Sex in this chapter. Duo and Wufei finally get it on!

Blood in Siberia

Chapter 2: Sex and Olive Oil

Like a good Primus, I did as my Packmaster asked. In one quick motion, I bent down and snatched the bottle up, then started to make my way towards Wufei. Glancing at the label, I saw that it was olive oil. It had been warmed by the fire. That seemed... odd. What the hell were we going to do, make a salad?

"What's this?" I asked, gesturing to the olive oil. As I got closer to Wufei, there was something I noticed about his robe. It was sheer. I had no problem seeing through it, whatsoever. Shocked, I pulled my robe tighter around myself and stood still. Sure enough, I could see through mine as well. I was surprised, but not upset. The ankle length, sheer robes were very... sensual. I liked it. I felt it fit us as a couple.

"Do you like it?" Wufei asked in an oh-so-bedroom voice.

"Yes. Very much," I answered in a whisper. I felt a backlash of Wufei's desire that he was trying to keep in check from me, but it leaked out in his voice and took my breath away. He was going to do things to me that might kill me, and I was only too willing to die that way. But his feelings were so... strong that I felt my shields were not enough to hold it back. My knees were wobbling as I made it to the top of the stairs. If I felt that weak from an inkling of Wufei's power, and both of us were trying to shield me from it, then my head would have literally exploded if I had been a weaker clairvoyant.

Once I was by his side, he put an arm around my waist, pulled me flush against him, and kissed me so deliciously I dropped the damn olive oil. I felt his fingers tug at my hair and felt him unravel the tight braid. It was still wet from the shower, but he didn't seem to care. I pulled back when I was in real danger of suffocating, and Wufei gave me a quick peck on the lips before bending over to retrieve the stupid bottle. When he stood back up, he gave me a smile that would have scared me if I had been able to think clearly.

"I love how your skin blushes when you're breathless," he said in a purr.

Well, shit. What could I say to that? "Ummm, Wufei? I need to talk to you about something," I said instead, ignoring his comment. His surprises this evening really threw me for a loop.

He smirked in his usual, cocky way. "Then come. Let's talk," he said, and with his arm still around me, we went through the antechamber to his room.

That turned out to be a surprise as well. When the door closed, the shadows on the wall swayed from the flickering of the candles. Wufei had them strategically placed all over the bathroom, which gave off a soft glow. The rest of the bedroom was decorated in its usual way, but the bedsheets were turned back, obviously ready for some ‘action.' I sighed in remorse when I saw that the tub was filled to the brim with bubbles, and that a gentle scent wafted from the water. Damnit, I just bathed!

"Don't worry about that now," Wufei murmured in my ear, reading my body language. "Both of us will need that when the night is through, and I thought it best to conserve water."

I shivered. A naked, wet Wufei was something that was not conducive to getting my story off my chest. "Maybe," I said shyly. "But we need to talk first."

"Of course." He kissed my ear. "Why don't you have a seat on the bed, hmmm?"

"Okay," I said again, like an idiot. Bowing my head to hide my flaming cheeks, I walked unsteadily to the bed. I could feel his eyes following me, and his amusement. That made me blush even harder.

Once I was safely sitting, I tried to think of something to say to calm my nerves. Wufei had put on a Sade CD, was pouring two glasses of wine, and was looking at me with such heat that I did not know how to respond. I wanted to talk to him first, to tell him about something stupid I did and the consequences of it. I didn't understand why I had to tell him, but I did. It was... important to me. I just didn't know how to begin.

"Where is everybody?" I asked instead, trying to warm myself up for discussion.

"Away from here," he answered as he moved to stand in front of me.

"I kinda figured that out on my own," I said sarcastically.

"Shhh Duo." He gave me a light kiss on the lips. "I know you're anxious. I can smell it. Relax." He handed me a glass of wine. "Let me guide you. It's okay."

Well, there was no point in pretending I wasn't shaking in my boots. "Sorry," I mumbled into my glass.

"No need to apologize," he whispered as he nibbled on my ear. I damn near dropped the wine. "Just drink that. I'll be right back." He went back to his mini-bar as I sipped on the wine. I shuddered. Damn, this was some strong shit. But I could feel myself settling down.

It only took him a second to retrieve the olive oil from the mini-bar. "Why don't you stretch out on the bed, Duo. It will make you more comfortable."

Hmmm... that sounded like a bad idea. "Okay."

He had me crawl to the center of the bed (which he enjoyed VERY much), untie my robe and lay on my stomach. He sat on my legs, and placed the warmed oil beside my head. I gave it a funny glance. What purpose did Wufei have for it? He still hadn't answered my earlier question.

