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Vegeta's Life

Name: Prince Vegeta
Race: Saiyan
Birthdate: 732 A.D.
Important Events:
732 A.D. Prince Vegeta is born.
737 A.D. Vegeta is taken by Frieza to be a soldier in his army. Frieza Destroys Vegeta's home planet and wipes out almost all the Saiyan Race.
762 A.D. Vegeta and his side kick Napa arrive on the planet Earth. The next day, Napa is dead and Vegeta is beaten and leaves Earth.
762 A.D. One month after leaving Earth, Vegeta arrives on the Planet Namek.
765 A.D. Vegeta becomes a Super Saiyan, joins the Z warrors, and marries Bulma.
766 A.D. Vegeta's son, Trunks, is born.
774 A.D. Vegeta sacrifices himself in an effort to stop Boo. He is later brought back to life when all the good fighters killed by Boo are wished back.
780 A.D. Vegeta's daughter, Bra, is born.
789 A.D. Vegeta is taken over by Babi, forming Babi-Vegeta, and launches a titanic assault on Goku.