"If men had wings and bore black feathers, few of them would be clever enough to be crows."
--Henry Ward Beecher
There is always an event in a person's life that either makes them or breaks them. It is a trial of sorts, a testament to make us who we are to become for the rest of our days. But some events are so overwhelming, the damage done can't be fixed and the lesson learned is worthless. Especially if such events were physically thought impossible, and unable to be explained.

How would one face an enemy who is both good, evil, smart, but selfish? How could it be that the individual is dead but breathes, who is a ghost yet tangible? How is it that those eyes, those beautiful eyes, hold the key to hell?

Quatre Raberba Winner is about to begin his trial as he experiences innocence lost, love, hate, lust, humility, friendship, anger, vengeance and murders of crows.

A Murder of Crows
Quatre and the rest of the boys had just completed a mission, when all hell broke loose. The five boys were forced to retreat to an abandoned house where they found out that it wasn't abandoned after all, and that their "host" wanted something from Quatre....his life. Pairings: 4+3, 4+OC, 2+1. [12 parts, complete]
Murder Of Crows - Sidestory
This is a little sidestory written by my beta reader, DD. What ever happened to Duo when the others were forced to leave him, and how did he get back? Pairing: 2+1. [Complete]
This is the interlude for 'A Murder of Crows' and sets the stage for the sequel. [Complete]
Another Murder of Crows
Sequel to 'A Murder of Crows'. It has been two years after the incident in Frankfurt and the boys aren't doing too well. Heero and Duo have broken up, bitterly, Trowa is nowhere to be found, Quatre's heart condition is getting worse, and he is also expecting a son. Genetic, of course. When a potential crisis is brought to light, they leave for Earth only to come face to face with an old enemy. If they are not united, how will they defeat him? Pairings: 4xOC, 5xS, and 1xR, eventual 1x2, 3x4. [51 parts, complete]
The Way It Came To Be
In chapter 1 of AMoC, Quatre explained that things weren't good between him and the rest of the Gundam boys. But how exactly did that happen? Post MoC/Pre AMoC. [2 parts, incomplete]
An Unpleasant Surprise | Another Problem
How The Triangle Died
This is a three-part sidestory on how the love triangle between Heero, Duo and Relena ended. [3 parts, complete]
Duo's Drive | Relena's Resolve | Heero's Boon
At The Oasis
Post-interlude for 'Another Murder of Crows'. During Quatre's reception party, Heero had managed to drop him a very subtle yet clear hint that they needed to talk. When Quatre finally meets him at the Oasis, he learns even more disturbing news. Pairing: 1+4. [Complete]
The Birth of Kitty
Interlude for 'The Final Murder.' The night has finally come. Quatre has his son. [Complete]
The Final Murder
Life for Quatre these pass six years have been relatively peaceful. That was until a certain 'dead' aspect of his life came barging back in. Quatre, already caught in serious trouble and Duo, at risk of losing his life, must once again team up with the guys in order to put Krahe away for good. But if they fail again, Quatre will never return. Nor will his son. Pairings: So far 3x4, 1x2, 5xS, 2+4/4+2 innuendo, and 4+OC. [21 parts, incomplete]
The Final Murder--Sidestory
Sidestory to chapter 11. What happened to Duo after he and Quatre separated for the night? What did he tell the others, and what is he thinking? Told from Duo's POV. Pairing: 1x2. [Complete]
The Murder Saga: Updates Page
Because of all of the changes I'm going to be making and doing just on this series alone, I've decided to make an update page exclusively for this. I didn't want to clog my other updates page with revisions. I'll use that for actual updates to TFM, and any other sidestories that may come along.