon romance fanfics.
Nizardo's Crystal Palace I woudln't really go here for fanfics, but if you're looking for sounds or images, then check this out. A really nice page with quite a bit to look at!

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