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The Story Index

The second page of fics. Dig in.

The Tenshi Trilogy:
This series of stories chronicles Marron's discovery of his wings, and the events that lead to the revealing of Gateau and Mille's true natures, as well. {Contains shonen-ai, some blood, a little violence, and the slightest bit of angst.}
Dare the Angel's Flight, by Fala.

Tropicana, by Kloot-chan. In this semi-AU fic, the Sorcerer Hunters have finally retired and are attempting to live normal lives. But when Marron visits Carrot in Florida, it seems that old habits (or lifestyles) die hard.

Robes, by Kloot-chan, and Mattie-san. This is an extremely funny, if not slightly disturbing, humour fic. Read a BH-fiction that abused the phrase "Marron's robes"? You ain't seen nuthin'!

Kokage, by Yaeko. This is an Onion-centric fic, set shortly after Apricot's death. It deals with Onion's grief, and also with his friendship with Milphey-Yu. {Contains angst, a little violence (very little), supporting character death, and manga spoilers.}

Love Machine, by Neil Mocha. A magical potion is given to Carrot to make his fondest dream come true. But while the ladies are flocking to him, it seems that the change in Carrot's personality is not truly for the better. {Contains some strong language, het lime, and Carrot-bashing.}

Long, Hard Rain, by Yaeko. Marron is alone in the cabin, waiting for his fellow Hunters to return when a storm hits. What good would this story be if he dpent the entire night all alone? {Yaoi lemon PWP.}

Nothing, by Yaeko. Someone told me once that they believed we have deja vu because we have already dreamed about our future...

The Harem Wars, by Rei and Yaeko. This is more or less a roll-playing sort of game Rei and Yaeko engage in on IM... {Contains cross-overs, cross-over romance, shonen-ai, yuri, het, strong language, "cartoon violence," and plain old insanity.}

Oh My Carrot!, by Neil Mocha. The Sorcerer Hunters finds themselves in Tokyo, chasing after Carrot, who is finally getting some action... with (gasp!) a goddess... No, you freaks, not Big Momma! It's... never mind, you'll find out. {Contains cross-over, cross-over romance, and het lime/lemon.}

Blasphemy!, by Fala. This is a HELLA funny ficcie... Dota finds a hentai site in Big Momma's bookmark list. Yet Momma, through everything, denies it. Say, maybe Zaha was trying to frame her! {Contain hentai humour and... well... Stellarian blasphemy.}

Give Me That Book!, by Fala. Gateau uses kleptomania as a romantic vehicle. If it weren't so damn funny, we'd be a little nervous.

London, by Yaeko. Set in modern-day London, this rather dark fic plots Marron as a British pianist who is wondering why he stays with his lover, a Texan croupier, and whether he is still really in love. {Contains yaoi, angst, possible depression, and and alternative pairing towards the end.}

The Mion Arc:
Lady Robyn spins a whimsical tale of an amicable, unexpected love between Marron and Milphey, beginning with a stint as babysitter and reaching back into Mille's lost loves of the past. {Contains shonen-ai/yaoi, some angst.}
Unforseen Job Benefits, by Lady Robyn.
Suffer the Consequences, by Lady Robyn.
Third Time's a Charm, by Lady Robyn.

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