"You need to relax more," he said, lightly massaging my shoulders. "You're so tense."

"Sorry," I mumbled again. "I'm just... wound up."

"Here, sip some more wine," he suggested, and I did. I could feel the heat of it spread to my belly, and felt my limbs become heavier. "That's it, just relax."

"If I relax too much, I'll fall asleep."

"You won't fall asleep," he said huskily. "Well... not yet, anyway."

I started to tense up. "Wufei, I wanted to talk to you about--"

"You're tensing up again," he interrupted. "Is what you have to say that bad?"

I shrugged. "I'm not sure. That depends on you."

He sighed irritably. "I want you comfortable, not anxious. Let me tell you a story."

I stretched out more. "Is it about you?"


I smiled. I loved his stories of the world. "Okay. Shoot."

He chuckled, then cleared his throat. His hands ran lightly over me as he spoke. "When I was a pup," Wufei began, "my Pack had traveled to L1 in order to discuss... something. I really don't remember." I felt him shrug above me, and I saw out of the corner of my eye that he picked up the olive oil. "My parents decided to stay in Greece for a few days to rest."

"Oh wow. It must've been beautiful."

"Yes, it was." He was silent as he lost himself in the memory. Then he shook himself out of it. "Anyway, I remember walking the streets with Trowa, wondering what this flowery smell was. It permeated the air where ever I went." I jumped slightly as I felt something wet touch my back. "It was the scent of olive oil, and the Greeks used it all the time for cooking. One afternoon, a kind woman serving lunch outside allowed me a taste, because she thought I was cute." Swiping some oil off of my back, I heard Wufei warm it up more between his palms. He then picked up my left hand. Was he going to give me a massage using olive oil?!

Yep, that's exactly what he was doing.

He massaged my hand, and worked his way up my arm. "We ended up staying a week instead of a few days because I loved it so much. I couldn't get enough." He was at my shoulders when he sniffed at the juncture of my neck. "I love the smell of it." He kneaded my back. "The texture," he murmured, and beginning again with my hand, he sucked every finger, licked my palm, my arm, and ran his tongue all over the back of my neck. "And the taste of it," he said in a husky whisper. "I especially love the taste of it on your skin," he growled, and repeated the process on my right arm. When he licked my neck again, I almost came. Hell, he was already making my toes curl and we hadn't even gotten to the best part yet!

"Oh god Wufei..." I said, somewhat coherently. "We need... need to talk... I think." I felt a bit delirious. He gave a dark chuckle, and proceeded to massage my back, which was followed by more licking and some bites. By this point, whatever I had on my mind was completely forgotten.

When he made his way to my ass... my GOD that felt good! He massaged and left little nips, and I clutched at the sheets and tried my best not to moan my head off. I was not successful. He also used this time to prep me, and I was ready to tear my hair out in arousal. Then he worked magic on my thighs. He took great care on my calves, and I was laughing my newly-massaged ass off when he worked on my feet, especially as he sucked on my toes.

By the time he had me turn over so that he could do my front, I was rearin' to go. As he ran his hand across my neck, I stuck my tongue out to get a taste of an oiled digit. When he leaned in close to my neck, my teeth caught his ear. He seemed to be very sensitive behind his ears. (Which made sense, really). My hands stroked his back and gripped his ass, and when our lengths brushed, it took both of us several minutes to recover.

It was when I was about to kick his ass that he relented. "Duo, put this pillow under your butt."

I didn't waste any time. Wufei, huffing and puffing like he was about to blow a house down, crawled on top of me. My legs fell open all on their own, and in one fast move Wufei entered me to the hilt.

Shit! That stung like a son of a bitch! But Wufei waited for me to recover, and I was glad he did. Else I would've poked his eye out.

Soon enough I was ready. Wufei started out slowly, building a rhythm for us to adjust to. Ahhh... nice. It wasn't too long after that though before he started to pick it up, and I was ready for it. Then he started pounding into me, making the bed squeak and rock with his movements. I took it like a champ.

"Yeah baby yeah! Whoo hoo!"

He only laughed.

Finally though, Wufei lost all restraint, and he was going at me like he was digging for gold. He was pounding so hard the bed was starting to scoot across the room, and I was loving every second of it. I screamed my throat raw, calling him names that would've killed the Pope, and possibly my uncle too. Wufei's growls and grunts were turning me on, and when his fangs slid out, I knew it was because it was so good to him.

Things became even more intense when the bed made it all the way across the room and stopped against the wall. With nowhere to go, all of the force went into me, and I was screaming like I was being murdered. Wufei's hands were becoming furry, and his utterances were less human and more werewolf. It didn't bother me one bit. I just held onto his pointy ears and screamed in his face, "Don't you dare stop you sexy, Chinese werewolf bastard! Ah GOD! If you stop I'll KILL you!"

