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SSJ Vegeta Dragon Ball Z  

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Vegeta's Attacks

Bakuhatsuha: A large explosion is caused when the user raises 2 fingers. This move can decimate entire large areas.

Big Bang Attack: Vegeta's trademark move. It's done when he holds his arm outstretched, with his palm open toward his enemies. This is most times a very destructive blast.

Bukujuutsu: A midair technique of floating or flying, helpful when launching midair attack techniques.

Galick-Ho: An attack powered up, like Goku's Kame Hame Ha, but is released open palm forward. Also called Vegeta's Galit Gun.

Kienzan: It's a flat, disc shaped energy blast that slices clean through most targets. Like Krillin's Destructo Disc.

Renzoku Energy Dan: This attack fires fast, multiple energy blasts from the users moving arms. Its like the Tech 9 of energy blasts.