My Favorite Links

Leonardo: What, leaving so soon. Okay, good bye. Visit these great websites. Mika: Hey, come back soon okay. Alex: Also send your stories in next time you're here okay Mika: Can't you lay off that? Alex: Make me. (Fight ensue) Leonardo: Good God. Some one save from these two.

My Favorite Sites

The Wayside Inn- Crazy, but nice Slayer site. Tell Amelia I said Hi.
Crisis- Town of Ruin
Ranma Fanfic Archive Index
Narmir, Land of Magic and Conquest - Mika and I both belong to this RPG Club. I can hope I can last.

Clubs and Sites that contain my work

Gourrina Writers' Guild
Z & A Writers' Guild
Lady Cosmos- For the Ranma and crossover fans

Oh no. That she male Alex has been caught in the women's bath. And he coming this way while being chased by horde of women. Hey stupid, don't get me involved. Go...