We didn't last too much longer after that. With a few more thrusts I came so hard I thought my stomach tore in half. Wufei came right after me, his fangs so long they touched his chest, and he ripped the sheets to shreds with his clawed hands. He then jumped out of bed and turned into a full-fledged werewolf. The full moon and the sex were too much for his animal instincts.

He glanced at me briefly, and I nodded my head. I understood exactly what he was asking. "Of course you can leave me for a bit," I said breathlessly, hoping he was understanding me. Talking was not my forte right now. "You can't stay in here like that." And he couldn't. He was so large he took up half the room. "Besides, it's the full moon. You need to run."

Pleased, he licked my foot in appreciation and ran in a tight circle around the room (it looked like he was chasing his tail) to gain momentum. Then he jumped through his skylight. Wow, I wasn't expecting that. But I watched the glass fall and shatter on the floor. I followed the thumping of his powerful paws as he ran across the roof, then silence as he leapt off.

Well, this wasn't exactly how I pictured our evening would end... but honestly, I didn't care. I was given a beautiful gift, a tiny treasure hunt with edible treasures, massaged and eaten (to a degree), and then I had been shagged royally. What was there to complain about?

Plus, there was still the tub...

Deciding to get my strength back for Wufei's return, I gathered the satin strips that used to be bedsheets, covered myself as best as I could, and passed out. I didn't know about Wufei, but I was exhausted.

Oh yeah, I wanted to tell him something too. Hope I remember by the time he gets back.


I woke up when I felt I was being moved. I opened my eyes and saw that it was Wufei. He was carrying me.

"Wha?" was all my sleep-ridden brain could conjure.

"It's time for the bath," he said in a throaty way. "I think we need it."

I didn't care what his excuse was. Whatever he decided, I was going to go with. "Yes, we do."

He gently lowered me into the tub, and I felt even better when the warm water rose to wrap around my body. Wufei eased himself in as I reached for a washcloth and some oiled soaps. Lathering up, I took my time bathing my werewolf. I started with his face, kissing the scratches caused by the skylights and trees. I thoroughly washed his ears, and received a few glares when I laughed at his panting. He sounded like a happy puppy dog when he did that. Then I carefully cleaned his chest, mindful of the cuts he had there also. Going lower still, I took extra special care of his unmentionables, cleaning them several times just to be sure. When I finished, Wufei attacked by straddling me on his hips and entering me in one motion.

"God damnit Wufei!" I shouted, my fingers digging into his shoulders as he gave it to me again. I wanted to please him this time around, but it was quite obvious I didn't have control of the situation. So I decided I had better hang on tight and enjoy the ride.

"I can't fuckin' stand it!" I sobbed, my hand losing its grip on Wufei. It splashed into the tub, sending water splaying everywhere. He grabbed both sides of my face and brought my lips crashing into his for a brutal and hot kiss. I used this to my advantage by wrapping my arms around his waist to get a solid hold on him. When I pulled back from the kiss, I was feeling so breathless I thought I was about to pass out.

"Oh... god," I whimpered as I came, voice too tired to holler anything. I heard Wufei reach his completion right after me, a roar that sounded throughout the house. I lasted a second longer before my body went completely limp and started to pitch forward. I felt Wufei's strong hands catch me before my face managed to hit water. That was all I remember of that.


When I woke up, I saw that it was still dark outside. The bed had been pushed back to its original place. The candles that had been lit were blown out and put away. The skylight was still broken, but now it was covered with a gauzy sheet that allowed moonlight and a gentle breeze to waft into the room. The shredded sheets had also been replaced with new ones, with a comforter thrown over us to keep off the chill. It was too dark to see anything else, but I wasn't going to get outta bed to look either.

I snuggled further into Wufei's arms, and once I was comfortable, I let my mind roam. It was unusual for me to be awake at this time, but ever since the werewolves came into my life, I find myself waking up at all hours of the night. Between the parties Wufei has damn near every other day, and the fact that the werewolves treat Pike Creek like they own it, my sleeping schedule has never been the same. And now that Wufei and I had crossed an important roadblock in our relationship, I figured that my sleeping schedule would get thrown even further up in the air.

Oh my god... we had sex!

Angry and hurt, I shot out of bed. Snatching my rope off of the foot of the bed, I hastily put it on. The door was too heavy for me to open, and I didn't have the energy to drag the nightstand over. Pissed, I stomped back to bed. I slid back under the covers (conveniently out of reach of Wufei's arms), and glared at his sleeping face with open hostility.

That bastard. He never gave me the chance to explain about Tsubarov.