*A/N* This was inspired by a scene from the movie The Replacements, so if it sounds familiar, you know why. This is the teaser/prologue for the sequel to 'A Murder of Crows,' but the actual fic is going to be titled 'Another Murder of Crows.' This is suppose to give you readers a heads up on what to expect from the sequel:
  1. Everyone works for the Preventer's, even Relena. The only exception is Trowa, he's at the circus.
  2. Heero is the Secretary of Defence, Duo is a personal bodyguard for Relena, Quatre is the advisor to the Vice Foreign Minister, and Wufei works with Sally. Zechs is another guard to Relena, along with Noin. Everyone is in this one.
  3. Try to remember the conversation on the bus between Heero and Quatre to see what is going on between the characters.


I thought that after the war with Mariemaia, my life would soak and drown itself in what the true ideal of peace is. It turns out that we all suffered and died a thousand times in vain. There is unanimous peace in the galaxy, yes; but there isnít peace in our lives.

The only way we could be further apart is if we never met in the first place. Duo and I are still as close as ever, and Wufei is the spine of our friendship. Donít get me wrong there. But Heero and I are falling out due to certain circumstances, and I havenít seen or spoken to Trowa in almost a year. If it wasnít for me, the other pilots wouldnít even bother to speak to one another.

Now that I really think about it, they donít.

Not only are we all not getting along (emphasis on the Ďnotí of course), we all work together at the Preventers Headquarters (except Trowa), under the leadership of Lady Une and Relena. If he wasnít so devoted to peace, Duo wouldíve blown up Headquarters with Relena in the building before the foundation even settled. But thatís neither here nor there.

Due to a situation concerning Relena, the guys arenít really talking to Heero--well--mostly Duo isnít. You can guess what happened. To be honest, I donít blame Heero, Duo, or even Relena. People do change and grow apart. That is the lesson Iím learning the hard way. However, her actions have persuaded me to not take everything she says at face value anymore.

Hereís even better news. I said it before, so Iíll say it again. Sarcasm is becoming my specialty. Anyway, since my Father is no longer with us, I control Winner Enterprises. With that comes specific obligations, one being an heir. So in six months time, I will have a son. Genetic son of course. I hate the fact that I was weak enough to bend to my Fatherís wishes, but the support that Duo and Wufei gave me was indescribable.

I can do anything with them by my side.

And time and time again they prove that point. My heart condition has gotten much worse, and they are by my side day in and day out. Psychologically, they are concerned about me as well. There has been noticeable changes in my personality that are too different too soon from how I used to be to ignore. With all the drastic changes that has occurred between all of us, it has taken a toll on my physical health as well as my mental one. Still, those two are never more than an arm lengthís away. They are the best.

Unfortunately, that will not be enough. Something occurred in my life two years ago in Frankfurt, Germany. The details are not even sketchy, for I had the memory repressed by hypnosis. It mustíve been horrible, whatever it was, for me to make such a rash decision like that. But I will come to find that it too was made in vain. That ĎBeingí will forcibly push his way into my world again in an attempt to take me back with him. Something in my soul has arrested his attention, and he is unable to let go of my light. With my bonds of friendship broken, and my desire for physical and emotional love, he just might win this time.

But I donít know any of this yet.

Because of a scheme concocted by Sally and Relena that had good intentions, and a potential crisis arising, I will leave the L-4 colony and my company in destination for the Sanc Kingdom, in hopes to offer my assistance to the Vice Foreign Minister. During my stay there, I will come face to face with my forgotten week in Germany, and will make my first mistake in many.

Here is where I am going. My life is like quicksand. Iím going along and everything isnít fine, but I act like it is. After ignoring the dangers for some time, I step into quicksand. By staying still, I donít immediately make things worse, but in time they will be. If I start to struggle and fight back, I sink even faster, and those that do try to help me will get pulled down too. One mistake leads to another, which in turn leads to another, and then another, until finally I canít breathe, because I have gotten in over my head.

Like quicksand....

(the end)