Welcome To The Crossroads

Since we have so many different sites now, Frost and I (the Writer) have decided to make this directory to helpfully steer you in the direction of the one you want to visit. This page looks rather haphazard right now; I promise I'll pretty it up ASAP.

In the meanwhile... Where do you wanna go?

The NEW Wayside Slayers Inn It's Version 3.0, and it's better than the original! Visit the joint site of Ame and the Writer-- the site that started it all! And the world was forever changed...

Shazzam! Frost's personal art website. Lots of comic and anime drawings to be found. She's gotten waaay better over the years, that's for sure.

RPG Innuendo The comic strip where everything is 10% Sexual, 90% Innuendo! (no longer updated, but still a good read.)

NightWalker: Blood and Candy Writer's BRAND NEW website! It's based on the series NightWalker: Midnight Detective, and is my newest obsession. Sorta small now, but it has a fic-in-progress, fanart, and some spiffariffic links.

Prince of my Idolatry Ame's shrine dedicated to Ferio of Magic Knight Rayearth. Ooh, ain't he dreamy? The image gallery is HUGE.